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Cancer and Cancer Compatibility Horoscope

According to the compatibility horoscope, a union of two Cancers will be successful, and a little bit affectionate and strange to others. Two Cancers are willing to work night and day to build and equip their home - a place where they both feel safe. They are both very hardworking, tireless, and very diligent. Cancers understand each other because they see each other as their mirror image.

Cancer man and woman have a common goal - to strengthen their family and build a strong family hearth, and therefore will help each other and complement each other in this difficult matter. They are set to vibrate each other, and each understands the other because he/she feels the same emotions and feelings. They can understand each other without words only by sight, movements, smiling. Cancers are serious moralists and will comply with all rules of ethics and morality in relation to each other, and therefore their family will not witness major quarrels with the smashing of dishes. But Cancers, gathered under one roof can set up moods, splashes of offense, bad mood, allusions and criticisms to each other, sometimes - for no apparent reason at all, which will be responsible for reservations, silent conflicts, and low-intensity quarrels.

Only occasionally, one of the Cancers who is torn will pinch the other Cancer with claws, but at first prudently hid under a stone. It will be surely funny for those around to watch their scuffle: both are slow and have the same habits, they will offend each other, and while continuing to do the same thing in a short period. Their movements and actions are similar to scenes from the time-lapse cinematography. In quiet periods, united together, they will carry any trifles that found their way into their house. In an effort to carry everything in the house, they will reach extremes: their abode will be filled with a mass of useless things that Cancers will store with the same patience in the numerous vaults of their home.

Cancer woman is a perfect mistress of the house and a mother, but she will have a more powerful character than Cancer man. Her man will be a good founder of the family business and the main earner in the family. He will gather a collection of stamps or coins, and in old age will be sitting by the fireplace, smoking a pipe, and remembering his youth.

The compatibility horoscope does not promise these zodiac signs passionate love and serene happiness, but they are able to create a strong and harmonious relationship and together live for the rest of their lives.

Cancer Compatibility Horoscope

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Cancer & Cancer Compatibility Cancer Cancer Compatibility Horoscope

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Randall French 2020-02-29 03:01:38
I'm a cancer and have been dating, who I believe is my other half and all is true in what read about cancer's
linda 2019-06-05 08:48:34
me and my husband are looking for.a great 18 years in November. together.we are both cancer.we never great that is
Light 2016-12-07 08:17:31
I was with a cancer man for almost 8 months. He kept on giving me the impression that we were on the same page
. Eventually, he came clean and revealed that he had a different agenda. I miss him a lot and wonder whether he will change his mind and come back to me.
HeliosEos 2023-11-20 03:16:01
I'm sorry to hear that you're going through a difficult time. Breakups can be incredibly painful, especially when there's a feeling of betrayal or when you realize that you weren't on the same page as your partner.

Regarding the question of whether he will change his mind and return to you, it’s important to consider a few factors:

1. Individual Growth: People can change, but it usually takes time and self-reflection. If your Cancer man has recognized areas in which he needs to grow and is willing to work on them, there's a possibility of change. However, this is entirely dependent on him and his willingness to put in that effort.

2. Communication: Have a sincere conversation with him if possible. See if you can understand his perspective and if there's any room for reconciliation. This may give you closure or an understanding of where he's at and whether a return is likely or even desirable.

3. Intentions and Actions: It is his actions rather than his words that will give you the clearest indication of his intentions. If he is actively trying to make amends or to show he has changed his agenda, these are positive signs. But if his actions don't align with his words, it's important to take note.

4. Self-Reflection: Reflect on what you truly want and need in a relationship. Are you missing him, or are you missing the idea of what you hoped the relationship could be? Sometimes, our emotional ties can cloud our judgment and make us yearn for something that wasn't as we perceived it to be.

5. Moving Forward: Missing someone after a breakup is natural, but so is moving forward. While it's important to process your feelings, it's equally important to focus on your well-being. Consider whether waiting for someone to potentially change is the best use of your time and energy.

It's impossible to predict whether someone will change their mind and return, as individuals have their own free will and paths to follow. Regardless of whether he comes back or not, remember that you deserve a relationship with someone who shares your intentions and values. It's also vital to consider if his return would be genuinely good for you, considering the foundation has been shaken by differing agendas.

During this time, take care of yourself, seek support from friends and family, and engage in activities that nurture your mind and spirit. Focus on your own personal growth and happiness. New paths and possibilities will open up for you regardless of what happens with your Cancer ex-partner. Your happiness and contentment should not solely hinge on another person's choices or changes.
Ari 2015-10-24 09:58:47
I am a male cancer and i ve been with two female cancers,the relationships were amazing,they knew what i was thinking and feeling any moment and awwwwww,their cooking was always great and sex wow speechless.
rose 2015-04-02 21:49:57
I am a cancer female and I to have met my cancer man and like everyone else I have discovered things about myself in a short 8 months that I didn't know in 60 years ..I know exactly what my crab wants just by him moving his foot turning his back we finish each others sentences anticipate each others needs ...... Love him to bits taken me 60 yrs to find him and I hope we will make it to the alter or at least into a lasting commitment
Cindy 2014-11-02 04:30:04
I'm a cancer and I was with a cancer on and off for 3 yrs it's was rocky but when we came out of shells after many mood swings boy it was amazing!!!!! We laughed we loved ppl around could see our deep connection and emotional connection as well we ended and I miss my crab so much good heart man good provider good soul he's w my so called friend the silver tongue Gemini and I'm just lost w out my crab!!! We had a awesome time together!!!! Bedroom awesome!!!! Two cancers r in sync and can read each other very well!! Hope he dumps that two faced Gemini bitch!!!!! I want my crab bk!!!!
Crystal 2016-01-17 20:25:38
Don't worry huni. Cancer's and Gemini's don't mix so they wont be together long.
lady di 2015-05-09 19:25:46
you will get him back. a Gemini.. no won't last1

NuNu 2015-01-13 22:12:39
😄 HAHAHAAA I hope you get him back!!!
emi 2014-08-24 22:56:32
I'm caner and have just met a cancer man and have to say nobody made me feel like this as long as i live!!...We understand each other without words, just looking at each other, kissing like the whole world has stopped, and time is passing by too fast...i have learned things about me that i wasn't aware of. for 32 years..i feel like a teenager in love,,,its beautiful but little scary as I'm not sure this will work out...i feel such strong connection i want him to be in my live regardless
Sweetpea 2014-07-30 11:21:20
I have to add to the above...I just started dating a Cancer man and I have to say we hit it off right from the start. We look at each other and can almost read each others' minds w/no words being said. We are so "in sync" it's almost scary. It has been over 15 years that I have felt such a deep connection with another man. I have to say, it is amazing!
J Hannibal 2014-06-07 04:53:23
Im a july 1st cancer an just met a cancer of June 28th that thinks like me an its kind of weird because she beat me to the punch with the romantic words like she can read my mine...were both very affectionate an emotional creatures so the bed room will lead to spontaneous passionate fun...we both love passionate kisses in all places an fourplay so the bedroom should remain execellent...both family orientated an moral but immoral in the bed..affectionate people know when the other is down an cancers are very talkative an obsorbent so I dont think a problem will go unaddressed an cleared up so I dont agree with that part of your perdiction...i believe two understanding..considerate..wise...strong..spiritua sexual beings cant go wrong
A Cherry 2014-06-07 06:10:30
Excellent wordplay Mr.Hannibal..... I'm always thrown off when I read that cancers lack passion with one another, but highly sexual when paired with other signs such as Pisces, Aquarius, and Scorpio. We're the most sensual and passionate of them all, why would we lack passion. Glad they're dead wrong on that one

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