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Scorpio and Cancer Compatibility Horoscope

The passivity of these zodiac signs is due to the fact that they both belong to the same element - Water. At the beginning of dating, they will, for a very long time, look closely to each other, picking each other cautiously, slowly, carefully weighing their steps.

Zodiac sign Cancer always seems a little mysterious, closed to others, though friends say that the Cancer woman is cheerful, sociable and has a gentle vulnerable soul. Selfishness is not inherent in her, but because of external coldness and aloofness, she is often considered indifferent. She likes mysteries and adventures, but only when provided with someone's reliable cover, because, by nature, a Cancer woman is rather a coward. Zodiac sign Scorpio for her will be a strong knight, who will guard and defend her against external enemies. She would like his stability, consistency, and reliability. Scorpio man understands her very well from the first minutes of dating, he admires her, while for a Cancer woman, it is very important for someone to truly appreciate her deservedly. But Scorpio is very suspicious and never accepts anything on faith, and is very jealous of his woman, even if she never gave him any reason for this. This jealousy may reach the point of absurdity - he will monitor her phone calls, meet her at work, keep a lookout, spy on her, or listen attentively. This may hurt Cancer woman very strongly, and their union may develop its first cracks.

The compatibility horoscope for Scorpio man and Cancer woman warns that if Scorpio does not quiet down and cool down his jealous groundless heat, then Cancer woman, in the end, would break down and do something to spite him. The Cancer woman is very quick to take offense. She can go through resentment silently, climbing deep under the rocks, and weeping bitterly alone. But Scorpio's constant humiliation can infuriate Cancer, and it will start to painfully pinch its claws at the sky. This couple, despite their differences, can get along well, and empathize with each other. No secrets they tell each other will be shared outside of their family space. Scorpio man should always know that his woman lives with him because she frankly wants it and loves him very much. To save their union, each of them must get rid of those qualities that prevent them to peacefully coexist - a sense of possessiveness, jealousy, suspicion, vindictiveness, unfounded fears, and emotional worries.

Scorpio & Cancer Compatibility Scorpio Cancer Compatibility Horoscope

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BlosomeLove 2023-11-22 01:54:14
Female Scorpio and male Cancer can often form a strong, intuitive, and deeply emotional connection, as they are both water signs with a capacity for deep feelings and a desire for a secure relationship. Here are some pros and cons to consider in this union:


1. Emotional Depth: Both Scorpio and Cancer are known for their emotional intensity and depth. They can understand and relate to each other on an emotional level, which can create a strong, empathetic bond.

2. Shared Values: Scorpio and Cancer often share common values, such as the importance of loyalty, a strong commitment to family and loved ones, and the need for a deep, enduring love connection.

3. Intuitive Connection: Both signs are highly intuitive and may be able to communicate without words. They can often predict each other's moods and thoughts, which enhances their bond.

4. Mutual Support: Cancer's nurturing nature matches well with Scorpio's protective instincts. In times of trouble, they will fiercely support and defend each other.

5. Passion: Both signs bring intensity to the relationship, and in terms of physical intimacy, they are likely to be very compatible, with Scorpio's passion complementing Cancer's desire for a deep emotional connection.


1. Moody Natures: Both Cancer and Scorpio are prone to moodiness and can be quite sensitive. This may lead to misunderstandings or emotional conflicts if not handled carefully.

2. Possessiveness and Jealousy: Scorpio can be possessive, and Cancer can display clingy tendencies. While this can sometimes be reassuring, it can also feel suffocating if boundaries are not respected.

3. Cancer's Sensitivity vs. Scorpio's Intensity: Cancer's feelings can be hurt by Scorpio's sharpness or intense nature, and Scorpio might at times find Cancer's mood swings difficult to manage.

4. Conflict Avoidance: Cancer tends to avoid conflict to maintain peace, whereas Scorpio can hold onto resentments. This dynamic could lead to unresolved issues simmering below the surface.

5. Cancer's Need for Reassurance: Cancer might need more open expressions of reassurance and love, which Scorpio may not always express verbally, preferring to show affection in more subtle, profound ways.

6. Handling Criticism: Both signs can struggle with criticism - Cancer takes things personally, while Scorpio can react strongly to perceived slights. Constructive conversations can become challenging if either feels threatened.

For a female Scorpio and a male Cancer to have a successful relationship, they need to be mindful of their emotional reactions and communicate their needs openly. By fostering an environment where both partners can express their feelings without fear of repercussions, the relationship can deepen and become more resilient.

Both Scorpio and Cancer should work on their emotional self-awareness to avoid getting caught in negative cycles of jealousy and possessiveness. With mutual understanding, respect, and the willingness to occasionally step out of their emotional comfort zones for the sake of their partner, this pairing has the potential to be one of the most rewarding matches of the zodiac, epitomizing the ideal of two souls united in an almost psychic bond.
Apeksha 2018-08-18 08:50:30
Yes u r very true. He seems to be a hero first but actually he isn't. He would use his partner to get himself healed, but whenever his partner would be needing him he'll turn his back making silly reasons. He'll not be interested in managing her fears instead he'll push her away. He is totally unreliable.
Bella 2018-07-02 07:02:57
Is it just me...or does everyone who left a comment on this site need a serious English grammar lesson?!? I’d worry more about the fact you can’t form a complete sentence properly or even spell simple words correctly!!!...Nevermind the relationships...get “hooked on phonics”
lara 2017-09-25 03:00:43
Whatever is written over here is true but but cancerian girl needs to do lot of compromises because Scorpio man is not going to compromise reality is different intellectually Scorpio man have double standards and they never accept their fault he will find one or other way to turn the blame on you (manipulation? YES)girl go and find someone better they are dangerous too who ever want to complicate their life Scorpio man are best option it's not generalization may be some are different but please be wise don't base your decision solely on astrology try to find true nature of Scorpio man because he looks like a hero but soon you'll realize the truth....... Good luck.
Miss komal 2017-01-03 12:04:42
I met a guy with spects at the doctors clinic i had a huge crush on him. He was staring at meso long i know who he was a blue beacon car guy a animal ngo runner pet lover i think his name is kamal kharwar as i got it from his car registration no. I want to see him again in my life he was a guy who tried to talk to me watsup but didnt come in front of me he is lawyer Scorpio sun sign man sexy andintense lover 😭 i just love him plz this time plz direct conversation meet me face to face... God plz send this msg to him ur
Meenakshi 2017-01-01 23:36:34
I'm 24 year old Im cancer woman n I married to scorpio man.ours love come arrange marriage April 19 2916 .after getting marriage from 3rd month only he started to beat me n he nt give respect in front of their relatives n parents.from 4 months I'm at my moms house.there is no msg n call from him.hw may our relation in future.and always think abt to take revenge on getting too much worry.wat should I do.I loves him too much I can't leave without him I can't give his place to any.I'm nt ready to give divorce his mother asked me to give.wat should I do.please suggest me.
Brii 2016-11-11 02:13:19
I'm a cancer woman & I'm now dating a scorpio man and it's nothing like I'm used to it's like we're one , I always say he's the male version of me , he's infatuated with me as I am with him , we're soul mates , and he totally knows how to deal with my attitude and mood swings which I love & his whole demeanor just makes me hot hunny whew , we're both 22 and plan to grow old Together , we're soul tied and the ways things being Goin it's voing to happen , NUN I do turns him off and I do mean NUN lol .. we're just a match made in heaven if your a cancer women out there waiting for love just Kno you can't go wrong with a scorpio
Val 2016-10-13 15:40:59
Am a scorpion guy of 25yrs. Am really much attractive , masculine, romantic ..... Am just confuse coz am deeply in love with an Aquarium girl., but later met a Cancer girl dats perfectly match for me . she really my type n she feels the same too. we never had much time to be together .. Then she traveled out. since then I have not seen someone I can connect with as much . I think Scorpion n Cancer are perfect match. just on a first sight we felt so strong for each other. I miss her
Veronica from chicago 2016-08-18 15:29:46
I met a scorpio man and I am a cancer women I feel in love at 1st sight O M G he so good looking. I do not no if he like me like I like him tho. We had sex O M G his my fit I never met a man like him before. I sometime need him like I need water. I become to clingy he told me to fall back I do just to be with him but I still do not no if he like me or not will I ever no people. This man is like a man I never seen before.
Danyal 2016-02-09 23:36:02
I'm scorpio and my loved one was cancer. We both were damn close. I was really dependable on her and she was also supporting me. But sometimes she was ignoring me and that hurts. With the passage of time the distance extends. The thing that really hurts me was the distance because i fell uncompkete without her. One day i said alot to her in pain but not anger. She just closed every path of reaching towards her. 7months past and i am still on waiting for her. It fells like i am soulless without her. She was my 1st love and lastone also. 🙁
Victoria Michaels FL 2016-01-30 13:08:31
I recently met a male Scorpio. I am female zodiac Cancer. I never thought that Scorpio was a good match for Me until I researched the possibilities. I do confess that at first glance, my attraction was strictly physical and based solely on his masculine macho/guapo looks. The man is HOT and extremely "easy on the eye." Okay, he is eye candy! But don't tell him that (wink wink). I put my faith in God first, and the rest follows. I do believe the universe holds great mysterious powers, and when I read my own "cancer characteristics" it's as if I wrote an auto biography. So totally accurate. I am born July 20th which is borderline Leo, but I am total Cancer, who likes to be pet every once in a while. So back to this Scorpio male. He seems very intrigued when the heat is on, but in every day routine he seems cold & distant, yet easily frustrated if I'm not on time. I've only known him a matter of months, and I'm fresh out of an abusive painful relationship with an Aquarius who was born directly across the chart from Me on January 20th. It's been a year so I'm apprehensive and keep my defenses up. Yet when I with this Scorpio make I tend to let my guard down far too much and make references about my former relationship far too much which I have learned to STOP DOING THAT ! This Scorpio male is probably not the one for Me, though who knows? If it's meant to be, then it shall be. But I've pulled back because of fears from personal experiences, and also due to mixed signals from him. I'm not letting go, just retrieving for a while. I know my heart feels drawn to him, but my mind tells be DONT DO IT.
KiaraS 2017-09-25 07:15:44
I have the same experience. 21st July born. Can you please let me know how did it go for you as i could not relate to the other comments.
true moonett. 2015-01-22 21:09:48
this is very true im a Cancer woman & he's the Scorpio. Where do i start with this jake&Jill shame&peaches bunny&clyde i can go on and on but i meet him when i was 13 and been head over hills since first night we met the connection was hot H.O.Tout the ruff type i only been in love twice and both were scorpios but any who years past he got married had more kids lawd i hated it but kept it mmoving some where we started dating he cheated we both just let go i was sad angry wanted to die even tried voodoo yes i was at a all time low about his miss love finally I said let me just tell him i still care and hold on to sum that's not their on fb we change # talk and been in touch a lot lately maybe its the voodoo kicking in or just sco+can always go back to what they love! I'm 25 know he 35 would do it over again sad part. :*)~wink
Davidea 2016-05-05 15:38:45
I met my scorpio 45 years ago. my birthdate 7/4/44. he is 11/15/41. He was separated from his wife and 3 kids. (Had to get married) he was very unhappy but loved his kids and went back tohis wife. I was so hurt that when he called me a month later I shut him down quick. years later I married and had a son but the Aries was too possesive and I left to be a single mom. Never met a man who thrilled me like the Scorpio so after 43 years I called him. He remarried and is so miserable. He loves me still and I love him. Now what? who knows.

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