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Sagittarius and Aquarius Compatibility Horoscope

A perpetual wanderer, dreamy romanticist, lucky optimist - zodiac sign Sagittarius is easy going in life, solving emerging problems on the fly. His life is somewhat disorderly, he is not very organized because he does not like to make plans. His absent-mindedness is compensated by a boundless disposition towards people, a desire to do good for them: some Sagittarius man's forgetfulness and lack of punctuality can be attributed to congestion of activities on saving the world from evil.

Aquarius woman cannot be interested in a man who regularly gets a manicure, buys only haute couture clothing and spends most of the day in front of the mirror. She will immediately like a pathetically unorganized, enthusiastic, naive Sagittarius man, that loves traveling and hiking, and promises her a future, full of vivid impressions and significant events. Sagittarius man will win the heart of Aquarius woman with his love of freedom and perseverance, and she will quietly fall at his feet, overwhelmed and defeated - forever, as she believes. He will love her for her sincerity and honesty since zodiac sign Aquarius can act, and while unpredictable at times, cannot dissemble and lie. Her directness will delight Sagittarius: he has long been searching for a woman who does not know how to cheat and dodge.

Love in this couple will be beautiful and bright.

As if made for each other, they will walk together through life, travel, and dream, visit friends and engage in creative activities. The beautiful couple of Sagittarius and Aquarius is an example of romantic love and bright dreams of future. It's about this love that poems are composed and songs were written. But the trouble is that they both tend to idealize both each other and the whole world. Life does not consist of only beautiful melodies, fantastic impressions of flowers and romance - in everyday life, Sagittarius man and Aquarius women will go through lack of money, family problems, malevolent neighbors, and rudeness on the street. They are not ready to engage in a constant routine of housework, and gradually, a mountain of dirty clothes in the bathroom and mountain of unwashed dishes in the kitchen will be a significant obstacle for such lofty and romantic relationship.

The compatibility horoscope must warn: love, which clearly broke out early in their relationship, will gradually decline, and they will realize that they look in different directions, not noticing the other. But, even after parting, they can remain good friends. This will be one of the rare cases where there is a really strong friendship between a man and a woman.

Sagittarius & Aquarius Compatibility Sagittarius Aquarius Compatibility Horoscope

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BlosomeLove 2023-11-23 02:48:17
A relationship between a female Sagittarius and a male Aquarius can be a unique and vibrant union, as both signs share an independent and intellectually focused approach to life. However, as with any relationship, there are potential challenges and benefits to consider.


1. Intellectual Stimulation: Both Sagittarius and Aquarius are highly intellectual signs, valuing mental stimulation and engaging in profound conversations. This shared passion for knowledge and exploration can create an intellectually stimulating and mentally satisfying union.

2. Shared Independence: Sagittarius and Aquarius both emphasize the importance of personal freedom and autonomy. They understand and respect each other's need for independence without feeling suffocated or restrained, allowing for a healthy balance in the relationship.

3. Open-Mindedness: Both signs possess an open-minded nature and a progressive outlook on life. This shared mindset allows them to appreciate each other's unique perspectives and ideas, encouraging personal growth and broadening their horizons together.

4. Unconventional Approach: Sagittarius and Aquarius often have a non-traditional approach to life. They thrive on novelty and are open to exploring new ideas, experiences, and adventures. This shared enthusiasm for the unconventional can lead to an exciting and dynamic partnership.


1. Emotional Disconnect: Both Sagittarius and Aquarius tend to be more cerebral than emotional. This can result in a potential lack of depth or emotional connection if neither partner makes a conscious effort to navigate their feelings and engage in emotional vulnerability.

2. Commitment Concerns: Sagittarius values personal freedom and may be hesitant about making long-term commitments, while Aquarius values their independence and has a natural aversion to feeling trapped. Balancing the desire for personal autonomy with the need for commitment may require open communication and compromise.

3. Detachment and Communication: Aquarius, being an air sign, can be detached at times, while Sagittarius is known for their direct and blunt communication style. This difference in temperaments and communication approaches can lead to misunderstandings or clashes if not managed properly.

4. Lack of Routine and Stability: Both signs have a tendency to resist structure and routine, which can lead to challenges in maintaining stability and consistency in the relationship. Finding a balance between their spontaneous natures and creating a stable foundation may require effort and negotiation.

In summary, the compatibility between a female Sagittarius and a male Aquarius can be intellectually stimulating, adventurous, and open-minded. However, challenges can arise in terms of emotional connection, commitment concerns, communication styles, and the need for stability. By fostering open communication, embracing emotional vulnerability, and finding a balance between personal freedom and commitment, this union can thrive. With mutual understanding and a willingness to grow together, a Sagittarius-Aquarius partnership can be an exciting and intellectually fulfilling relationship.
Marlarney 2017-08-16 18:44:25
I'm an aquarius woman and I recently broke up with my sag man..I still love him and I've been trying to make him see how much I love him and want him back but I seem to be failing to convince him so I don't know what to do now..please help me out I really love this guy and I want him back 🙁 🙁
Sweetie 2017-04-05 12:24:23
I'm married to a Sagittarius man I am an Aquarius woman wondering why he's acting so different towards me we have been together for eight years plus and still all of something now he's a changed person inisde and out it hurts with him to be this way because the person that I knew was a very loving and caring person that I love very much and still do trying to figure out what's the change and why
hazel eyes 2016-09-17 20:39:09
I'm Aquarius woman and my daughter father is a sag i would have to say never again will i spend another 3 year's with another sag man they are good at making you fall in love then breaking your heart. Its good now tho lol may there are different types of sag cuz he was born on the 17 so the personality may differ
Dwayn 2016-06-15 05:48:13
Seg guy and my ex is a Aquarius dated for 5 years was always happy but until I decided to cheat twice why idk maybe because I wanted to explore or was insecure but she don't think I love her care about her now she can't trust me but I really want her back and it's really not going to happen again I'm extremely in love with her and I want to continue making things right I'm trying to be a honest respectful man but we always have conversations talk and everything idk what to do
shawty_ 2015-11-17 21:57:42
[just=left][/just]I have a sag boy friend right now and I am a Aquarius. My relationship is great at the moment. I suggest yall to just communicate with your other. Be honest about your feelings, but don't ride each other to much. Let one another learn on their own. If you start to argue walk away. Be the adult! Then come back to the situation once your both are calm. Then address the situation at hand. Also if it didn't work once with someone their is a reason. Leave that alone and move on.
anne 2015-09-12 16:50:23
just relax boo....have fun and enjoy the ride have fun wit your sag....aqua women
air 2015-06-12 08:34:32
If a Sagittarius man calls PICK up they hardly ever call lol
One 2015-01-24 19:29:49
I am aquarius woman I meet Sagittarius man on web& talk on the phone over a year the same time we went date 4 while now I really like him, but the broblame is don't want arlationship with me, so I stop communicating with him, but he still call me ask me what is the broblame not calling him. I'm very confuse with this guy if he don't want a arlationship I don't want be his friend with benefit.. Any avice people should Ignor his call??
Ashley 2015-12-11 06:39:09
Just be you!im an aquarian who has been in a relationship with a sag for 8 years now, I have always acted on my own instincts and in the end things have always worked in my favor. so just be you!
Sid 2016-02-13 00:07:49
That's selfish n won't last long. Ur luck will run out soon.
B.B.King 2015-05-24 01:01:12
coment for user named "One". I am a Sag-male. Learn to COMMUNICATE (and check your spelling before you post). Learn to ask him out, get to know him, and ask him out again. He doesn't have to choose you, because he can choose from a universe of people. If you are interested in him then be Honest.. and TELL him ~> WHY <~ you are interested in HIM, and suggest some ideas that you are comfortable doing. (Then again, if even if you are an aquarius-female, you still might be a butter-face, so.. you'll always be a second choise.)
*eyeroll 2016-05-24 09:55:15
Really?? Butter-face... and it's CHOICE spelling nazi
j 2015-02-23 00:57:23
exact same thing with me an this guy I met to. I wonder why they refused us
alexa 2015-01-05 11:49:26
I am aquarius women and trying and wanting to get back with sagittarius back but I don't how because we broke up because we started to drift apart but now he want to friends with benfits and I don't want that I perfer to a relationship with him advice?
Angela 2014-12-06 04:49:59
Tell her you miss her. We are future oriented but are still in love with people and places from the past that we think about...Ask her to go on an adventure with you--she would love that.
crafty 2014-11-29 05:54:41
I'm Sagittarius, my ex old lady/baby mamma is Aquarius we split up Years ago still I still like her very much any advice???🙂
Lady D 2016-02-03 12:11:19
Just so you know. She already knows you want her. She is just waiting on you to make a move. Whatever caused the split reassure that won't happen again. Sag men will always have a soft place in my heart. So the door is always open all you have to do is knock.

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