Scorpio and Libra compatibility

Scorpio and Libra Zodiac signs compatibility
"Teacher and student" - the compatibility horoscope gives a Scorpio man and a Libra woman such roles in their union. Water and air, truth and mystery - the elements that could promote insight in the best way possible, will help their tandem survive and become a very strong union of two people that love each other.

Scorpio man keeps an eye on a Libra woman with a staring glare. A beautiful optimist, but very gentle in nature, she has caught his eye - and here he is no longer removing his eyes off her. Love between Scorpio man and Libra woman blazes up out quickly like a match: they are both talented, stand firmly on their feet, and it seems that the stars themselves are predicting a happy and successful future for the union of these zodiac signs.

Scorpio feels the need to teach the Libra woman firmness of character, confidence in decision-making, and she is not against this. She really feels as his student, and compliantly accepts this role. But Libra woman's excessive submissive may be a mistake on her part: very soon Scorpio man will start to be irritated by his woman’s resignation and "spinelessness", and then he will become bored. It is most likely that in the first time, Scorpio will try to "shake up" Libra woman, attack her, so that by defending she can re-enter into an active tone. He is not interested in a woman who listens to him opening her mouth, and implicitly obeys him. Zodiac sign Scorpio needs drive, energy, and fire.

Two bowls of zodiac sign Libra always oscillate with uncertainly: Libra woman is inclined to doubt everything, carefully weigh and measure everything. Libra woman's personality always has some duality: she seeks to create a strong family and become a housewife, and at the same time defend peace. Libra woman wants Scorpio to control her, teach her fortitude, and, simultaneously, cannot be totally subdued by them, always remaining willful and independent in her heart. Libra woman may take her boundless charisma and aristocratic charm as both her main weapon and her main gift for her beloved Libra man. With her smile and kind words, she can get from Scorpio more than with ultimatums or with unmurmuring silence. First, Scorpio woman should learn firmness and persistence from her strict teacher. Scorpio man can teach the flabby Libra woman lessons on achieving goals, fearlessness, and commitment.

The compatibility horoscope maintains that there are strong, peaceful relations based on respect and love for each other between a Scorpio man and a Libra woman who correctly understood their purpose. Yes, they are so different! But in this exactly lies the whole charm of this union.

Aimee 2014-08-11 10:32:03
My name is aimee and my boyfriend is Daniel. I am libra and my boyfriend is Scorpio. I has my nieces are Chanel and Victoria ALSo. He and I has little problem but not much fight there's no matter what how is make love. God has best ever decided putted me with my boyfriend Daniel.

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