Leo and Virgo compatibility

Leo and Virgo Zodiac signs compatibility
Nobody thinks to doubt that Leo is a ruler. He is admired by others, and by all means tries to emphasize his superiority and royalty. Zodiac sign Leo is confident that he is always right and never accepts another person's opinion other than his own. However, Leo is noble and rather good-natured, he may be happy to help others, of course, if they honor and praise him for that. Leo man, with all his efforts, tries to show his brilliant mind and his originality. Leo is always proud and a bit arrogant.

Virgo woman, having fallen in love with Leo for his magnificence, is herself modest and unpretentious. Zodiac sign Virgo never aspire to luxury and wealth, can be content with little. Virgo woman is hardworking, and is used to earning for herself in life. Possessing an extraordinary mind, a Virgo woman has wise and original opinions, and whether she is a bit bolder, her abilities can be applied in business and company's management. Trying to stay in the shadow of her magnificent Leo man, Virgo woman, however, cannot fully submit to him. Without arguing, without objecting, without resistance, quietly listening to Leo man's comments and criticism, at one point, the Virgo woman breaks by monologue, which she would tell the startled Leo all his blunders and mistakes made in recent years. Unprecedented toughness of Virgo woman will kill the poor Leo on the spot, and disarm him for a long time.

According to the compatibility horoscope, several options for development of their relationship can be traced back. The baffled Leo man can take a long time to recover from such a Virgo woman's quiet arrogance, and for some period of time having turned into a sick cat, will endure Virgo woman's cold and biting remarks.

In the second scenario, Leo man, mad with the unprecedented insolence of Virgo woman, may gather all his lion power and put up a grandiose scandal, smash to smithereens everything that is acquired during the marriage, and forever grandiose, slamming the doors.

And finally the third scenario of interchanges, Leo, after waiting some time after his woman's moral admonition, at the slightest opportunity will attack the Virgo woman with accusation, and will bring up conflict to the point when the Virgo woman will be forced to leave.

Fortunately, these two can easily avoid sad interchanges if they would love each other. Leo man must respect his woman for her nobleness and great devotion to him, while Virgo woman must honor the generosity of his soul and royal cordiality.

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