Leo and Aquarius compatibility

Leo and Aquarius Zodiac signs compatibility
Confrontation between a Leo man and Aquarius woman, which their compatibility horoscope warns of, is so strong that these zodiac signs, even if they love each other and live together, will experience periods of hatred or admiration, depending on the situation.

Leo man and Aquarius woman have some similar qualities - intelligence, generosity, magnanimity, sociability, flexible and progressive mind. At first, they are active and fun to talk to each other, and believe that they are soul mates. But both of them suspect that the secret corners of the soul of the other is a dark room in which they also want to penetrate. These zodiac signs are not just different - they are diametrically opposed to each other, and this may cause a strong attraction. At the beginning, their relationship will be like an exciting adventure game: trying to understand each other, each will make an attempt to blow the lid off the other, and make him/her open up. Their relationship will have lots of provocations and skirmishes, but as long as they do not have any conflict between them, this game will arouse genuine interest in both of them.

Leo man seems a perfect man: he inherited all the qualities of the Sun, and it seems he has a whole set of noble and positive traits that can only be. But Leo has not enough gentleness and humility. Firmly believing that he is a genius, zodiac sign Leo will never agree with criticisms on him, and moreover, makes no attempt to change himself. Leo does not recognize his mistakes, and he is often the cause of total conflict between him and an Aquarius woman. Aquarius woman, in turn, must learn from Leo to be warm and benevolent in their relationship because sometimes she looks cool and aloof and this pushes Leo to think she is indifferent to him.

The spouses can be great organizers of events and business, headed, of course, by the Leo man, and the neck on which he will turn and agree to be the Aquarius woman. She will be a wonderful, exact, impartial executor of his will, while the Leo man will be an ideal inspirer, defender, and honest leader. These zodiac signs will win if they learn from each other the qualities that they do not have, then, as is evident from the compatibility horoscope, the union of a Leo man and Aquarius woman, despite significant differences in characters, will be possible.

MrXeux 2014-06-19 00:52:25
Im a Leo man dating an Aquarius woman. Boy are the zodiacs spot on...granted we have only dated for 6 months, she has been the greatest love of my life, and I was/am so sure she is my soulmate that I introduced her to everyone as such. But boy does it get tricky and we are both stubborn, headstrong and different in so many ways. The things that despise her are exactly my "zodiac traits" and vice versa. Her independance and tendency to distance herself on a whim drive me up the wall. My need for attention and to be part of her everyday routine push her over the edge too. But I love every ounce of her being. I hope that she has the same resolve to stick this out and learn all we can about and for each other and make this a love that will last till we die. Only time will tell.

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