Sagittarius and Virgo compatibility

Sagittarius and Virgo Zodiac signs compatibility
It would be probably right if the compatibility horoscope would call a union between Sagittarius man and Virgo woman a misalliance. The main characteristics of these two zodiac signs are very similar: they are both dynamic and easy to interact with each other and others, travel and seek new experiences with great pleasure. But in real life, these two people form around themselves completely different worlds and which are not suitable for living together. Zodiac sign Virgo is more family person. A Virgo woman's thoughts and energy are directed towards protecting the house and making it more beautiful and comfortable. The energy of the zodiac sign Sagittarius is directed outward, towards achieving goals that will be important to a wide range of people, or even to all humanity.

Sagittarius man will soon get tired of Virgo's demands, continually talking about the family, reminding him of important matters for the home. He will take a Virgo woman as a bigot who does not want to develop and grow spiritually, but fixated only on material wealth. Virgo woman cannot be called a materialist: in a desire to improve her home, there is no desire to drown him in luxury, she loves when everything is simple, convenient, efficient, and shows her talent in achieving harmony between simplicity and convenience. Sagittarius man does not like orderliness: he believes that any planning kills fresh ideas, and so Virgo's rationality is a weapon against his activity, that tears it down.

In the beginning, all these misunderstandings between them will be treated very simply - with love. In each other's arms, Sagittarius and Virgo promise to amend. Sagittarius says that he will never again hurt Virgo with his thoughtless words, while Virgo says she would understand her loved one and try to be more flexible in her judgments. But then chaos might ensue in the relationship, when "the deaf cannot hear, and the dumb cannot speak" - their war threatens to be very destructive and protracted. The total conflict of their lives, which will already begin between Sagittarius man and Virgo woman, will grow into new misunderstandings, like a snowball, until finally rolls off a cliff.

The conservative and pragmatic Virgo woman can scream "bravo" can scream virgin if she really learns to see the world through the eyes of a Sagittarius man. Sagittarius, in turn, needs to sing songs of praise if he deservedly values and, moreover, deems Virgo's patience, punctuality and commitment as necessary for himself. If the last bravado has been sung, and a couple of Sagittarius man and Virgo woman has established such relationships, then it will probably be the most powerful union of all possible unions for each of these zodiac signs - as predicted by their compatibility horoscope.

rick 2015-01-06 05:46:16
every time I met a virgo woman in the beginning I seems to be notice after several months we seem to fall apart. I don't know why but it happens everytime.most virgo woman are very critical about their mates. it seems their never satisfied with the time or things given by their mates. lots of complaints.

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