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The feelings of these zodiac signs are created on an intellectual understanding. Gemini man and Scorpio woman will be attracted to each other on their first date as deeply feeling interlocutors: Scorpio woman will be delighted with the vividness and sharpness of Gemini man's intellect, and her lover will love the clarity of mind, integrity, and certainty of thought from the Scorpio woman. Intelligence, which has fascinated the couple, hides a very poor sensual side of the relationship. The compatibility horoscope talks about the Air and Water elements, which will significantly affect the interaction of this couple. Even with all the similarity of intelligence, these two will have a lot of problems, quarrels and misunderstandings on their way, which they could have avoided if they heeded the advice of the horoscope.

The Scorpio woman is fanatically devoted to her companion, she can be compassionate and empathetic, but she does not possess self-sacrifice and cordiality. The zodiac sign Gemini wants to be everywhere, he is not fixated on family relationship, and sometimes ignores it. He has a light-minded and carefree attitude towards marriage, he wants one thing - freedom, and constantly fears that marriage will deprive him of independence. He shows complete indifference to anything the Scorpio woman does.

He will never ask her whom she was with the previous night, and where she went. The absence of jealousy discourages the woman, she sees it as a complete indifference to her on his side. Her man does not want a passionate relationship, does not show his feelings. On the Scorpio woman's questions and ultimatums, he is inclined to answer with a counter-strike: he would run away from home often and increasingly stay with friends.

In turn, Scorpio's jealousy is usually more than love: the woman will suffer torments of jealousy, especially if she feels coldness from her man. Scorpio woman always loves deeply and passionately, she is not used to surfacing relationships and easy affairs, and so the revenge to her lover for hurt feelings can be very strong and unexpected for him. Scorpio woman will never kick up a quarrel or create a scene of jealousy with tantrums - catastrophe can occur with a single silent slap in the face.

This relationship can have a lot of tragedy and pain. But if a Scorpio woman and Gemini man finally decide on what they want, and if this decision will be a desire to live together, then it is the only one method to which they may return harmony and peace in their relationship. The compatibility horoscope advises that they should leave a space between their hearts - so their feelings will breathe, live, find each other, and when Air and Water are united, they form a mist in which no one will make out a passionate embrace of Scorpio woman and Gemini man.

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Ace 2018-08-19 11:48:28
I'm a Gemini man married to Scorpio. This women change my life. Yesh she is possessive, intense lover..when she love she give u all and scrafice her world.she is the most passionate ,emotional ,sincere women I ever meet.she embrace me with all the love she had and save my restless soul ,teaches me love

We have a lot of different and a lot of similarities...but our days were always interesting and fulfilling. And I don't hang out with my friends for party now instead i give all my time to her and my family.
I'm enjoying this simple true happiness

She give me so much emotional and new feeling of happiness I never felt before.

I read many negative articles about Scorpio and Gemini compatibility .. Just fk it..
I love my Scorpio women, things will sure workouts. We learn to compromise and change for each other good, we cherish our relationship and give effort there's no lazy love and no selfishness . Don't read too much horoscope.. Follow Wat your heart feels and work things out

Gemin and Scorpio love it's definitely possible.

theDream 2023-11-16 17:09:41
It's heartening to hear about the positive and fulfilling experiences you've had in your relationship with your Scorpio wife. Your description of the passion, intensity, and love you share paints a beautiful picture of a connection that goes beyond astrological stereotypes.

Indeed, while astrological compatibility can provide some insights, it's important to remember that each individual is unique, and relationships are influenced by a multitude of factors. Love, understanding, and a willingness to compromise and grow together are crucial elements for a successful and lasting relationship.

Your perspective is a valuable reminder that, despite what some articles or horoscopes might suggest, the real essence of a relationship lies in the connection and effort put forth by the individuals involved. It's wonderful that you've found a deep and fulfilling connection with your Scorpio wife, and your commitment to making the relationship work is truly commendable.

Wishing you both continued happiness, love, and growth in your journey together.
Scorpion 2018-02-25 10:41:13
I'm a scorpion woman loving every minute with my Gemini man. Don't let negativity get in the middle, when you get through all the obstacles ( believe you me that will happen to test your relationship) you will be the tightest unbreakable couple in the zodiac signs. Trust me!!!
Suizie 2018-01-07 21:56:40
I Don't believe these star signs are a match
all Gemini men are lairs and cheaters smiple
NYCRN 2017-12-26 13:44:00
I am a Scorpio woman dating a Gemini man, and it’s not my first time with a Gemini. All times, they were able to communicate extremely effectively and were head over heels about me. Ironically, in the past, I was the one who had more of an issue “keeping my eyes on the prize”. What can I say I was young & stupid. Anyway, in past Gemini relationships & my current one, we’ve been completely peaceful. No running the street, no fighting, no problems with communication. I will say, surprisingly enough, the Gemini’s I have dated had more of a sexual appetite than me. In my current relationship, I believe we are equally satisfied. We put each other first and honor one another. His friends have said “If it doesn’t work out with them, we should all just give up”. It’s been 3 years and he’s already stated he wants us to get married. We’re working on being our best selves for ourselves, each other and our future family. Relationships regardless of signs are hard work. Lol I say all of this to say, it’s possible. Do what’s best for you. It may lead you somewhere surprising. (Wrote this because I read a lot of negativity in the comments. My apologies for the length).
Vvvvv 2017-03-19 11:25:31
I'm a Scorpio woman in a relationship with a Gemini man ... Just don't read this bullshit because believe me reading all the shit they write on internet makes you negative . Any relationship under the sun can work out just love each other . He is the best person I've met in my life ... I love him respect him he brings out the worst and best in me and knows me and has made me grow in ways I didn't know I was capable of . A Gemini has the capacity to be able to make you test tour limits of love ... Now I know how capable am I of loving . Just dont give up .... If u believe in true love stories ... This match can definitely bring you one . By the way since the day I saw him and fell in love with him and now it's been more than 4 years .... Yupp that's a longtime .
Xoliswa 2017-07-24 09:47:25
Thank you so much because this really scares me because I have just met a Gemini man and he has already swept me off my feet and I am falling in love, and he hasn't shown any signs of whats said above=, he cares about my where about and seems serious about commitment and taking this far
Gemini Female 2017-10-13 22:07:55
I am a Gemini female dating a Scorpio male and there are similarities between the sexes. If the Gemini woman is not mature and wanting a serious relationship, I don't think it could work. And if the Scorpio is not mature and can curb his jealousy then it won't work either. Scorpios need devotion and a lot of times Gemini's are afraid that if they devote themselves completely they will lose themselves. Gems can be the ones that always think the grass is greener on the other side unless they've gone through some seriously bad relationships and I think only then can they take a Scorpio's intentions seriously. It's scary, don't get me wrong, I laugh at his possessiveness and controlling behavior but I see it as he really loves me. So I give him that but I also don't lose myself. I want to let go and give him my all and completely let him engulf me and I have no fear that he will ever hurt me. So trusting one another is a huge, huge concept for this relationship to work and respecting each other's differences and using them to benefit the relationship.

KendiScorpio 2016-04-19 04:37:59
I am a scorpio, in a relationship with a GEMINI. I am head over heels crazy about this guy it has only been a month. He is always aorrounded by people. Am a more alone kind of person. We are both intelligent and intuitive, young, we are the life of the party. I am very jealousy and he knows it he re-assures me without even me asking. As for the million friends he has. What I love about him is every girl that knows him knows me. Every friend, relative and when he goes out he makes it a point that I am notified and told where they are somehow when it comes to socialising we somehow always end up in the same space or he will drop me off or I join the friends later. Even when I choose to stay he will call after 12 to let me know he is gonna be late I do the same. We respect each other. We hate drama and immaturity does not go down well with us. Hearing all this about Gemini man scares me cause I have not seen that bad side of him. I guess we will see.
Anastasia 2016-03-17 23:59:01
I'm a Scorpio Woman and Gemini Men flock to me like crazy. I really don't get it . But also my moon is Gemini! I will say I am always very blunt and straight forward with them. I speak what's on my mind and what I love. I am kind of all of over the place but clear on what I want.
Be playful!
Know what you want!
Don't get lost in the relationship, focus on your goals.
Don't be passive aggressive.
Be positive!!!
And be a mystery, it's what we are good at. When they can't read you it drives them crazy loll. But do it in a good way.
Harmony 2016-01-16 01:49:06
I'm a Scorpio woman dating a Gemini man....I have to say this is one exciting and adventurous relationship I've ever been on....he has some of the traits of a Gemini like being moody, distant at times and superficial but I understand him cause I also love my own space and can be moody too.
I love the communication we have ,we both are open and honest with each other as while as very socialiable so I don't mind him going out with friends cause I expect him to understand when I go out with mine too which is no factor to him....the thing is I don't have many Scorpio traits like being possessive or jealous and the funny part is he's the possessive one who loves being reassured which gets on my nerves at times

To win him over as a Scorpio woman you need to learn to let loss at times and feel free to do something adventurous than being stuck in a rag all the time....The world is more than just black and white so being serious and uptight at times won't get you anyway with your Gemini man

He chose you so learn to understand him and what he's all about..........a Gemini man is a people's person, flirtatious and witty basically an attention seeker, that's his drive and that makes me happy as I see how happy he is when his chatting and laughing with others.....he knows his boundaries and respects me so much that he makes it clear to other women that im the girlfriend so I give him that space to interact with different people while I do the same thing

The trick is be his best friend, hes confidant and he wont find any problems talking to you given the facts that Gemini's are very verbal....he will tell you whats wrong or what's bothering him without you forcing it out of him and please note don't judge or get angry if he tells you the man are better than closed off ones

Next time he's moody or offish just laugh at him and give him space
Gemini man 2016-01-17 10:53:27
that's true....a scorpio and Gemini relationship might work if the signs learn 2 understand each ada
Scorpio 2015-09-13 17:23:44
Im a scropio woman in im datking a Gemini man in i hate it we just so different all he want to do is run the streets only good thing is his communication..he seem so cold all the time but then when i cut him off he begging for me back talking bout he miss me Gemini are party animal me as a scropio im more layed bac i lke to spend alone time he dnt .he spends time with me but we always around his friend or family when we spend time togetha he cant fucking stay still for 5 minutes i just give up im done in after reading all these comments i no the shit aint going get no betta in im going stop it now b4 i fall in love ..o yeah watch out for those mood swings
scorp 2015-07-20 04:17:34
I am a scorpio woman dating a gemini man and this by far has been the hardest most confusing relationship i have ever had. We butt heads constantly when i push he pulls away. Everyday i say im gonna leave him but i havent yet but im really unhappy. It just always seem like we are on different pages. The only thing i love is his ability to communicate everything in great detail.
Charity 2015-06-18 16:53:28
I'm a Scorpio woman dating a Gemini man. He is everything I could ever wish for, but I think he love his job more than me as he is always away. And I m lonely everyday and Night, and I hate it, because it hurts .Don't know what to do
Sha 2016-03-03 19:46:54
If he is everything u want .. Then just be a lil more confident in urself and ur love and find a hobby!
Im a scorpio .. Find sumthing to do. My mans a gemini. And we are good because we both have hobbiea other than our relationship
Alina 2015-04-24 16:39:56
I have been best friends with a Gemini guy for many years, we both act outside of our signs, so we are not the typical Scorpio-Gemini couple. We have been dating for awhile and it has been very peaceful. There has been times that we needed room to breathe, but it was settled within minutes. We know the points to which each other can reach. Everyday is a new experience, but I can say that I have never been in a more loving and perfect relationship.

Jania 2015-01-26 05:14:23
I am a Scorpio girl and I have a crush on a Gemini boy we are friends he said I was like his sister but he can seem to see how much I like him. what should I do.
Nina.D 2015-06-26 06:45:01
Give him time to make him see that your anything, but sisterly towards him. But if he doesn't like you then sometimes things weren't meant to be. Good luck!
scorned 2015-01-09 04:58:17
Gemini are inconsiderate very flighty lying cheaters indecisive nd foolish Ima Scorpio woman been cheated on for years but there is so much truth in this we always get the last laugh nd he will understand the same hurt I felt
rao 2014-12-23 02:23:12
my wife scorpoio and iam gemini it is too much problematic to adjust with her since we got married in 1994 june 26th., till date she harasser me like any thing and for my children i my self compromising and we each together not talks no romance and she is too arrogant and violent
Debbie 2014-11-10 23:06:35
I am a scorpio women with a gemini mate. We have been living together since. Dec.2013. This man was the most perfect everything that I could th everything that I could think of the most perfect person in the world that I have ever been with I love him with every part of me and him me he always says the little things for me and just things that I couldn't even think of he did its been almost its been almost 2 months day before yesterday push me on the bed and I fell on the day before yesterday push me on the bed and I fell on the floor and he finall and he finally snapped out of it but I don't know if things will never be the same I'm deeply in love with him but starting to see things differently and he starting to want to be the same person as before I'm totally confused don't know what to do anymore or if I had to do it all again or if I had to do it all again I would because with him it was the best and the worst because with him it was the best and the worst thing the best m
Lorelei 2014-11-06 18:13:02
I am a Gemini woman who is married to Scorpio man and he is nothing but an asshole as well. he doesn't talk to me nothing no sex, nothing, he ignores me and a my Capricorn 4 year old hes more married to his electronics then he is us. I believe we will be getting divorced soon. I thought I could put up with it but I can't i'm so un happy I zone out a lot. Its the conversation that fuels me and we don't talk at all if wants the remote that's it. or for food. I can't believe I have been so god damn patient. He spends money and is careless. He's like a cat if the situation or even doesn't benefit his needs its a bad day.
Nak 2014-10-12 16:10:22
The best thing is to get a Gemini away from you 😄 . Dealing with my child's father is the hardest, his mother is a Scorpio and I believe she raised him by giving him whatever he wants and he expects that from me!
Pamela 2017-04-18 07:27:08
Honestly speaking people are people no-matter what star sign you may can find rest with a "star sign" that's supposedly your opposite and find it difficult with someone who is supposedly your compatible star sign..people do not function according to star signs but their principles and experiences and what they internalized to make them who they just date and experience a person and see where it takes positive always, if the person is not for you...move forward, it's the nature of life..if it works out, good for you, preserve it and be happy!
Lady Reaper 2014-09-01 21:33:07
Being a scorpio woman with a gemini partner, I could testify that it is one rollercoaster ride.However, ther key to making this relationship work is constant communication and giving each other the breathing room needed as well. Being that we are both independent, it is very imperative for us to have our breathing space, if not, we would be in constant war.
pink 2015-07-09 16:49:32
really? im experiencing a roller coaster relationship with a gemini guy. sometimes im on the verge of giving up. what will i do to keep our relationship?
Jane 2014-07-22 17:32:29
I am a Gemini woman married to a Scorpio man who is a total as**ole

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