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This couple's dates and attempts to live together looks very strange from outside: they are absolutely different in nature, these zodiac signs, it would seem, are the antipodes of each other, their compatibility horoscope cries of radical misunderstandings that will haunt them forever if they choose to be together.

Pisces man in the very beginning of the relationship expects only troubles from Sagittarius woman. In his opinion, she is too light-minded, leads a carefree life, and exists here and now, without thinking about tomorrow. Sagittarius woman for long does not agree to have a serious relationship, even if sympathy arose between these two zodiac signs. She does not want to be bound by family ties, and even more - does not want to be conquered and enslaved, she is satisfied by a light or non-committal flirt.

It is most likely that Pisces man is attracted to Sagittarius woman by her aloofness and coldness in a relationship - this touches his heart, makes him think about her, and eventually, realizes that he can no longer live without her. Pisces man will never learn to understand why a Sagittarius woman, leaving him for a long time, will suddenly leave for long trips, go to her friends, and attend parties: in his vision of a family, the woman should be at home and keep order, as well as earn money.

Pisces man literally takes the expression 'be together' as 'together at every moment'. Wounded self-esteem will make a Pisces man use different tactics to influence a Sagittarius woman - from tearful admonitions to desperate attempts of manipulation and intrigue. Pisces man will be, in any case, disappointed - Sagittarius woman is not that very inclined to paying attention to all of his moves, and the attention given to him at the instant will immediately switch to another object.

The compatibility horoscope of these signs warns: in this union, zodiac sign Pisces will always feel like a victim, he will be interesting to Sagittarius woman as long as he does not bring too much trouble. The whole meaning of a life together for a Pisces man will consist of attempts to curry favor and love to him, win her heart entirely, and use of all his arsenal of complaints and desperate appeals to ensure that his female partner is fully owned by him alone. In this union, Sagittarius woman will find it important to maintain her positions of freedom. As soon as she notices that she is tired of her partner, she would leave him without regret and go to another stronger man.

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BlosomeLove 2023-11-23 08:25:07
The compatibility between a female Pisces and a male Sagittarius can be an interesting combination, blending their differences to create a dynamic and adventurous relationship. However, challenges can arise. Here's an overview of their compatibility, potential areas of conflict, and the pros and cons of this union:

Pros of a Female Pisces and Male Sagittarius Union:

1. Adventurous spirit: Both Pisces and Sagittarius have a sense of adventure and a desire for exploration, which can lead to exciting shared experiences and a willingness to try new things together.

2. Intellectual stimulation: Sagittarius appreciates deep conversations and philosophical discussions, which Pisces can provide with their imaginative and intuitive nature. This intellectual compatibility can create a strong mental connection.

3. Emotional support: Sagittarius' optimism and sense of humor can uplift Pisces, while Pisces' empathetic and nurturing nature can provide the emotional support that Sagittarius sometimes needs.

4. Independence and Freedom: Both signs value their individual independence and personal growth. They can provide each other with space for personal pursuits and encourage each other's personal development.

Cons of a Female Pisces and Male Sagittarius Union:

1. Communication differences: Sagittarius tends to be direct and blunt in their communication, while Pisces prefers subtlety and hints. Misunderstandings can arise if they don't make an effort to understand each other's communication styles.

2. Emotional depth: Pisces desires a deep emotional connection, while Sagittarius may struggle with expressing or understanding intense emotions. This difference in emotional expression can create challenges in meeting each other's emotional needs.

3. Need for stability vs. desire for change: Pisces values emotional stability and may be more inclined toward routine, while Sagittarius seeks constant change and exploration. Finding a balance between the need for stability and the desire for new experiences may be a source of conflict.

What Can Go Wrong:

- Sagittarius' love for exploration and freedom may make Pisces feel emotionally neglected or insecure.
- Pisces' emotional sensitivity may be overwhelmed by Sagittarius' directness or occasional insensitivity.
- Sagittarius' desire for independence and personal growth may clash with Pisces' need for emotional closeness and connection.

Pros and cons of this union depend on the individuals involved and their willingness to understand and appreciate each other's differences. Open communication, empathy, and compromise are vital for maintaining a harmonious relationship. Embracing and celebrating their unique qualities, finding a balance between emotional depth and independence, and supporting each other's personal growth are key. With effort and understanding, this union can create a dynamic and fulfilling partnership where both partners can learn and grow together while exploring new horizons.
Angel 2017-10-19 08:58:34
I'm madly in love with a pisces man. We have been going strong dating for almost 2 years. Seems like years and that we are soulmates. Alot of this stuff is true but there's alot missing as well. Before we started dating it was amazing and ever since that first time we met seems like were living in a fairy tale dream like this is the man I've been praying for everyday and i finally got my prince charming of course i wonder why they say we could never make it sag n pisces? Still can't figure it out kind of a bummer. Maybe were so great because we are very religious? Or because we have alot in common with past relationships? Or maybe because we are 16 years apart? I don't know they stumped me got me scratching my head! I love this man so much his the air i breath the reason my heart beats. And that's because my last relationship of 17yrs was supposed to be what horoscopes say to be my soulmate/perfect match Gemini: well i can tell you now it started out good then it was like living on those drama shows i could deal with all the drama chaos so i told him after 5 years when my babies are old enough to see the true you without blaming me for not having a father I'm gone with my babies guess he didn't belive me now 3 yrs not being together except for the kid's he apoligizes. All I'm saying is to be open minded and optimistic. I believe any relationship can work regardless of the signs you just have to find the right one that loves himself and you an vice versa you love yourself and him both have honesty trust respect faith and love with all that is love. Just pray!
fred 2018-01-16 17:15:36
good for you , im pisces man who just met sag woman , we hit it off yesterday , had great day , nice lunch together , im on wall street , she master degree in social work, we live 7 block apart and like it to work , I like doing things for her and sh told me how happy she is having me in her life ...
BeBee 2017-08-30 04:03:29
HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS REALLY ???? I am a Sagittarius Woman and Im not going to lie and say that we are not A WHOLE LOT LIKE YOU READ ... ITS VERY TRUE WE ARE ... But we are individuals and we do Have Morals and Values and Integrity and Hearts that Bleed red ... And I will be straight up Honest here I have a few Men that I talk to and Text and are on my Facebook ... I have at least 5 Men that want to get into a relationship with me Have been knowing one for 7 years now he lives far away the other one See every other weekend and yes he is of a weak nature But trying to feel more but its not happening He knows not to try and push me or my buttons or I will be gone in a flash and the other 3 Talk Talk but He keeps posting on my post to give him chance ,, But turned off by him because he dated at least 3 of my friends FTHAT ..The other guy has only met me once for a drink and ran into him only 2 other times and he let everyone in the house know he has it bad for me but he wont step it up and I dont have it in me to just fall in there which tells me he scared to go all the way he told me he has to Love me from a far may have something to do with he is a older gentleman DONT KNOW .. and the other one wont give up his girlfriend because he scared of what may happen if I will stay ... I kinda do see where I can be a little wild and crazy But still (((FUNNY THING IS NEVER HAD SEX WITH THEM ))) But reason is they dont have the courage to step up to the plate or be more aggressive
to my taste... And its because of my personality they love it me my attitude but they are scared of it been single 8 years I am not just giving this awesome Faithful ,PASSIONATE Loyal, Respectful WILD Bitch just to anybody that say they want to be in a relationship with me (( EARN IT )) and a couple of men that cant stop messaging me that are scared to get to close but got to get there sights on me to just fill the need to be around me and hang out .... NOW KNOW This .. My last relationship was 28 years NEVER DID I CHEAT LIE AND STEAL I WANTED A GREAT MARRIAGE .
B!t please 2017-05-24 03:46:41
These comments p!$$ me off! I consider it a weakness to be so naive and base your entire relationship with another human being that you "love" based off your sun sign alone.. There are many other factors.. Like moon sign for example.. Or time of day or what year you were born.. Or your up bringing... If you get to that point of curiosity then it's obvious that you have your doubts. Which won't get you far. I'm a well balanced, slightly less independent and highly intuitive fire rabbit Sagittarius sun sign and scorpio moon sign woman in love with a psychologically and emotionally dependent yet highly loving and creatively competitive also self loathing wood rat Pisces man. We have drifted slightly apart and slightly back together over the many years that we have been together. When I say together I mean he has always been my rock and I have always been his. He was raised by Sagittarius parents and I was raised by Pisces parents. We fully understand one another.
The only reason why I'm leaving a comment is to make a statement..
Love yourself and love your significant other no matter what.. And if you really feel the need to look up your compatibility then look at all aspects before you build your opinions.
Pisces are the sweetest and strongest men I have a ever known and grown to love. They say Sagittarius and Aries or Leo are compatible and I call B.S. on that. It all depends on who you are as a person.
If you're truly curious about astrology then do your research on all aspects before you base your life off of what you read on the internet.
MaleWoodRat 2017-10-07 17:07:58
For B! T please:
You being a female rabbit of fire sagittarius you write that you go out with a man rat of wood piscis. Insulting the asshole by calling him "self loathing" trampling his face. Because hell you have to insult him, if you were 12 years old he understood!
Being an adult woman, in your comments, that's a fucking disrespect.
More above than he was your rock, raised by sagittarius parents, and he understands you perfectly. If you have that opinion to the Pisces Rats, then keep it fuck !.
I will not write more than the account. It seems to me a vastly unfortunate attitude, a lack of respect with a repugnant attitude.
I wish the Pisces Wood Rats will do well, that they know how to choose their partner well, with whom he deserves it, to be well in life.

True little girl B! T please 🙂
Juicy 2017-02-08 08:16:53
I am a Sagittarius and in love with a Pisces. He doesn't know it and just thinks that i like him a lot. He lives far away but i am waiting on him to come back to my state. He said that he likes everything about me except my male friends. I don't have a bunch of guys i hang out with, i just know a lot of people. I have always been the homie and yes they do often tend to fall for me at some point but none of them could ever blind me from my Pisces. If we really decide to pursue things further, he will find that i would be his completely but he has been decieved so many times it's going to be hard to change his feelings i think.
icy 2017-05-27 15:51:20
im in love with a pisces man too and we have trust issues coz some of my male frnds like me but i cnt convince him that its only him that i love
MsSag 2016-12-19 20:50:32
They chase us Sagittarian because of our life force. Fire is fierce! And they are water,they move where they will.I was married to a pisces,he had some wonderful qualities but he was to weak for me. And it seems that pisces men are always drawn to me also. I just dated one this weekend.Pisces have beautiful souls but they are not strong enough for Sagittarian women i think. Fire and water make steam ...not good
Laura 2016-10-20 23:42:49
I am a sag woman and I am falling hard for a pisces man!!
I find this almost opposite.
We have been seeing each other for over a month now.
He has told me 3 times he loves me, it does kinda scare me. But I was in a relationship for 17 years and he was abusive. So thats why the I love you scares me.
I am falling for this man, I message him and text him all the time, Dont get much back. Have confessed my feelings and dont get much back.
Our sex life is honestly not anything either, which bugs me. I need more intamitacy then what I have been. Dont know how to talk to him about that tho. I can see myself falling head over heals in love with this man.
Rachel 2016-03-08 10:40:35
Well.. This article makes me sad.. I'm a saggie & falling for a pieces.. I don't like the idea that our relationship is doomed before it's even begun..
Brooks 2015-10-25 01:54:00
Wow this is so accurate. I'm currently with a Pisces man and this is what he does. Everything is true. But there's something missing coz he wants me to be his entirely. But when I'm away, he seeks other women
kenyetta 2016-01-19 17:30:05
Message from Brooks
Wow this is so accurate. I'm currently with a Pisces man and this is what he does. Everything is true. But there's something missing coz he wants me to be his entirely. But when I'm away, he seeks other women

Yes, My man is a Pisces an he does the samething and says it's because I'm not there but want to control and have me to himself.
StellarSag. 2015-10-24 11:41:09
I've been in a friendship (w/benefits) with a wise and patient Pisces for about ten years. He is the only person who stuck by me through thick and thin. We've gone our separate ways but always seem to gravitate back to each other. He is the only man I couldn't scare away with my crazy antics. Now I find myself thinking, "could he possibly truly love me, or is this just the nature of who
Marilyn 2015-10-02 16:56:54
I am a Sagittarius and was married to a Pisces for 36 yrs until I divorced him last yr. It was a good marriage at times, he was loving sensitive and fun. Sounds great right!Well also he was demanding,weak, controlling and jealous of friends and family. When I let him lead he was fine. But I lost my soul and my inner being. Too much draining for me of too many yrs.I dont blame him, Our needs are just different.
amae 2015-09-15 20:18:36
to answer 1) maybe you have Ophicious in your chart. Pisces are said to be compatible with them

Sagittarius 2015-08-05 06:37:19
I'm a Sagittarius and I have no idea why, but I am constantly drawn to Pisces me. Every man I've been in a committed relationship with has ended up being a Pisces despite my efforts to avoid them. I'd like to see an article on why a Sagittarius woman might be drawn to Pisces despite all odds.
Destiny 2015-07-25 04:24:09
I'm a Sagittarius who has had to fend off the affections of many Pisces men who seem to fall in love with me so easily. More Pisces have chased me than anything else. It is slightly annoying. I'm not sure what draws Pisces to Sagittarius... but I never ever feel the same. Their emotions for me are way too deep way too soon and they quite often scare me away with the intensity. They just move too fast. I prefer to keep them as friends. We have great friendships until they confess their feelings and I have to withdraw.
MAK 2016-09-15 02:06:33
So, when do you think is the right time to confess your feelings. I am a pisces man falling for a sagitarius woman. Its sad and really discouraging what I read in all such posts. However, I will do take my chances. But I am concerned about spilling my beans too soon, I dont want to scare her off...🙁
Joog 2017-01-26 01:06:56
Keep your feelings to yourself or she'll find you weak. Even if you love her, don't tell her. When you're with her be her friend. Give her kindness but remember the more you run away the more she will chase. If you chase her she will run from you. Act like you don't give a shit whether she comes or goes. Let her have her freedom to leave as she pleases and she will swing from your balls. If you push her away she will run to other men. They love to travel and have adventure so dont be alarmed if she wants to visit relatives all the time. Use the time to work on yourself or enjoy a fling of your own. Don't tell her anything too bad about you or admit to cheating because they never forget shit and will always bring it up in an argument. I've had a sag as a side chick and main chick for over 12 years they love rough dirty sex. Show her a rough persona they dont like soft guys.
Always keep her at a distance Sag chicks like to get guys play with them and discard them so don't get comfortable and ever let her feel like she has you. Act like you can get another girl anytime. The more you act like you don't want a relationship the more she will want one. Fire and Water make steam. So keep it steamy. Sag females are down for all of your wildest fantasies.
Take your time and enjoy her without trying to possess her. I waited 10 years before even talking love to her and only said it 1 or 2 times after. Let her be smushy and lovey dovey while you're tough and hard. I look for her to fill you up. Love yourself and fill her with D. The minute you get soft she'll dio to the next man. When she does, don't give a shit. Fuck some thotties and she'll be back cause they always chase the one that treats her the worst and doesnt care if she comes back. I guess it gives them a task.
Rad 2014-12-06 11:11:55
Chasing her is like chasing an android.
She has no feelings, but she knows you do
and she exploits it. Don't let her form
take you. Run.

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