Cancer and Cancer compatibility

Cancer and Cancer Zodiac signs compatibility
According to the compatibility horoscope, a union of two Cancers will be successful, and a little bit affectionate and strange to others. Two Cancers are willing to work night and day to build and equip their home - a place where they both feel safe. They are both very hardworking, tireless, and very diligent. Cancers understand each other because they look at each other as their mirror image.

Cancer man and woman have a common goal - to strengthen their family and build a strong family hearth, and therefore will help each other and complement each other in this difficult matter. They are set to vibrate each other, and each understands the other because he/she feels the same emotions and feelings. They can understand each other without words only by sight, movements, smiling. Cancers are serious moralists, and will comply to all rules of ethics and morality in relation to each other, and therefore their family will not witness major quarrels with smashing of dishes. But Cancers, gathered under one roof can set up moods, splashes of offence, bad mood, allusions and criticisms to each other, sometimes - for no apparent reason at all, which will be responsible for reservations, silent conflicts and low-intensity quarrels. Only occasionally, one of the Cancers who is torn, will pinch the other Cancer with claws, but at first prudently hid under a stone. It will be surely funny for those around to watch their scuffle: both are slow and have the same habits, they will offend each other, and while continuing to do the same thing in a short period. Their movements and actions are similar to scenes from the time-lapse cinematography. In quiet periods, united together, they will carry any trifles they find in their way into their house. In an effort to carry everything in the house, they will reach extremes: their abode will be filled with a mass of useless things that Cancers will be storing with the same patience in the numerous vaults of their home.

Cancer woman is a perfect mistress of the house and a mother, but she will have a more powerful character than Cancer man. Her man will be a good founder of the family business and the main earner in the family. It will gather a collection of stamps or coins, and in old age will be sitting by the fireplace, smoking a pipe, and remembering his youth.

The compatibility horoscope does not promise these zodiac signs passionate love and serene happiness, but they are able to create a strong and harmonious relationship and together live for the rest of their lives.