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The compatibility horoscope of Gemini man and Taurus woman insists that the relationship between them can result in a short romance, flirtation, and even a friendly relationship, but not into a strong family idyll: they are too different for this. The zodiac signs are under the protection of the Earth and Air elements, which results in greater volatility of a relationship in this union.

Gemini man's life is very eventful, he is constantly searching for himself, and meets with various people. He is actively helping other people, forgetting about his personal life. He wants to create a family to have a cozy and quiet place where he can relax between his adventures, gain strength, and soon again go for many meetings. Family life seems to him that way - a safe haven, always waiting for him. The zodiac sign Gemini does not remember his family responsibilities: he panics at situations that may limit his independence, he avoids responsibilities like drugs capable of depriving him of freedom.

Zodiac sign Taurus has a thorough and deliberate attitude towards the creation of marriage. She thinks that this man has a positive energy.

She faithfully believes that her tenderness and love will be able to re-educate him and redirect his energy back on track - taking care of the family. Taurus woman herself does a lot for home improvement, she cares about everyone and assumes greater responsibility for everything that happens in the house. Eventually, she will start making remarks to the Gemini man, reproach him for laziness and irresponsibility, and her lover realizes that his dreams of a quiet refuge come to naught. At home he feels pressure from his lady, and very much wants to get rid of all that is oppressing his freedom.

Taurus woman is inclined to take her husband as a property that she can control as she wants. When a Gemini man will be absent for a long time, she will madly be jealous of him. Her man, feeling that he would not be able to achieve understanding, will gradually move away from his family, increasing the gap in their relationship.

Taurus woman needs to understand that a free life for a Gemini man is as natural as a life within the walls of the house is for her. If she will not put rigid ultimatums before him but will try to change herself in such a way as to participate in his affairs, then this couple has all the chances for constructive development of their relationship and even the creation of a lasting marital union.

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Miss Taurus 2017-02-09 09:51:12
My Gemini man is flipping the script on our relationship before romance and forever talk of a wonderful life together and now it's let's just take one day at a time. I'm mourning and missing my relationship we once had and he's says he's sorry . I am trying to move forward but now if he changes back to that awesome twin I fell in love with I don't think if I want his flaky, wishy,washy twin.
HeliosEos 2023-11-16 08:08:42
It sounds like you're going through a challenging and confusing time in your relationship. Relationships can be complex, especially when dealing with someone whose personality may have dual aspects, as is often associated with Gemini individuals.

The key to understanding and navigating a relationship with a Gemini, or anyone with changing attitudes, is effective communication. It's important to express your feelings and concerns openly and honestly with your partner. Let him know how his recent changes have affected you emotionally and the impact it has had on your perception of the relationship.

Keep in mind that Geminis are known for their adaptability and versatility, and their attitudes can sometimes fluctuate. However, open communication can help in clarifying expectations and understanding each other's needs and desires.

Here are a few steps you might consider:

1. Express Your Feelings: Share your emotions and concerns with your Gemini partner. Let him know how the recent changes have made you feel and how it has impacted your view of the relationship.

2. Ask for Clarity: Seek clarity on his current perspective and feelings. Understand if there are specific reasons for the recent shift in his approach to the relationship.

3. Discuss Expectations: Have a conversation about both of your expectations for the relationship. This includes discussing your long-term goals and the level of commitment you both desire.

4. Set Boundaries: If needed, establish clear boundaries that work for both of you. This can help in managing expectations and ensuring that both partners feel comfortable in the relationship.

5. Give Each Other Space: Sometimes, individuals may need some time and space to sort through their feelings. While it's crucial to communicate, also allow each other the freedom to reflect and process emotions.
Jay 2017-01-19 09:55:33
I totally agree to this, i dated a gemini man, and ohh boy did he sweep me off my feet with his personality and humor, but when it was time to do certain things, it was always rush. We agreed that we just are really 2 diff. ppl. It is true that taurus woman def. like to take there time, sometimes we overthink, but better safe than sorry. and omg the bipolar twin angry temper tantrums. yea taurus and gemini, def. not a good mix.
Ashley 2015-08-11 03:12:06
I think this nailed it!! I am a Taurus and I don't put up with bullshit! LOL This match is a disaster and it's crazy how true it all is!! Even to the point that I'm speaking with an air element and things are way better!! Gives you hope that's the life of horoscopes.
Jason 2015-07-02 02:49:23
My bully wants way to much control and everything that we did in the first year are all off the table.she not only wants me to act different but, she wants me to be some one that I am not. There is no romance.only finance.i hate the way this ship ended up to be.this is a horrible match up. REALY BAD!!!!!!!!

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