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Nobody thinks to doubt that Leo is a ruler. He is admired by others, and by all means, tries to emphasize his superiority and royalty. Zodiac sign Leo is confident that he is always right and never accepts another person's opinion other than his own. However, Leo is noble and rather good-natured, he may be happy to help others, of course, if they honor and praise him for such. Leo man, with all his efforts, tries to show off his brilliant mind and his originality. Leo is always proud and a bit arrogant.

Virgo woman, having fallen in love with Leo for his magnificence, is herself modest and unpretentious. Zodiac sign Virgo never aspires to luxury and wealth and can be content with little. Virgo woman is hardworking and is used to earning for herself in life.

Possessing an extraordinary mind, a Virgo woman has wise and original opinions, and whether she is a bit bolder, her abilities can be applied in business and company's management. Trying to stay in the shadow of her magnificent Leo man, Virgo woman, however, cannot fully submit to him. Without arguing, without objecting, without resistance, quietly listening to Leo man's comments and criticism, at one point, the Virgo woman breaks by monologue, which she would tell the startled Leo all his blunders and mistakes made in recent years. The unprecedented toughness of Virgo woman will kill the poor Leo on the spot, and disarm him for a long time.

According to the compatibility horoscope, several options for development of their relationship can be traced back. The baffled Leo man can take a long time to recover from such a Virgo woman's quiet arrogance, and for some period of time has turned into a sick cat, enduring Virgo woman's cold and biting remarks.

In the second scenario, Leo man, mad with the unprecedented insolence of Virgo woman, may gather all his lion power and put up a grandiose scandal, smash to smithereens everything that is acquired during the marriage, and forever grandiose, slam the doors.

And finally, the third scenario of interchanges, Leo, waiting sometime after his woman's moral admonition, at the slightest opportunity will attack the Virgo woman with an accusation and will bring up a conflict to the point when the Virgo woman will be forced to leave.

Fortunately, these two can easily avoid sad interchanges if they would love each other. Leo man must respect his woman for her nobleness and great devotion to him, while Virgo woman must honor the generosity of his soul and royal cordiality.

Leo & Virgo Compatibility Leo Virgo Compatibility Horoscope

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BlosomeLove 2023-11-21 01:55:16
Leo and Virgo compatibility can be a complex and intricate dance between the fiery and confident Leo and the meticulous and analytical Virgo. Each sign brings unique qualities to the relationship, but there can also be challenges to navigate.

In terms of the dynamic you mentioned, where Virgo women might make negative comments about Leo men's behavior or character, it is important to remember that compatibility cannot be generalized to every individual of a zodiac sign. Personality traits can vary greatly within each sign, and it's essential to approach relationships on an individual basis rather than relying solely on astrological stereotypes.

Leo individuals often exude a strong sense of self-confidence and seek validation and admiration from their partners. They tend to be passionate, expressive, and love to be the center of attention. On the other hand, Virgos are known for their meticulous nature, practicality, and analytical thinking. They often have attention to detail and a desire for order and stability.

For Leo and Virgo compatibility to thrive, understanding and acceptance of each other's differences are key. Leo needs to understand that Virgos are often more reserved and cautious with their emotions, and they may express concern or criticism as a way to protect themselves and maintain control over their environment. Leo can help by providing encouragement and building up the confidence of their Virgo partner.

In return, Virgo can help Leo by providing practicality and grounding in their lives. They can offer insights that Leo may initially overlook and help them approach situations with a more measured and pragmatic mindset.

Communication is essential in overcoming disagreements and building a strong connection between Leo and Virgo. Both partners should strive to express their feelings and concerns openly and respectfully. Leo should be open to receiving constructive criticism from Virgo without getting defensive, and Virgo should be mindful of how they voice their observations and suggestions to avoid hurting Leo's sensitive ego.

Ultimately, love can bloom between Leo and Virgo when there is mutual respect, understanding, and willingness to grow together. Both partners have unique qualities to offer each other, and by embracing and supporting each other's individual strengths and weaknesses, they have the potential to form a complementary and harmonious relationship.
sam 2018-04-12 15:56:55
fearless virgo i see you been dumpep by a Leo.....yes ppl are jealous of is because as Leo yeah we get it all
show no love 2017-10-02 07:48:49
I have been seeing this guy who is a Virgo and I am the fire sign. He has made me completely different from what I've been used too .I never said sorry to no one in my life but him and we spend alot of time together but he still makes it clear he is not my boyfriend. He knows how to love me just rite how come he won't commit to me .I guess you have answers to all the questions I have had for so long thank-you
Andrea 2017-07-09 22:22:14
Because we are all made up of several planets, not just one it's pretty safe to say that we are all different. That's why some Virgo/Leo relationships work out and some don't. I'm a Virgo woman with a Leo Rising and my man is a Leo with a Cancer Moon and we get along fantastically! He is the one guy that I feel is the total package in every way! He looks good, knows how to dress, and will kiss, hug, flirt with me no matter where we are or who's watching. We laugh at the same jokes and genuinely like being together. That's why it's a good idea to do some research. Check out sights like astrology's compatibility calculator. These sights will def open your mind about how very little the sun sign means in terms of compatibility.
Grant 2016-08-28 06:32:04
What a load of rubbish!
As you can see all the Virgo women saying leo men are this and that when they are really insecure people at heart and need building up by there partners as they give so much back. Virgo women flight about negative comments and think it's fine to do so! Would anyone actually like the brashness of a Virgo women who does that! Life's about being alive and feeling alive not about being scared of it!
Emma love 2017-04-24 23:39:46
We are inscure people I love my leo man he truly helps builde me up and I pamper him and let him know he is King. He's sweet and gives to much of his heart but it's what I love about him !!
Sad.. 2016-07-03 07:58:48
My husband is a Leo man... I'm still deciding whether to go for a divorce for weeks now.... Feeling so miserable lately.... Should I give up or continue?
He's really too self centered ... I'm tired of trying.... 🙁
anonymous 2016-05-04 02:05:45
I'm a Leo man. I met a Virgo woman several months ago and we are now dating. The relationship seems to be working very well, better than any ive ever had. we are both very easy going and are very accepting and open with one another. The energy between us feels very complimentary, which is probably part of why we feel comfortable with each other. In my opinion, this type of match can be very successful if both individuals are mature and ready enough for the relationship.
jess 2016-04-24 17:42:14
If u just stay strong by your leo man let him think he is in controle give him complments make him feel strong and feed his ego not typical virgo but your efforts will pay off
Bilawal Shah 2016-03-18 04:34:05
That isn't necessarily true about a Leo man. I am one and I've happily been able to keep my Virgo woman happy and NOT frustrated for years. Yes all these qualities may in within a Leo but it all just comes down to whether or not you take steps in your life to fix or at least adjust your flaws for the sake of your partner. I have never yelled/criticised/laid a hand on my woman. The generous soul and heart of a Leo allows him/her to go to unimaginable heights in keeping someone happy. If your Leo man was bad to you chances are he simply doesn't or isn't taking the idea of the relationship too seriously. When that happens you become his subject instead of his Queen. Hence he will get bossy. A Leo man in real love is a force to be reckoned with.
Anonymous 2016-02-02 07:37:21
Virgo woman here. Worst astrological match I've ever experienced. Leo man is way too bossy and arrogant for the down-to-earth Virgo. Leo's are terrible with money and living in the moment whereas Virgo woman just wants a stable practical life. Too many differences and the Virgo woman just ends up annoyed and fustrated and eventually extremely resentful of the childish Leo. The Leo's constant need for praise and blaming others gets old very quickly.
LEO 2017-02-20 21:58:40
I'm a LEO and i'm not childish at all. I KNOW YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I. ( LOL )
Fearless Virgo 2017-03-11 13:06:13
Leo (who has convinced himself that he is not childish).....

You exemplified your childish character by stating, "I KNOW YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I?".

If you weren't so childishly arrogant and egomaniacal, you would have considered beyond your infinitessimally subjective thought processes a little more accurately, by stating "I KNOW I AM BUT WHAT ARE YOU?" .

You have proven once again the inherently self-centred narcissistic personality of a Leo.

Stroke your OWN ego. The rest of the people in this world are dealing with OWN responsibilities.

In fact.......why don't you make yourself useful for once, by stroking everyone else's egos???
Sammy 2016-04-01 10:40:55
I couldnt have said it better
anonymous 2016-03-25 14:27:04

leos are too self centered and no matter how much u manage...they don't wait for a second to put the blame on u...they r the worst match for virgo...way too different people! best as strangers...
Tykerra 2015-10-06 00:42:16
just be yourself and honor love him and be understanding what he wants
Pavi 2015-01-08 11:50:33
Pls help me to get my leo man

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