Sagittarius and Leo compatibility

Sagittarius and Leo Zodiac signs compatibility
Have you ever heard about the expression "they are in one element? Therefore, the compatibility horoscope is ready to characterize the union of a Sagittarius man and a Leo woman, who, like zodiac signs that are under the protection of Fire, have many similar traits.

In accordance with their horoscopes, these individuals have every chance to establish harmony in a relationship, despite the fact that each of them is quite difficult to communicate with all other human beings. Natural mutual empathy is given to them by nature: they can subtly feel each other and be configured along one way. Both Sagittarius man and Leo woman are highly emotional, sensual, endless enthusiasm and optimism. Love and respect for each other in each of these people play a major role: these feelings are a driving force on which a range of life success of Sagittarius and Leo is build.

Despite the similarity of many personality traits, zodiac signs Sagittarius and Leo also reveal significant differences. In their energy as in other capacities, Leo is static, while Sagittarius is mobile. Leo woman is more conservative in her views, while Sagittarius is prone to constantly change his opinion. Sometimes this is the cause of quarrels between Sagittarius and Leo, but if their wisdom does not allow them to slide into mutual recriminations, they will come to a compromise and will not quarrel.

These two zodiac signs fill each other and the world around them with energy, love and tenderness. According to the compatibility horoscope, they represent a perfect union, which can do many useful and important things in life. The only enemy that can destroy this union that is, at first glance, inseparable - is Leo's pride. Sagittarius man is not arrogant, his conceit, anger, unapologetic character depend on a situation and pass quickly. He does not boast of his other outstanding abilities in front of others. Leo woman thinks that since she is the "queen of beasts', her opinion is most correct, all around must obey and worship her. She is good, but rather, it is a ruler's kindness when she uses royal hands to throw away a gold coin to a beggar. Leo woman may not notice how her arrogance, extortion, and she herself has reached incredible heights, have been hypertrophied, and cause the Sagittarius man s sense close to disgust.

It is important that a Leo woman realizes in time that arrogance should be timely replaced by pride - a more rational quality. If these two would be equal to each other, the Leo woman would notice that Sagittarius, though sometimes a bit boring and pedantic, say many things correct, and besides - he's very lucky in life. Sagittarius man, in turn, will be fenced in life with Leo's powerful protection, and moreover a tender and cat-like peaceful purr would wait for him in moments of solitude with his beloved one.

Ayoseyi 2016-11-16 12:18:23
Just met my sag , and he is all I dreamt of , he knows the right things to say . He is funny and flows on my intellectual wave length. Romance is body just cant say no to him .and he is very patient and loyal .

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Chantal 2015-06-25 03:11:40
Very true but as a leo woman Im certainly not arrogant. I found my sagittarius man to be such a gentleman and really makes me feel feel beautiful  :love: Also, extremely sexually attracted to each other.
From the moment we met its instant chemistry. However after 3 years of dating I find I want that exclusiveness while he is very much a free spirit. I have learned to be patient and to always enjoy the moment! When we are together it is incredible! Always laughing, always a deep understanding connection... Lots of trust and adoration for for each other. We click!  :like:   !;)

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Andrea and Alex 2015-06-18 06:13:44
Mostly true but we always have fun and we are perfect for each other from day one. ..if we do have an argument it's quickly resolved and back to loving each other thanks to the fact that we don't like to fight w each other and sag man is is very easily calmed

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