Cancer and Gemini compatibility

Cancer and Gemini Zodiac signs compatibility
Different by nature, Cancer man and Gemini woman met, fell in love with each other, and even set up a marriage, which, according to the compatibility horoscope, will not last too long. These zodiac signs are not just in conflict - they are in constant opposition to each other, and cannot even find a common conversation topic.

The Cancer man is diligent, practical, he dislikes large noisy parties with friends. He strives for solitude and calm, and always wants to have his home and family so as to feel the harmony of happiness in its entirety. Gemini woman from the beginning was not like an ideal guardian of the house, which Cancer had imagined her to be, but he liked this woman, fell in love with her, and decided that she would be very good for this role, just need to try and re-educate her. Cancer man hopes that with his love, patience, and tact, he will be able to radically change his sweetheart.

Gemini woman is always searching for herself. She is very dynamic, impulsive, moving from side to side is peculiar to her. She cannot immediately take decisions because she is afraid to make an all-out mistake. The Gemini woman feels herself best in the company of friends, where she always has admirers. She quickly gets tired of Cancer man's boring speeches, and she strives to get away from home and spend time with friends and girlfriends. It seems she will never be bored of noisy celebrations: Gemini woman likes compliments, loves fans, and the poor Cancer man in the future will have plenty reasons to be jealous of his woman.

The Cancer man deeply go through this situation, he just goes crazy with jealousy. Realizing that he cannot return his beloved, and bitterly lamenting his love, the Cancer man may be closed from the outside world so that no one would see him. The inconsolable Cancer man does not understand that if he was more liberated and less boring - he would have been able to melt the heart of the Gemini woman, who is also looking for love, but an open and emotional love.

The Air and Water elements, which bring about changes in relations between the spouses, cannot contribute to productive dialogue between a Cancer man and Gemini woman. Any agreement that arises between them and any reconciliation has a very shaky foundation, and these rarely occurring positive moments are ready to fall apart immediately under the heat of new resentments and passions. The compatibility horoscope does not recommend a union between these zodiac signs.

mb 2015-03-20 16:30:31
seriously this my marriage in a nutshell spot on id say

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ayerb_luv 2015-03-12 22:23:23
But why has he fallen in love with her? & if he fell in love with her, why would he want to change her? Would changing her be for his benefit or his own?

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Kiara Cordero 2014-10-31 23:14:05
Neither is this me and my boyfriend.

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Emoney Jones 2014-08-10 05:27:19
This isn't me & my hUsband at all this is a bad article

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