Leo and Gemini compatibility

Leo and Gemini Zodiac signs compatibility
Initially, the Gemini woman will simply be happy that a person who is worthy to display her in the highest light has finally appeared in her life. Gemini is flattered by female self-esteem that her girlfriends would be jealous of her, looking at their beautiful couple, at her elegant representative companion. But Leo man will never agree that he is being used in someone's personal goals as self-advertisement. Very soon he will notice a dirty trick, and refuse social events and receptions.

Leo man takes Gemini woman as ordinary and simple-minded. Moreover, like all the dual signs, zodiac sign Geminis are apt to rush from one extreme to another, waver in their decisions, and doubt everything that requires a quick response. This will infuriate the stable and balanced Leo man: he likes order, clarity, simplicity of judgments and mental alertness. Two elements - Fire and Air - do not give this couple chances for peaceful life, causing them to constantly fight with outbreaks of anger and bouts of lack of self-confidence. Gemini woman is afraid of emotions, she cannot openly show her passion, and will soon appear heartless and cold to ardent Leo. Leo man lives with passions, he is full of fire, and wants to feel deeply and passionately. Leo wants to see passion in his woman, and she seems to have run away from him, leaving him alone with his thoughts. Gemini woman likes to flirt. She flirts with all men in a row, trying to win their acceptance, and at the same time cause Leo man to feel jealous. He will cruelly insult such conduct of his woman, and he will either cause a grandiose scandal, or runs away from this house forever.

As seen from the compatibility horoscope, relationship between a Leo man and a Gemini woman cannot be simple. This couple has a good chance to become friends for parties, partners in a passing flirtation, but they had better walk away from marriage and long-term loving relationship. Leo man is constant, practical, stable, strong, but in this union, his energy will be spent in unraveling Gemini woman's intrigue, and he can achieve small in life, fooled by this game. Leo man will not be suitable for Gemini woman as a partner for social events as she had dreamed: Leo overvalues his independence to be a walking advertisement for someone. Leo man, though feels a constant need for recognition of his superiority by others, is yet not inclined to creating an artificial aura of grandeur around himself: he prefers to be recognized for his natural qualities.