Cancer and Libra compatibility

Cancer and Libra Zodiac signs compatibility
According to the compatibility horoscope, one can trace that the Cancer man and Libra woman are completely different, and strangers to each other people. It is almost impossible to achieve harmony in their guardian elements - Water and Air. These zodiac signs are like in different astrological planes, and it would be better if they had not met each other on the road.

But they have already met, and each of them thought that he/she loves the other the way she/he is. Their convergence of views, their agreement and sometimes "similarity" of characters are not more than just a coincidence like their first encounter. Chain of systematic coincidences led the Cancer man and Libra woman to marriage, and suddenly abandoned their union, leaving them with a mass of contradictions alone. In this union, hostility and conflict accompany any of their actions. Sometimes they feel fatigue from constant confrontation and make a temporary truce. In periods of artificial peace, sometimes both may think that at last their family has the long-awaited peace, which they craved for from the beginning of their relationship, but soon the opposition will begin again…

Zodiac sign Libra has a soft nature, delicate, with acute sensitivity. Libra woman often experiences swings in her mood, she is inclined to doubt, hesitant in activities and tries for a long time to think about every little thing. Cancer man can, without hesitation, in passing, wound her delicate nature, from which she will suffer severely and is prone to long-term depression. Libra woman may experience frequent emotional upsets, because she tends to absorb everything that happens. She forms a huge inferiority complex, which puts pressure on her, causing her to deeply worry about this. Libra woman almost never initiates divorce: she is infinitely basting in her options for addressing the problem, and sees no way out. For it is easier to leave everything as it is and suffer, than to take a decision that will cut this Gordian knot. Cancer man is also suffers due to lack of agreement within the family. His loved woman's depression will once infuriate him, he feels that she is using her rueful feelings to purposely drive him into a corner and will be angry. The Cancer man in this couple will quickly decide to divorce.

Libra woman will very patiently wait for any decision of her lover. And, if she will be able to win the Cancer man with comfort, smooth attitude, mild manners, then this couple, as suggested by the compatibility horoscope, has some chance to form a completely peaceful union.

ree 2015-02-28 14:57:24
I am also Libra I am with him for 2 yes .yes he sometimes don't do things the way I want bt ya I love him and I think he is best man for me . we will go in long run

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Rev 2014-10-18 06:54:37
Yes absolutely true abvove mentioned..AM libra woman and with cancer man..Now in big confusion...cant leave him...

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max 2014-07-25 08:09:10
I am a Libra woman.. and this is so true in my relationship with my cancer man..  :(
but i love him so that even though i suffer a lot from his attitude, i dont wana leave him

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tis 2015-03-22 15:08:46
i am a libra woman and he is cancer but the relation between us is so comfortable romantic and lovable. we both understand each other well and being with each other makes everything so balanced..i love him a lot as much as he loves me.

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