Virgo and Pisces compatibility

Virgo and Pisces Zodiac signs compatibility
According to the compatibility horoscope of the zodiac signs, it turns out that the union of Virgo man and Pisces woman is very rare, but if it happens - it is unstable. These signs on the astrological chart are in opposition, and only a miracle as well as a huge collaborative effort can help them in strengthening the marriage. They are very strongly attracted to each other, and later just as strongly are repelled. These twists in relationships and feelings can significantly complicate their lives, and each of the couple needs to be strong to be able to cope with him/herself and show only the positive qualities to the other.

They will never be bored together. Zodiac sign Pisces likes to dream, Pisces woman happily indulges in fantasies, sees the world through rose-colored glasses and tends to idealize everything that surrounds her. Virgo man from the first minute of dating would try to bring her to reality, trying to debunk myths in her head through his practical and even cynical arguments. Her reverie is strong, and for his efforts to have an effect, he will try to show her life without embellishment, for what it really is. She will take his argument as rudeness and tediousness, and this will be the cause of many conflicts and confrontations between the spouses. The pedantic and strict Virgo man will become a permanent object of ridicule for his woman. But inside her heart, the Pisces woman realizes that she must bring her affairs in order, otherwise her life is threatened by a complete chaos. The smart Pisces begins to look closely to Virgo man's ability, secretly dreaming to learn how to organize her life so well and skillful as he does. But the heteropolar qualities of Virgo man and Pisces woman are favorable to their union: they can use each other's ability to develop a tactics and achieve common goals. Pisces woman can predict events, read other people's thoughts and feelings, she is very insightful, has a fervent imagination, which, unfortunately, too often present her with reality in a distorted manner. Virgo man, with his common sense, can return a dreamy Pisces woman to the ground and not allow her to live just a dream, forgetting about reality. If Virgo man's tactics will be soft - this will not cause a negative reaction from Pisces woman, more than that - she would be very grateful to him for his help. Virgo man, listening to fabulous dreams of his woman, will get rid of boredom and routine. He would want to actualize Pisces woman's rich fantasy projects, and will strive for this, come what may. The compatibility horoscope gives this couple a lot of chances to create a strong union for life.

rachel 2014-12-05 23:03:54
I'm interested in my Virgo male friend and his honesty and shoulder to lean quality is wonderful but I'll have to wait for his feeling of more than friends to surface and the wait might be worth it (me a Pisces  :D )

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kay 2014-10-16 08:03:46
I'm a older woman who dated two Virgo men the older one years ago was a liar n a wh*re. I was about three years older. I got pregnant by him years ago n. stop dealing with him after the baby was born. He was a real *ss h*le n still is. I use to love him.then I meet another Virgo man who was much, much older dated for three years n just let him go. We both loved each other n still do.but we talked about going our on way so he could find someone his age get married n have kids. I just can't forget him n he told me he thinks of me everyday. So I stop texting him n blocked him from calling me. I even deleted some of his pic. Now there is no other man I want n my life.he is a good young. Man so I want dare bug him.I hurt from not being his woman because of my age.

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