Pisces and Scorpio compatibility

Pisces and Scorpio Zodiac signs compatibility
The compatibility horoscope of Pisces man and Scorpio woman says that these zodiac signs have a common element in which they feel at ease - water. These signs are very similar to each other. They are very freedom-loving, though immensely friendly, and so they will not encroach on each other's personal space, leaving the partner a right to relax and practice his/her art in his/her own world, closed to outsiders. These zodiac signs are so attracted to each other that they do not look for fun on the side - they want to be alone.

Scorpio woman is seduced by Pisces man's perpetual lack of organization as well as the subtle delicacy, generosity, and versatility of his wide identity. Pisces man is very attentive to Scorpio woman. He is attracted by her zest for life, ease of character and extraordinary force of personality attract him - things that he so long sought in women. Scorpio woman can become a muse for a Pisces man, and he will be very successful in practicing creativity with her name on his lips. The woman in this union certainly has a stronger character than Pisces man. She will push him forward, be interested in his affairs, and fully go into his problems. But he will not see a single drop of aggression in this Scorpio woman's dominance: she does everything with gusto and great enthusiasm. Scorpio woman, trying to unravel Pisces man's mysterious and filigree soul, will devote her life only to him, because for her, he is the most talented and wise in the world.

His wisdom, as she believes, is hidden under this feigned carelessness and sluggishness. She comes up with a sugar-coated image of the Pisces man, which really is non-existent. Scorpio woman forgives him everything - both for fact that he forgets to buy her some flowers for her birthday and for the fact that he does not try to do for her as much as she herself does for him.

Pisces man believes that lack of strength in the woman is a significant disadvantage, and therefore pleasantly gives the strong Scorpio woman trample him under herself in all life issues. Scorpio woman will perceive the chaos occurring in the life and soul of the Pisces man as pangs of creativity, and will never attempt to alter his nature. Sometimes she would grumble, but Pisces man always knows how to calm his sweetheart: he will be for her that person who she needs at that moment - a son, friend, companion, and lover, and the Scorpio woman will again be conquered by his attentiveness to her.

Sexual life between a Scorpio woman and a Pisces man cannot be called diversified, but the woman in this union is attracted by even some cold detachment. The compatibility horoscope consider a union of these two zodiac signs as ideal since it has no conflicts and quarrels, while Scorpio woman's vigor more than compensates for Pisces man's lack of initiative and sluggishness.

Rick 2015-06-09 23:49:11
All I know is that I really, really, really, really, love my Scorpion, she has to be the best woman I have ever met....and there is love so deep between us.....I couldn't be without her.

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Digmaris Bizet 2014-11-29 04:42:05
I want to know my compatibility with piscis.

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