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According to the compatibility horoscope of the zodiac signs, it turns out that the union of Virgo man and Pisces woman is very rare, but if it happens - it is unstable. These signs on the astrological chart are in opposition, and only a miracle, as well as a huge collaborative effort, can help them in strengthening the marriage. They are very strongly attracted to each other, and later just as strongly are repelled. These twists in relationships and feelings can significantly complicate their lives, and each of the couple needs to be strong to be able to cope with him/herself and show only the positive qualities to the other.

They will never be bored together. Zodiac sign Pisces likes to dream, Pisces woman happily indulges in fantasies, sees the world through rose-colored glasses and tends to idealize everything that surrounds her. Virgo man, from the first minute of dating, would try to bring her to reality, trying to debunk myths in her head through his practical and even cynical arguments. Her reverie is strong, and for his efforts to have an effect, he will try to show her life without embellishment, for what it really is. She will take his argument as rudeness and tediousness, and this will be the cause of many conflicts and confrontations between the spouses.

The pedantic and strict Virgo man will become a permanent object of ridicule for his woman. But inside her heart, the Pisces woman realizes that she must bring her affairs in order, otherwise her life is to be threatened by complete chaos. The smart Pisces begins to look closely at Virgo man's ability, secretly dreaming to learn how to organize her life so well and skillful as he does. But the bipolar qualities of Virgo man and Pisces woman are favorable to their union: they can use each other's ability to develop tactics and achieve common goals. Pisces woman can predict events, read other people's thoughts and feelings, she is very insightful, has a fervent imagination, which, unfortunately, too often presents her with reality in a distorted manner. Virgo man, with his common sense, can return a dreamy Pisces woman to the ground and not allow her to live just a dream, forgetting about reality. If Virgo man's tactics will be soft - this will not cause a negative reaction from Pisces woman, more than that - she would be very grateful to him for his help. Virgo man, listening to the fabulous dreams of his woman, will get rid of boredom and routine. He would want to actualize Pisces woman's rich fantasy projects and will strive for this, come what may. The compatibility horoscope gives this couple a lot of chances to create a strong union for life.

Virgo & Pisces Compatibility Virgo Pisces Compatibility Horoscope

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BlosomeLove 2023-11-21 16:19:21
Female Virgo and male Pisces represent opposite signs in the Zodiac, which can bring a dynamic of both magnetic attraction and conflict due to their inherent differences. Here are the pros and cons of this pairing:

1. Complementary Strengths: Virgo's practical, analytical nature can perfectly complement Pisces' intuitive, creative side. Virgo helps Pisces put their dreams into action, while Pisces can teach Virgo to relax and appreciate the subtler aspects of life.

2. Deep Emotional Connection: Although they express their emotions differently, both Virgo and Pisces value a deep, meaningful relationship. Pisces brings out the empathetic and caring side of Virgo, and Virgo can provide a reassuring presence for the often emotionally vulnerable Pisces.

3. Mutual Care: Virgo, being nurturing, and Pisces, being compassionate and caring, can form a mutually supportive relationship where both individuals feel valued and taken care of.

4. Balance: Virgo, an earth sign, brings grounding and stability to the relationship, which can be beneficial to Pisces, a water sign, known for their emotional fluidity. Conversely, Pisces adds creativity and emotional depth to Virgo's world.

1. Communication Challenges: Virgo is precise, while Pisces is often elusive in their communication. Virgo's demand for clarity and Pisces' more abstract conversational style can lead to misunderstandings.

2. Differing Life Approaches: Virgo’s detail-oriented, organized life approach can clash with Pisces’ free-flowing, laissez-faire attitude. Virgo may find Pisces to be too chaotic, while Pisces may find Virgo to be too controlling.

3. Emotional Misalignment: Virgo tends to approach situations with a critical eye, which might inadvertently hurt Pisces' feelings, as Pisces is highly sensitive and takes criticism personally. On the flip side, Virgo can become frustrated with Pisces' occasional lack of practicality and perceived naivete.

4. Overwhelming Practical Differences: Virgo’s need for order and Pisces' disorganized tendencies can create tension. Virgo might become overwhelmed by the chaos Pisces brings into their life, while Pisces might feel suffocated by Virgo's need for structure.

5. Escapism vs. Critique: In times of stress, Pisces might resort to escapism, preferring to avoid confrontation, while Virgo might become overly critical, exacerbating the situation instead of finding common ground.

The Virgo woman and Pisces man pairing is one that has the potential to be both a source of growth and frustration. The success of this relationship relies on both partners' willingness to embrace and appreciate their differences. The Virgo woman’s practicality can be the anchor that keeps the Pisces man’s dreams afloat, while the Pisces man’s idealism can add color and warmth to the Virgo woman's structured life. The key lies in finding the right balance, where critique is delivered gently, and dreams are shared with practical insights. Mutual respect, along with open and compassionate communication, can make this opposing match a strong one.
Tanisha 2016-07-21 10:37:19
Well it is July now and my knight and shining armor has continuously called me everyday. We talk at least three times a day and when we don't talk I feel a void. Good new is that we are meeting up on this weekend and only heaven knows what will happen. Yes, I am a Pisces woman in love with a wonderful Virgo man and I wouldn't trade him for the world. Funny thing is that he really believes he is in control of the relationship and I don't mind because he is the man. I learn something new everyday. This meeting will be quite different from our previous meeting because it is not just based on the casino this trip. I am a bundle of nerves and I pray that this will be a trip to remember always. I guess Friday will tell its story. Once again My fellow Pisceans keep your head up and never give up on your Virgo.
theDream 2023-11-21 16:20:49
It's wonderful to hear that your relationship with your Virgo man is going strong and that you're looking forward to spending time together this weekend. The excitement and nervousness you're feeling are natural, especially when anticipating a special meeting.

Communication seems to be a key aspect of your relationship, and it's great that you both stay connected through daily calls. Building a strong emotional connection and understanding each other's needs are crucial for a lasting and meaningful relationship.

It's interesting to note the dynamic where your Virgo man believes he is in control. Relationships often involve a balance of power and compromise, and what matters most is that both partners feel respected and valued. If you find that the dynamics work for both of you and contribute to a healthy relationship, that's fantastic.

Enjoy your time together this weekend, and may it be filled with love, laughter, and positive memories. Cherish the moments you share and continue to nurture the bond you've built. Wishing you both continued happiness and fulfillment in your relationship!
Tanisha 2016-03-21 17:15:56
I met my Virgo man 4 years ago. I had just ended a 10 year relationship with a Virgo man who hurt me bad. We talked endlessly on the phone and on days when I was busy. He would call and get on me for missing his call. We met in A.C. and my knight appeared while I walked down the runway. He was everything I imagined. Our date was all that and my heart couldn't wait to see him again. We talked and I found that even though I was his lightweight he was looking for a smaller person. We continued to be friends and over the years I did the one thing I didn't want to do. Even though I would never be his preference I fell in love with him. I prayed and hoped that God would open his eyes so that he could see that I am everything he needs and wants.Finally after my close call sickness. Everything has changed he sang to me on my birthday. He jokes about me being his girlfriend. He checks on me everyday. I am enjoying every day I get the chance to be apart of his life. I hope to share a wonderful story of love in the future until then. I say never give up hope and always be true to yourself.
katie 2015-05-31 04:38:28
Me and my Virgo man have been together 6 years and married for to and he is the best man I've dated. He keeps me grounded but he's open to my fantasy mindset. So we both have an equal balance. Have to say if you find the RIGHT Virgo you wont regret it. They can really help you snap into reality when needed. But they are very understanding 🙂
Lisa 2015-05-15 23:13:18
I am a Pisces woman 28 yrs old and have been with a Virgo man 8 years older than me for 10 years living together. Prior to meeting him I was in a relationship with another Virgo man 9 years older than me when I was in my early teens, he was terrible, a whore like the other girl said in her comments. Very abusive manipulative and used me. I was Yonge and stupid and was so hurt but felt like I loved him more after finding him with another girl. So when I met my man I'm with now I told him I didn't want to be with ANY1 , he was very persistent, I wasnt interested in a relationship and wasn't even really attracted to him at the time though my judgement at the time was terribly clouded. He tried to talk/see me for months and months, few nights me and my friends would go out with him and his friends but I never let anything happen. Finally one day I needed a drive somewhere and it just so happened that he had driven by my house to see if he could see me so he gave me a drive. That evening back at my house he seduced me and he was successful ( and I had already had him sleep in my bed months prior to that but told him: u can sleep in my bed since house is full but do not touch me... Lol, I was so cold) I never left his side after that. It's crazy cuz we are definitely complete opposites in almost every way but we also have a lot of the same opinions, and now after 10 years we are very alike. But I am still the dreamer and he is still the practical one. He seams to be preaty consistent with his attitude and mood but me I change every day... More like every hour. I always notice that from month to month for example one of us shows our love more than the other, than it will switch. He drives me nuts in bad and good ways but I love Virgo men I actually believe that if I wasn't with him I would be with another Virgo. I think we have rubbed off on wacko they a lot so on a good day we balance each other out well. The astrology on our signs is very accurate. Anyways I just wrote a novel lol ... Wasting time waiting for a friend... Good luck all u polar opposites
rachel 2014-12-05 23:03:54
I'm interested in my Virgo male friend and his honesty and shoulder to lean quality is wonderful but I'll have to wait for his feeling of more than friends to surface and the wait might be worth it (me a Pisces 😄 )

kay 2014-10-16 08:03:46
I'm a older woman who dated two Virgo men the older one years ago was a liar n a wh*re. I was about three years older. I got pregnant by him years ago n. stop dealing with him after the baby was born. He was a real *ss h*le n still is. I use to love him.then I meet another Virgo man who was much, much older dated for three years n just let him go. We both loved each other n still do.but we talked about going our on way so he could find someone his age get married n have kids. I just can't forget him n he told me he thinks of me everyday. So I stop texting him n blocked him from calling me. I even deleted some of his pic. Now there is no other man I want n my life.he is a good young. Man so I want dare bug him.I hurt from not being his woman because of my age.

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