Virgo and Cancer compatibility

Virgo and Cancer Zodiac signs compatibility
Virgo man is reliable and stable, with steady outlooks on life, and will immediately attract Cancer woman's who is looking for a life cover for herself. She is spineless, very tender, and she has to cover herself from external attacks with a hard shell to protect her inner world from encroachments.

Zodiac sign Virgo is not inclined to accept everything on faith, so initially the inner femininity and softness of his darling will be perceived as her attempt to flattery. He thinks that the only honest thing is prudence and a cool mind, and that his woman tries to manipulate him through tenderness. Virgo man, by astrological characteristics, is not made for family life. He finds it very difficulty in to make a decision to marry, after long and painful reflections and ravings. Cancer woman will be thinking about marriage right away. She wants as soon as possible to get protection in the form of a strong robust man, to have a house with him, and raise their children. If the Cancer woman would hint this to her man or put pressure on him, he may back-pedal, or even end the relationship. Virgo man is not sure whether he could take on such responsibility.

Zodiac sign Cancer is not wasteful: Cancer woman will not waste money, she dreams of a house and puts her savings to purchase it. Virgo man is also inclined to save because he is very afraid to depend on others in the future. Their common desire to ensure their future will unite them.

According to the compatibility horoscope of these zodiac signs, it comes out that a Virgo man and Cancer woman suit each other like no other couple. Their guardians are the Earth and Water elements, which is a very productive and friendly union. Cancer woman is often scattered and forgetful, this is more than compensates for her extraordinary softness and tenderness. Virgo man will be quiet with her because her thoughts, deeds and speech flow smoothly like water. Cancer woman charms with her softness, envelops with sweet words and the Virgo man who was before not gentle and flexible, will too want to be sometimes more labile and flexible in his emotions and feelings.

Virgo man, who always has a panic fear of bondage, in a union with a Cancer woman, will not feel bound, because his fiancee would never limit the freedom of her man. They will work together to solve problems, talk, they have great good sense of humor - without cynicism and vulgarity. This couple has all chances to become happy, even if they look pretty weird from outside.

Cw 2016-02-13 21:28:44
I am a cancer woman with a Virgo male. I met my Virgo male at a really odd time in my life were I was still finding who I was. I actually had a short lived relationship to his childhood friend. Him and I had a connection right away (friendship wise). After I had broken it off with his friend him and I did not talk. He had messaged me and we started talking again. We both were strictly friends and had never been inapporpriate. We were true friends and he had always been respectful to me. Although we never looked at each other more than friends all of our other friends and family always told us we had too much chemistry to be just friends. We always ignored this and I litterally could not even imagine kissing him!!! Although I admired him as a man and wanted his attributes in others... Goal orrietated, funny, caring etc... He is very to himself and isn't your average joe.. He didn't drink and is a goody toe shoes.. But can handle any situation. I was the opposite The time if you could pick a song for me it would be girls just want to have fun.. I was sick of men and didn't ever want to get married. At this time we were 20 when I begged him to go out with me with a couple of other old friends. He finally agreed.."Fine, but only 10 minutes!!". Needless to say he is a light weight and got drunk pretty fast. Fast forward he couldn't walk so I helped him to the me s bathroom.. No one was in there and he couldn't hold himself up.. I thought he was going to puke so brought him in the bathroom stall... He just told me to hug him. So I stood there hugging him forever it seemed like. He started laughing and saying I want to tell you something but I'm scared.. At the time he was I a not serious relationship.. He then admitted he liked me and just had figured it out... There is way more to the story but nothing inapporpriate happened. He was always a gentleman. It was like a huge bomb went off... But he was exactly what I was looking for in a man he just so happened to be my best friend... I just didn't want to destiny that. Well ever since that day we have been litterally inseperatable, there hasn't been a day we have been apart. We now have a 1 1/2 year old daughter and are going to be 25 this year. Don't get me wrong there are obsticals with every relationship. Ours are however very minor because we have 99.9 percent of the same morals and such. But when we do fight we are both very bull headed and his favorite thing to tell me is that I'm overly sensitive... Which I am haha. He can be cold and harsh with his words but in the end makes a lot of sense. Us cancers we are very sensitive and emotional... But I think one thing that attracts us to the Virgo is his harshness.. It's challenging and he makes sense.. We just don't like it for the time being  :)!! But this is my story. I wouldn't want to be with anyone else and our relationship is amazing.

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Stevie H 2016-01-22 11:53:21
I'm a Cancer woman. I met a Virgo man only 3 months ago. The first Virgo I've dated, and "wow", the most amazing, caring and thoughtful man I've ever met! We were quickly comfortable with each other and we can talk forever. Sexually he's a little more reserved but he always tells me that I've "put a spell on him"!
As a Cancer, I try very hard to not get too attached bc that's ruined other relationships, but sometimes my Virgo man takes that as though I don't wanna be with him!
Any advice from Virgo men? Should I tell him I'm just doing it bc I'm trying to make him happy?

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David 2016-03-23 06:28:19
I'm a Virgo Guy. we are a quiet figure. he needs space sometimes. but he want to be assured of your security. being too attached will bore him. stay cool.

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Alicia 2016-02-13 22:56:36
I met my Virgo 4 months ago. We had our ups and downs, but all in all we have a great relationship. He reassures me that we will continue to grow from our mistakes and become better partners. He is a great communicator. He is the most caring and thoughtful person I have ever met. He can be harsh with his comments, but 99% of the times he has a good point.
My advice to you is don't let your past relationships ruin what could be something wonderful with this guy. Don't ever let him doubt you and your intentions. Speak from your heart and show your true emotions. He will melt like a butter in your arms.

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Virgo 1 2015-04-13 10:48:09
I'm a Virgo man and I've had a serious crush on a cancer women, I've had this crush for over 10 years, we are both married,I know that the feelings are the same and we are brother in law and sister in law

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Curious 2015-01-13 00:16:11
There is a virgo man in my life that I've known for over a decade. In all truth I've always been attracted to him, but he was married to a friend of mine and I never would have acted on it as it would have been totally inappropriate and a betrayal to my friend. That was a line I would not cross! They divorced about six years ago and he was in the military and deployed several states away. I was so disappointed because I adored him - his personality, his intellect, his kind and gentle nature. I have such admiration for him. Always have. I was happy just to have him as a friend and thought that was all it would ever be, but thought I'd never see him again since he was up north and I felt awkward about trying to contact him. Summer of this past year I discovered he was living back in my town and had the opportunity to reconnect with him. I was thrilled! I was also in a very troubled relationship, so again, any pursuit of him was inappropriate and any relationship would have to remain a friendship. Months went by and then he popped up at an art show I was working. I was over the moon excited to see him again! I made it a point to try to foster the ties of friendship with him, dropping hints about when and where he might be able to bump into me again should he so desire. He sent me silly texts here and there to stay in touch and then again showed up at a weekly event I was working to pop in and say hello. He brought me some items he had collected that he thought I could use for display. Such a thoughtful man. During that visit, I mentioned something off-handedly about wanting to make some bronze cast acorns. He later showed up at my work with a bag full of acorns that he had collected from his yard. I felt like he had brought me flowers! I later told myself that I was being ridiculous and I was just starved for attention (current bad relationship) and making too much of it. He's such a kind and generous person to everyone in his circle and I told myself that's all it was. we stayed in touch via text messages mostly, but recently I was frustrated due to the verbal and emotional abuse of my current partner. Since most of my friends have been run off by my current man I no longer have anyone to turn to for emotional support, so In frustration I reached out to him and then instantly regretted it, thinking 'well, that's it. He won't want to hear my drama and will probably never talk to me again.' I was wrong, not only did he text back but he really reached out to me. He's always been a good listener and he offered his ear. We met for coffee and he allowed me to vent and was very kind and supportive. While a girl might make something out of this I recognize that this is his nature. Always giving of himself to his friends and loved ones and always there for them. Again I told myself this was all it was. He stayed in touch, encouraged me, supported me and offered assistance in every way possible. Even financial if that's what I needed to get out of this abusive relationship. Of course, I am reluctant to accept financial help because I don't want that to become an issue between us or ever have him think that I'm sticking around for that. I'm here because 1) I need a good friend right now, and 2) I'm really crazy about him, always have been, and wonder if in the future when I have this bad relationship behind me (which I am working diligently on- it's complicated) something could possibly come of it. I feel like he trusts me, because he has opened up to me and shared parts of his painful relationship history with me too. But again, everything is on the level. No inappropriate behavior from either of us. I wouldn't dream of it. He's not the kind of guy you ever want to cheat with - he's the kind of guy you want a CHANCE with. I adore and admire him so much. Have I said that already? :::sigh::: Anyway, I find myself wondering every day if any of his kindness and attention could be an indication that there's some kind of mutual interest. I wouldn't act on my feelings until I've put my present relationship behind me, but the curiosity is killing me. Can anyone offer some insight for me here? Could these be signs of mutual interest?

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Megan 2015-11-23 22:01:26
Hi I'm also a cancer woman ironically enough been in a similar situation I was also in a bad relationship same abuse type thing. stayed friends for a long time although it was long distance. I fell for him from the start but I did well at keeping it platonic for nearly 3 years recently I had talked to him about it and he was suprisingly so understanding and just let me completely open up to him and was so supportive and made it known that he cared ect.. so ever since we started talking about that we'd been having deeper and more important conversations until he finally just said "why don't you just admit that you're in love with me?" I was shocked he made a move... well I was 70% sure that he loved me back but I wasn't positive so I hadn't said anything..... anyways so he said it's about time and it honestly made me so happy. So use your intuitive skills cancer girl! Go with your gut and ignore the doubts.

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Helena (1992) 2014-12-15 17:34:18
Cancer lady here, I'm very much in love with my Virgo man. We have been together so far for 4yrs.

We are both cautious people & I'm especially not too friendly with men I meet at booze filled parties. However, as the night went on we began to talk. I'm a goofball & he was very easy to make great conversations & jokes with. Fortunately for us we still have the same amusing talks.

I'm pretty thick skinned for a cancer but if we both get too caught up with work or friends without having our own time together I become more sensitive about his sharp tongue.

My advice to virgo men:
is to baby cancer when she is down rather than lash at her to be productive. It doesn't work. We are often stubborn. Give her a few kisses & cuddles, reassurances of love and she'll be back on her feet in an instance!
I also recommend coddling when she is crying or throwing a fit. You mite want to make your own statements serious so you won't but I know when I'm upset it calms me down much faster to be held & kissed. Do this often & she'll mirror your actions. It's part of the fluidity of water signs. If you yell, she'll more likely yell back. Show love even in the worst of fights & she'll be reminded to show it back.

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jesse 48 - and carolyn 42 2014-10-16 15:00:05
i love my girl very much - but we fight on a daily base-ess.... be it money / work around the house / time 2gether or what ever - i get tired of telling her i am leaving and only leave over night - to me its are communicatition / and the people around us dont give us time . . . .some day i may not ever come back - please help

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JP Haggard 2014-12-17 14:23:18
The best to do is to end the relationship and just be friends, I was in a relationship like that, we have two kids together and now we are really good friends, I can never see my self Going Back to her again, or it will just carry on or even get worse.

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