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A union between a Gemini man and a Cancer woman is reminiscent of a thriller, in which a pair of main characters Ц saboteurs - are featured. Both are subtly perceptive and astute, these zodiac signs have a chance to make family life interesting, eventful and emotional. They can also turn a life together into a struggle for survival, in which there will be no winners. The compatibility horoscope speaks about the vibration of Air and Water in their union, which contrasts them with each other, putting them on different poles of the astrological chart. They are different and are literally 'hooked' in each other's feelings because simple and predictable relationships are uninteresting to both of them.

A Cancer woman will be a little worried that the zodiac sign Gemini appeared to be too superficial in relationships: he strives to be in a 'gaseous' state of the soul so as to soar everywhere, comprehend the world, chat with friends. He so loves his chosen one, but does not understand - how can one shut oneself from the outside world and spend a lifetime at the very bottom?! He tries to act, live and feel fast as a hurricane, never staying long anywhere. He will pass like a whirlwind through the feelings of a Cancer woman, leaving behind a strong destruction. Gemini man will never renounce his freedom, he would prefer to lose his family ties than his own independence.

Zodiac sign Cancer very strongly believes in a home and comfort. The woman thinks that she should sacrifice herself for the sake of the family, and strives to do everything so that the house is convenient and beautiful for everyone. She is tough outwardly, while inwardly she is soft and very vulnerable. The Gemini man's attitude towards her and the family hurts her. After his antics, she falls into depression and eternal sorrow. Air saturated with Water forms a dense mist of fog, which prevents them both from growing and moving forward.

Trying to appeal to the feelings of a Gemini man, she will only succeed in angering him the more because he perceives every comment as a restriction on his freedom, and will fiercely fight for it. The compatibility horoscope is compelled to warn: marriage is doomed if their relationship went exactly in such a direction. If they had the wisdom to pay attention to the feelings of each other, they can compromise and find common ground and interaction in family affairs. The Cancer woman should saturate Air with Water and trigger rain, which will wash away all misunderstandings.

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Christine 2016-10-06 09:04:58
This summed up what happened with my relationship. My first one, that I just got out of recently. I'm a Cancer and my ex was a Gemini. We never had an understanding towards one another, and he constantly argued with me. I just cry it out, he hated that. The relationship only lasted two months, and I was already feeling drained and distraught towards the end. The guy wanted to work things out even once he sent me back to my home town. I don't think so. Unfortunately, I think it was just the guy himself as well. He charmed me, and I fell, then I moved in with him too soon, and that was that. He made me feel really insecure, and also had anger and learn....
theDream 2023-11-16 16:46:05
As a Cancer, you may value emotional connections, security, and a harmonious home environment. Geminis, on the other hand, are often characterized by their versatility, communication skills, and intellectual pursuits. While astrological signs can provide some insights, individual personalities and compatibility depend on various factors beyond astrology.

Moving in together early in a relationship can add stress and pressure, especially if there are underlying issues. It's commendable that you recognize the need to prioritize your own emotional health and have decided to move on from a relationship that was causing distress.

It's crucial to take the time for self-reflection and healing after such experiences. Learning from past relationships helps you grow and make more informed choices in the future. Surround yourself with supportive friends or family members, and consider seeking guidance or counseling if you feel it would be beneficial.
ammara ghazal 2015-02-23 21:30:14
this is exaxtly what iam going through.. he never understands what i want and leaves me like a useless old thing. if i try to go away or move on he stops me on the same.time neglects the commitments as well this is makin me so sick and depressed.. 😭
I want to be happy 2015-06-10 03:43:37
This is spot on! First few years were amazing until i his past addictions caught up with him. Now we live in constant sparring and I find it hard to trust him again
vi 2014-10-29 20:55:03
I'm a cancer with Gemini rising so naturally lots of fire signs & water signs chase me. Tried earth & water signs. Hate their manipulative mind games or too boring & timid. Dating & loving a gemini man with lots of fire elements. Tried to get rid of him off and on cuz when he's working I hardly hear from him. But he hang on to me & never stopped loving me. Communication is key. Though he's perceptive, I have to give it to him straight cuz I swear I have to hit him with the 2x4 to get it. His perception is lovable & his light heaetedness & fun stuff are just whst this cancer/Scorpio/Gemini rising girl need. I gave him a shot afyer 6 months & his devotion to me & my kids are pure albeit erratic. Got rid of my "ideal" Scorpio partner who ripped my heart & being tp shreds!
Phillip 2014-10-21 00:50:53
This hot right on point! Being the Gemini Man her the cancer especially the part that discribed cancer's appeal and the anger of imposing on freedom . I believe Gemini's need Freedom, like there very next breath. This Cancer female has and had no friends wants to stay I. All the time , manipulates using family as the favorite excuse to the T honest article for sure.
letitgo 2014-10-12 07:15:59
Seems is right! But...No kids bcuz Gemini does not want to be tied down. They are BOTH good at showing an all together front in public. I can guarantee...gemini has strayed in 26yrs. cancer stayed.
Michelle 2014-07-10 12:48:19
I know such a couple who are now married 26 years. They have no children, but they are surrounded by a large family. They seem to be doing great!

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