Gemini and Gemini compatibility

Gemini and Gemini Zodiac signs compatibility
Analyzing the complex psychological intricacies of this union, it is useful to recall the power that protects zodiac sign Gemini - the Air element. The compatibility horoscope of these people talks about the possibility of creating a strong union based on unity of purposes and thoughts, but it is the mirror likeness of the characters and mentalities of Gemini individuals that can play a cruel joke, pushing them apart.

Zodiac sign Gemini is known for its deep intelligence that will help each of the couple to intuitively select a partner from the crowd, and extend their dating, filling the meeting with intelligent conversations and arguments. They are glad to communicate with each other, and at the same time both to discuss news and to find out each other's innermost secrets of nonverbal sources - gestures, looks, voice. Their similarity makes them open to one another, because each of them, by their feelings, knows what the other feels at the moment. Basis of life together between two Gemini individuals - chronic instability in all. Vibration of the dual Air makes their union almost weightless, and they may together doubt, toss from side to side, take a long time to come to the same decision, spending a lot of their time by so doing.

Gemini partners understand like no other person, the desire of each other to have their freedom and independence. But this dual desire for independence makes their home vulnerable. At least one of them must sacrifice a small degree of his/her freedom to devote himself/herself to preservation of the home. It will be ideal if both Geminis would find a common ground to take this responsibility equally, without prejudice to anyone's independence.

Communication of two Gemini individuals reminds of communication of children naive and open to the world: they will never grow up, and will remain the same spontaneous and fun forever. A Gemini married to a Gemini has no need for a long time away from home, because the there is person at home waiting for him who can understand him like no other person. In this regard, the union of two Gemini individuals is ideal for creating a stable and harmonious family. Their relationship will never become complicated by jealousy, trickery, lies, and betrayals. The sign "Geminis in the square" carries a surprisingly harmonious atmosphere of celebration and happiness. According to the compatibility horoscope, it can be seen that any Gemini person can be relaxed and happy only in a union with his/her fellow, since Gemini is the most restless of all zodiac signs.

milzy 2015-02-02 06:01:33
is presently in a relationship with a Gemini. Seems like a match made in heaven.My true soul mate.He knows my thoughts so much and knows just when and how to act.I am so happy and content.

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QUEEN 2014-09-04 18:59:11
ya true busy bee

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Busy bee 2014-08-20 16:50:04
Its true the best partner for a gemini is another gemini...

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