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Cancer man and Pisces woman have all the chances to create a long and strong union because of the coincidence of their elements - Water. They both aspire for comfort and harmony, they will happily have a walk together, discuss movies and life situations. Often, their views on things are the same, and they form one spiritual whole.

Subtle and penetrating aesthetic, the zodiac sign Cancer will strive to do more nice things for his beautiful mistress. Pisces woman is a little bit mysterious, but this will even captivate lover Cancer all the more because he seeks to comprehend all the mysteries that exist in the soul of the zodiac sign Pisces. He finds it very pleasant to be with her. Cancer man will be a caring partner who can guess every wish of his beloved. It should be noted that the mood of a Pisces woman can change as quickly as the tide in the ocean gives way to shine. Pisces woman loves to dream and fantasize, which gives her aura of femininity more mystique and attractiveness.

Pisces woman is absolutely not versed in financial matters. She can easily spend money without thinking how they will live tomorrow.

Money in her hands flows like water. Especially dreamy and enthusiastic, Pisces woman can buy a bunch of beautiful and colorful knickknacks for the house, forgetting to buy bread. This impracticality of poor Cancer will be very depressing because he is also not very well versed in financial matters. But since the material welfare of their families is at stake, Cancer man will be forced to learn to manage the family's finances, as well as earn money. Zodiac sign Cancer is thrifty and cautious in his business affairs, so the issue of conserving his finance will soon be under his complete control. Pisces woman is slightly inconsistent and forgetful, so she must labor only under the guidance and supervision of her man.

The personal relationship between Cancer man and Pisces woman has very trusting and affectionate interaction. Since neither of these signs is too emotional, their relationship in certain periods of time can be called boring, passionless, but totally non-conflictive. The compatibility horoscope of these zodiac signs blesses the union between a Cancer man and a Pisces woman considering their delicate and sensual love, as well as constant desire to grow, develop and improve skills. Their relationship is full of romance, they love to pleasantly surprise each other, and from time to time arrange a candlelit dinner. The best place for home improvement of these signs - on the sea or river shore - then their own, common element Water will greatly enhance the astral protection of their relationship.

Cancer & Pisces Compatibility Cancer Pisces Compatibility Horoscope

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Lea 2016-10-26 12:49:43
Heyaa I need some help. So I have a crush on that cancer guy of my school and I am pisces and he knows I have a crush on him and when we met at school so he knows who i am ( my friend gave him my love letter which i wrote to him) and when we met I messed things up I guess. I was so shy and had no idea what to say so i just got lost in his beautiful eyes and he said ?€?well we can also just look at each other?€? and idk if thats good or idk and everytime we are texting he seems busy and annoyed and idk... what should I talk about to him ? Should I keep some distance ? And sorry for my bad english, i am actually speaking german (:
HeliosEos 2023-11-21 00:37:26
It's understandable that you feel a bit uncertain and nervous about your interactions with the Cancer guy you have a crush on. Here are some suggestions to help navigate this situation:

1. Be yourself: Instead of trying to come up with specific topics to talk about, try to relax and be authentic when you interact with him. Genuine conversations flow naturally and allow you to connect on a deeper level. Talk about your interests, hobbies, or ask him about his passions. This will help create a more relaxed and enjoyable environment for both of you.

2. Show interest: Ask him questions about his life, his dreams, or his hobbies. People generally appreciate when they feel valued and listened to. Showing genuine interest in him can help build a connection and make him more comfortable around you.

3. Take it slow: It's important to respect his boundaries and personal space. If he seems busy or annoyed when you're texting, give him some space and don't overwhelm him with constant messages. Allow him to respond at his own pace.

4. Be patient: Relationships take time to develop, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. It's essential to be patient and let things progress naturally. Rushing or putting pressure on the situation can cause unnecessary tension. Focus on building a solid foundation as friends, and let the romantic feelings evolve naturally.

5. Communication is key: If you feel comfortable, it might be beneficial to have an open and honest conversation with him about your feelings and concerns. Ask him how he feels about your friendship and if there's anything that you both can do to improve the dynamic. Clear communication can help in addressing any misunderstandings you may have had.

Ultimately, trust your instincts and follow your own wishes when it comes to your interactions with him. If he is genuinely interested, he will reciprocate and show effort in getting to know you better. Remember, a healthy relationship thrives on open communication, mutual respect, and understanding.
Elliot Faulk 2017-08-01 04:49:41
Call to our inner maniliness and stuff like that. I may be different than your friend. July 8th cancers tend to be alittle more outgoing and loud and proud Btw I am in love with a pisces woman.
Talia 2016-08-20 21:56:34
I've been dating a cancer man for three years and counting we have a little girl and a baby on the way our love for each other u cannot put into words we have this unspoken bond and know each other oh so well we fight a lot but quickly make up we both know we cannot live without each other we risked everything to be together were so afraid of losing one another as a Pisces I can honestly say I live in a dream state mind 90% of the day sometimes its what keeps me from feeling down as things rn are pretty rough but we have big plans and goals that will be reality one day also as Pisces I will admit that I'm very emotional and I'm pissed off aside of me comes out that you would never knew existed then I'm quickly sorryNow your just going to start a big drama fight cause they want to play she just came in your and got everything where is the Xbox at. All pisces woman do not cheat he has cheated in the past and I still didn't cheat on him even though he did so I think that is wrong
yusef 2015-09-04 05:06:14
Wow, I just began getting to know a Pieces woman and was checking our compatibility according to the Zodiac and I must say that I my findings are very inspirational to say the least.

Feeling Optimistic,
Renee 2015-08-15 17:33:55
I'm a Pisces woman dating a cancer man. The relationship is very new 1 1/2 months and I can't believe the emotions the 2 of us have. I'm 50 and never in my life have I felt a bond like this. I was looking to see if it can be real or will it crash & burn? Only time will tell!
Buffy 2015-08-13 07:04:13
I am with a cancer man and I am Pisces I am protected by cancer that's always got my back likes to be involved accepted included if not jealousy kicks in an argument occurs then its time to make up
azanea 2015-07-22 04:24:46
im inlove with a cancer man but totally committed is this relationship would work last?
Kaiton 2015-07-19 10:11:36
I'm currently dating a pisces woman and I must say its been hard but when everything is okay its the best thing that's ever happened to me and now we xpecting a baby and that journey has beeen the toughest there are times where I feel like giving up but my love for her doesn't allow me is a very complicated one
precious 2015-04-12 15:06:54
most are true.I was married with a cacer man but he doesnt care if I eat everyday his selfish sometimes. 🙁
Marty 2015-04-03 19:30:05
Well, I disagree with the finance part. I've been saving since I was a child and have quite a nest egg. I never live above my means and double payments for installment loans. I spend big, but not of my savings. I put a little aside in a separate account until it builds and then I use coupons and only buy on sale. I save the money for no particular item, but if an item becomes available, I can choose from my "me" account. The other money is saved because my husband insists on providing, so I keep majority of my income, therefore, I save what he will not allow me to share in household expenses. when we need a car fixed, or new appliance, guess who's got it - that's right, me - saving the day!
stacey 2014-10-30 19:15:45
ive been dating a cancer man and everything in this description about us is true and we make each other happy and love each other very much. 😍

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