Gemini and Pisces compatibility

Gemini and Pisces Zodiac signs compatibility
According to the compatibility horoscope, these signs have different roads and are not made for each other. Whatever they try to do together - internal differences and contradictions will turn out. Unfortunately,, the relationship between a Gemini man and Pisces woman will eventually reach a deadlock, and all the way from dating to break-up of relationship will be lined with quarrels, resentments and misunderstanding.

The Pisces woman expects big and pure love from her man. When meeting a Gemini man, it will seem to her that he is the one she had long sought for: reliable, solid, not devoid of romanticism and charm. The zodiac sign Gemini is open for dialogue, and the Pisces woman believes that his openness and sociability will serve as a conduit between her and the outside world - the zodiac sign Pisces is different with her isolation and penchant for solitude, which this woman often suffers from.

Gemini man happily meets with friends and attends entertainment events, which his companion at first will try to participate in. Through the power of forcing herself to be with him in public, the Pisces woman will receive a complete discord in her soul: on one hand - she wants to be with him, on the other hand - she cannot bear these his noisy company. Pisces woman will seek to create a quiet comfortable environment at home, and awake the sensitivity of her man with notes of romanticism brought about in their daily lives. From time to time she will host candlelit dinners, holidays just for two, indoors at the house, evening walks together. But her innermost soul strings will be mercilessly ripped off by the fact that the Gemini man will forget about romantic dinners, instead of a holiday for two people will take her to another party in the company of friends, and instead of a quiet evening walk in the park would invite noisy group of friends to their house. In addition, Gemini man is irresponsible and unreliable, he never gives her flowers or compliment her, and does not speak tender words of love. The Gemini man is afraid of responsibility the most, which may bind him hand and foot. He runs out of control, not interested in any family affairs, and he cannot understand - how can one spend evenings two together, when there are so many interesting things around! The Pisces woman's heart will be trampled and discarded as useless, and the best expectations turned into bitter truth of everyday life.

The compatibility horoscope advices not to have illusions: Gemini man will never be another person. To achieve understanding, it is necessary that he somewhat pacify his freedom and egoism, and then dialogue between these zodiac signs will be possible: after all, a Gemini man is so fond of talking, while a Pisces woman loves listening.

Tyler 2015-02-08 23:07:15
This can bee very great, contrary to popular belief. I have a pisces woman and I'm a Gemini man I met her through a friend. We took off at a party one night and never looked back. Don't stop believin!

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