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Aquarius woman for a long time looked for someone who will understand all the depths of her soul. The zodiac sign Aquarius seems strange to those around, not suited for family life, 'not of this world' because she is always in her dream world, having nothing to do with real life in which she has to live. The Aquarius woman places increased demands on her future chosen man, and many friends will think that she probably would prefer to remain single than to connect her life with someone. She strives for freedom, and she thinks that any relationship with a man will rob her of that. Therefore, before the beginning of a close relationship with a man, the Aquarius woman has a certain fear - losing her independence.

Gemini man from the first meeting would take her for who she is. He will not try to remake her but love her with those degrees of freedom, which she outlined for herself. She will certainly accept this with enthusiasm. The zodiac sign Gemini himself wants to be free, and leave for himself his own little world in which he will from time to time be in solitude and peace.

He will not ask the Aquarius woman about her friends, about yesterday's party, he will not make a scene of jealousy and resentment after she stayed up late with friends, or went to a party without him. Gemini man will not keep surveillance on her, hire a private detective, eavesdrop on her telephone conversations or intercept messages addressed to her. But the Aquarius woman must be ready for the fact that the Gemini man reserves for himself exactly the same degree of freedom: he will never talk to his chosen woman about his adventures and plans.

Based on the compatibility horoscope, the life of a Gemini man and Aquarius woman in a couple does not mean their affinity: they just fit together by their lifestyle and attitude towards life. In such a union, there cannot be deep feelings of passionate love, they exist parallel next to each other, but not together. The compatibility horoscope cautions that the alienation of partners entails complete indifference to each other, and never will be able to return their former relationship. On this way, the Gemini man and Aquarius woman are better to stay in the golden middle: respect the desires of each other to be independent, but leave a point of contact with each other. Under certain wisdom, such a union in which partners will be free but have a common cause and purpose in life can achieve both. To achieve this, they should never influence one another with pressure: it will be enough that the Gemini man and Aquarius woman will limit their own hypertrophied degrees of freedom with which they came into this union.

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donald 2022-03-22 10:08:53
I'm a Gemini man and I met an asuiue lady on line, age lives in Ukraine. that's right, where the war is happening in Kiev. she wants out of there and has asked me for 1000$ to o help out. I only t as lk we d we it's her on nice, as nd several emails. I'm scared that she may try IP me off... what do you guys think I should do?
theDream 2023-11-16 17:15:40
Be cautious in situations like this. It's important to be aware of the potential for scams, especially when dealing with financial requests from someone you've met online. Sending money to someone you've never met in person, especially if the request is made relatively early in your communication, can be risky.

Here are some steps you can take:

1. Verify the Situation:
- Ask questions to understand the specific situation she's in. Be cautious if the request for money seems urgent or if the details are unclear. Scammers often use emotional appeals to manipulate people.

2. Do Not Send Money Right Away:
- Avoid sending money until you have verified the person's identity and the legitimacy of their situation. Scammers often pressure individuals to send money quickly without giving them time to think.

3. Check for Red Flags:
- Look for red flags, such as inconsistencies in their story, requests for large sums of money, or reluctance to share personal details. Scammers may use elaborate stories to gain sympathy.

4. Verify Identity:
- Request additional proof of identity, such as a video call or more personal information. Scammers often avoid direct contact or providing verifiable details.

5. Consult with Others:
- Share the situation with friends or family members and get their input. Sometimes an outside perspective can help identify potential scams.

6. Research:
- Conduct online research about common online scams, particularly those involving requests for money from individuals in distress.
Cristina 2016-12-25 16:14:49
I am a aquarius woman ..let me tell you honestly but I don't want in love not romantic Gemini man only grosspi and fight mad at aquarium women I decided I said no anymore I'm tried much so Gemini man
But aquarium woman I don't want in love with Gemini man she's Not love Gemini man..
not good Gemini man ..
because aquarium in love with Scorpio's man together Forever marriage children..
aquarium woman said wanted wish my dream come true romantic Scorpio's man
David 2016-09-02 22:18:16
I have just met an Aquarius woman, at 58yo, I can honestly say she is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life, we together, laugh, cry, share the deepest in conversations, know what each other is thinking, and the sex is fantastic, I could not imagine my life without her... Thinking this is my last relationship...
Ace 2016-06-17 00:09:23
I am a GEMINI MAN and I have been fortunate enough to run into several AQUARIUS WOMEN. Being friends with 2 of them before eventually in a relationship, the chemistry is there from the get go. We chatted 6 hours straight the day we met, and once in a relationship, the match is just incredible!! I'm in a relationship with an AQUARIUS WOMAN now and it's like....... we've been together since preschool, and our feelings have only evolved with time. She is the answer to my prayers and tells me the same thing!!
Bree 2015-10-06 17:09:52
As much as I fear loss of any freedom, as an Aquarius woman, and feel noone in this world really understands me...oddly to my surprise my Gemini man takes the fear, anxiety and emotional unrest out of my life. He make me feel like no matter the situation, everything will be ok. The only issue I have with my Gemini man is his lack of consistent passion. With him it comes and goes often times making me feel to free, sometimes unwanted and afraid of loosing him..I appreciate his comfort in our relationship and we are both truly free to just be ourselves, no pressure. I suppose maybe it's just my own insecurities that I need to work on.I know.He isn't going anywhere and his loyalty is definitely present. We even have mastered the art of space when we need it (which with our signs is often) but we do this effortlessly and together in the same house, lol sounds odd but is beautiful
aniruddh 2015-01-29 10:34:59
I am a gemini man and I love my Aquarian friend. She is the only one in the entire life with whom I feel comfortable. We have and can talk for hours and hours. She is the most beautiful woman in my life. She always gives me such eternal happiness. I Love You my friend.
Pocahontas 2015-11-05 00:05:40
I have a Gemini man best friend🙂
I love him equally.

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