Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility

Taurus and Sagittarius Zodiac signs compatibility
The marital union between these two zodiac signs will be very irregular and problematic. The compatibility horoscope of Taurus man and Sagittarius woman reveals contradictions that will constantly control them, and the complex influence of Earth and Fire elements will make their relationship unstable. A level flow of life of a rigorous and practical Taurus will suddenly change its intensity and color after a meeting with a Sagittarius woman. Taurus man will suddenly realize that life has bright colors and beautiful sounds, he will suddenly hear the birds singing, and most importantly - Taurus will feel a strong beat of his heart. These two persons, having been interested in each other, will immediately decide to be together. Up to this point, Taurus from time to time have pondered over the fact that his life is too monotonous and boring, and he decides to revive it, to make it more interesting and entertaining with new relationships that immediately promise to be extraordinary. Sagittarius woman, tired of eternal tossing and internal contradictions, will be pulled towards stability, which a marriage with the Taurus man promises her. Some time ago, she did not try to gain serenity, but now she has first thought about her future. It is worth saying that the Sagittarius woman made no mistake in choosing a life partner: Taurus man has stable personality characteristics that help him achieve his goals: perseverance, determination, practicality.

The zodiac sign Taurus will never change his principles and views on life. He would never take anything for granted, preferring to experience everything in life and test himself. Perhaps, a Sagittarius woman after a lifetime with him experiences boredom - she is accustomed to an unstable life, full of intrigues and adventures, while a level life lulls her. But along with that, she will delightedly understand how her inner confidence is born because such a solid and indestructible Taurus man is with her.

In sexual relationship, a Sagittarius woman and Taurus man are perfectly the same: they have the same temperament, and can completely merge into a passion for two. Sex unites them very much, and may be the medicine that will heal their relationship in the event of a crack. They will not part ways provided there is a hot physical attraction and intimacy between them.

As the compatibility horoscope shows, these zodiac signs have no need to lie, and a true sincere relationship can be a good basis of trust in each other and love.

That Sagittarius Girl 2015-08-18 08:18:32
Dated a Taurus man before and the connection was good. It really is true what they say...They ARE homebodies!!! We Sagittarius' like to venture out a bit. Taurus men are possessive by nature. They get angry and say things they really don't mean and then worry themselves to death about who you may be dating or who is taking their place. I am still friends with a Taurus man who is now married and he STILL doesn't think I should date anyone because he's harboring feelings to this day!! WHAT????!!!! They ARE excellent and compassionate lovers but that'll only get you so far, I guess. I'm just hoping that my new Taurus man is much more mature than my Taurus man of years ago!!! If I were you, I'd let him make ALL of the moves...Trust me he will, especially if he thinks someone else may be interested in you. However, once you're back together...DON'T play that game!!! Taurus men don't like it!!!

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Me 2014-11-09 22:06:19
He is trying to look into your soul. Thats how passionate they are!!! Makes my heart beat fast to talk about Taurus men! If you want him be patient. Carry on living..... he will come and get you when hes ready! Ghey are worth the wait. Good luck. You lucky girl x

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PC 2015-05-15 03:20:01
you are so correct. he has been making me wait since our first meeting which lasted for 2 days. he has a high powered demanding job and cannot multitask, cannot mix dating with job. So he contacts me about every month and I have to be patient until this many months long job is complete. then and only then can he devote his time and energy to me. I will enjoy the wait and anticipation!

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A.Grant 2014-09-16 21:44:57
Okay, so I'm a sag girl. I really like this Taurus guy... He didn't really make any effort to see me. It all started out online, the first time I've seen was I with his friend (another story for a different time). He was surprised to see me and after that we talked a bunch more, (Mind you, I get really upset when things don't go my way... WE started talking, then he was like "I like you..." & I'm like "I like you too..." But he meant like like... So then I started considering it. We talked everyday, around the clock, it was like we were in a relationship, but we weren't. So then I'm like "Well, you wanna be my boyfriend?" and he kind of tells me no, and I'm like You know what... F... This!!! & I cut off all communication with him & We talked like on my birthday and a few times, brief & I was being cold toward him. So next thing you know I accidentally start talking to his bestfriend  ?) ... Now we're caught up to speed). When I try to make plans with him to meet up, he doesn't respect them. So instead I ask him when he wants to see me... & that goes fine. I'm kind of like attached to him though. He's a good person and stuff, but like he's afraid to be with me... So I suggest to him that we stop talking to each other all together, he says yeah, but doesn't even mean it. I see him and he acts like its nobody but us in the hallway. And the way he looks at me... OMG, I feel like he's trying to look into my soul... Ugh, I just don't know... Any advice?

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