Gemini and Virgo compatibility

Gemini and Virgo Zodiac signs compatibility
The compatibility horoscope calls this couple no other way than "mom and son". Indeed, relationship between a Virgo woman and Gemini man will arise precisely by this type: the strict, accurate, and executive Virgo woman is made to take care of the ever naughty and thoughtless Gemini man. These zodiac signs live by the laws of difficult vibration of Earth and Air, having decided to live together, will have a hard way to go for formation of relationship.

Gemini Man and Virgo woman will most likely meet out of curiosity. Virgo will be amazed by the buoyant optimism of zodiac sign Gemini, his ability to communicate, cheerful ingenuity and delusions. Austere serious Virgo woman, who lives on a set of rules, wants to enjoy life, and although sometimes be fun and carefree as him. Gemini man will like the affectionate seriousness of zodiac sign Virgo, her naivety and tact. The Virgo woman is so unlike his many girlfriends who are always waiting for him at parties, and so he would want to strike this impregnable fortress.

In the beginning, they will enjoy each other, and each will strive to be liked the more by his/her partner. Virgo woman will try on a carefree attitude and optimism, and the Gemini man - seriousness and tact. Alas! - game in reincarnation will not last long, and soon everything will be as it was before. The sociable and cheerful Gemini man will be attracted to friends to noisy parties. He wants more victories among girls, and will again flirt, while applying all his charm. He is bored with a Virgo woman and cannot live by the rules which she established as soon as they began to live together. Life with a Virgo woman will seem to him as a life in a camp: constant reminders and reproaches on carelessness and laziness, routine responsibilities, of which he will be sternly reprimanded for failure to fulfill them. Virgo woman seeks to control everything possible - selects tie to a shirt for her man, picks his place of work, alone determines where they will rest next weekend. The Virgo woman, in turn, is irritated by the complete carelessness, forgetfulness and inertia of the Gemini man. He strives to wriggle out of family affairs, often visits his friends alone. Soon the Virgo woman may find out that her husband has another woman…

If a Gemini man will look closely at a Virgo woman, he will see that she is not as cold as he thinks. She compensates lack of attention and love with care at home. The compatibility horoscope advises that only sensual component of a relationship is able to melt the ice in Virgo's heart, and - who knows? - maybe the Gemini man will stay more at home.

Ella 2016-06-26 08:28:55
Ok im a virgo female in the beginning of a relationship with a Gemini male ..finding it hard to believe all this he is rhe one telling me he loves me everyday telling me im beautiful and how much ge wants me . I the one guarding my heart . Im not a ice queen far from it i love life and love very much so when i do ket my guard down he will wonder what struck him .. He is my rock and we can talk for hours so i no there is no problem there .. when the moment is right the sparks will fly .. so there is always a exception to the rule .. im a virgo tiger and he is a Gemini Dragon and that combination is supposed to ve compatible but with every relationship there is always give and take and communication is a must ..

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Suni - d 2016-05-31 20:00:21
Writing that helped me get over it. Please don't post the earlier post or this one. Thanks

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Suni - d 2016-05-31 19:43:10
Confession. I am a Virgo in love with a Gemini man. Ok I said it. I am usually detached but I'm miserable when he is not talking to me. I have never felt this before. I think I have gotten over it and the misery pops up all over again. He comes and goes and I have no clue why and when he is going to pop up again. I know he feels something because I can see it in his face when I'm around him, but he never says it or makes it happen. I am determined not to let him drive me crazy. I am a super strong woman but he draws me in and then runs away. I know there is not anything I can do. It it is meant to be it will be. He stimulates me a intellectually and challenges me. It's like he knew me without knowing me. Are there Virgo women and Gemini relationships that work. I hate it that so many readings say we wouldn't make it in a relationship. I .have felt strong passion between us.

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Gemini #1 killed the worse of the 2 2015-08-24 10:32:25
There s a long history with me and a virgo woman we spark so much mentally. We have never met. She lives so far away.She works so hard. I really want to give this more attention into another level. Anyone can tell me if we would make it in the future. Gemini male 16th June 1988 virgo female 9th September 1988. Just leave a comment replying to same.

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ACE 2015-12-03 14:12:36

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ann 2015-05-08 04:54:04
You ate right.. I went thru all this. Finally he realises his miatakes and pleaded to accept him. Well, being virgo, full of love and compassion, I accepted him. Its not easy to live with him the the pain he gave.. I wonder if this will last. Sometimes I regret why o choose him. Its too late however, we ate trying to build his marriage again. May the almighty god bless our marriage.

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laura 2015-03-06 10:37:40
I am a virgo woman
honestly im sick of seeing all of the descriptions of virgo as being so stern harsh and critical. Thats nothing but a stereotype
we virgos actually quite exotic and fun loving
give virgo a break!!!!!!!

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jersey153 2015-11-20 15:00:57
I can't agree with you more!! I am a Virgo female and I am nothing like the way most people describe them!! I am not a critical, prudish, cold female that doesn't like sex.... so sick of hearing that crap!!

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QueenChetta 2015-07-06 05:22:35
Thank you ! I thought I was the only one !

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Laura 2015-04-04 18:21:33
I could agree more with " Laura"
The negativity & cold heartedness often displayed
by these typical horoscopes are not me at all, nor
Any virgos I know . Perhaps we are just extremely misunderstood & hard to get to know on a deeper level .

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Tommy 2015-02-08 21:57:43
Gemini man and Virgo woman can be a totally great match, depending on chemistry and willingness to work and please each other. Just remember its a 2 way street. I'm a Gemini man and my woman is a Virgo I met her through a mutual friend at an after party 1 night and we just took off n didn't look back. She treats me like a king these days. I'm very grateful for her she's great at everything! Like BON JOVI says... KEEP THE FAITH!!! BABY!

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Desire 2014-06-04 10:06:37
How true each and every sentence is! I am a virgo woman and in love with a guy who is a gemini. But he hasn't responded positively to my feelings. Nonetheless, I can identify with each and every word written here!

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gemini dude 2014-10-30 16:18:01
Do not feel bad, I am a Gemini man I've been with a Virgo women for 3 years it hurts to say this but I've never let my shield down it's been 3 years and I can't bare to tell her I love her ...not even once

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virgogirl 2014-12-15 03:09:53
I need to know. WHY??

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Another Gemini 2015-12-07 22:47:33
Message from virgogirl
I need to know. WHY??

I know this is an old comment, but I'm gonna reply just in case someone else needs it. Now ofc this a generalization, but Gems are analytical yet impulsive. So what often happens is, we jump in impulsively at first. But then get nervous when things catch up to us and end up wanting assurances of something concrete.

See, virgo's instinct for structure and labels is reassuring, but can seem controlling and we over analyze it. There is fine line between caring and insisting. You have to give a gem room to explore his feelings, see where their nature fits into your space.. otherwise it makes us unsure how to open up to you.

Our easy demeanor is a product of having a chance to "see what happens." For example, many gems like adventure because of "what might happen." We are curious. So if you make things an absolute, it puts a lot of pressure on us.

The best thing is to be clear about your feelings.. and do it consistently. But then not demand an answer, at least at first. Let him come forward in his own time.. as he explores, he learns about who is when next to you and how to express it properly.

Take over though, ask for things too early, read too much into how he is expressing himself and suddenly he'll feel confined.

And yep, these things do conflict.. we have a need for something solid, but fluid. That's the twin nature showing. And on important matters, that conflict turns into a turmoil that has to be worked out before a gem can proceed.

We are used to easing through most social interactions and being allowed to make our own path through life. When someone comes along and wants an absolute, we need time to adjust. We can do it, but not if you don't provide a comfortable place to express without expectation.

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Chris 2014-07-20 22:30:11
I am a Gemini man born on the 6th of June NOT your typical Gemini and I am in love with a Virgo woman born in the 26th of August. We are in a mental love affair. we talk for hours and want a sexual relationship but are holding back at this point Typically we match perfectly as far as coversation and can sizzle in bed but We are a wildcard if you know what that means.
Gemini's CAN adapt to any Sign but it takes work and you have to keep him interested and make is fun. Gemini's need and crave fun!

You may not be compatable with the typical Gemini so you should look up both of your exact birthday Horoscope.
Here are you matches for non birthday but month typical. Virgo to what you are compatable with but remember there are wildcards that can match you even though you are not suppose to match.

Message from Desire
How true each and every sentence is! I am a virgo woman and in love with a guy who is a gemini. But he hasn't responded positively to my feelings. Nonetheless, I can identify with each and every word written here!

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Thuy-Lieu 2015-04-28 23:08:00
How crazy is that? I'm a Virgo born on the 26th of August and he is a Gemini man born on the 6th of June!

We're in the beginning stages and I do agree with the conversation, sizzle in bed and also the "hold backs" for emotionally.

I have been wondering how to break the ice and move it forward and hence have found myself here! Chris I hope you receive this message. I'd like to be in touch for further discussions. tlvu26 at gmail

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