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A freedom-loving and a bit reckless Sagittarius man will see a Capricorn woman as 'double bottom'. These zodiac signs have power and mind: they can do much individually, they have enormous potential and rich experience for each of them to become successful in life.

The compatibility horoscope of these signs warns that Capricorn woman's softness and her even ostentatious weakness can become a trap, which a courageous, striving-forward Sagittarius man will one day fall into. Sagittarius will like his woman for the fact that she listens to him very carefully, not interrupting and not making comments - and not every woman can do this. Respect for the Capricorn woman, climbing through waves in his chest, will quickly turn into love - he will see in her a soft, very obedient and attentive friend, which he lacked before their meeting.

But Capricorn's external show of personality is deceptive: the soft manner of this zodiac sign does not at all mean complaisance of its character, a Capricorn woman is a cat that can purr, warm itself on your lap, but is always ready to release its sharp claws when it doesn't like something. Capricorn woman can even be called a stern person, and Sagittarius man should know better from the very beginning of their relationship. Capricorn woman hates stupidity. It's something she will never forgive in her man. She sees the usual waste of time when Sagittarius man can, dreaming about the future, thinking for a long time, or when he has fleeting flirtations with her girlfriends as stupidity.

Sagittarius man, who is known to shoot arrows, fell into her net, as a wild rabbit, and is now subject to rigorous training, not something to be eaten. Scared? Further discouraged is our Sagittarius who hoped to get a cozy haven from a Capricorn woman, in which he will sometimes go to rest between his campaigns. Zodiac sign Capricorn does not like sentimentality. She wrinkles up her nose when she hears compliments from her lover. But if you only knew how her heart trembles at the words! Her external coldness does not allow her to show others her emotion, but a Sagittarius man should not be deceived - he can complement her always, everywhere, kiss her wrinkled nose, and someday the crust of ice from her heart will fall at his feet. She will get used to it, she will be totally defeated by her own weapon - soft tactics and patience.

According to the compatibility horoscope, a union of Capricorn and Sagittarius still cannot be called dramatic. If they find something to do, which will unite them in a desire to create, and obtain tangible results, the interests of both parties will be satisfied. They can 'create' together, but Sagittarius man is interested in this process to a greater extent, while the Capricorn woman, who will go towards a goal if that goal is really palpable, is very interested in 'obtaining results'. Sagittarius does not need to toss in front of his beloved, like beads and dreams, because Capricorn does not like to dream, looking away from matters at hand. A goal should be placed in front of her, which will lead to concrete and practical results.

Sagittarius & Capricorn Compatibility Sagittarius Capricorn Compatibility Horoscope

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BlosomeLove 2023-11-23 02:42:42
The compatibility between a female Sagittarius and a male Capricorn presents an interesting blend of fire and earth energies, resulting in a dynamic that can be both complementary and challenging.


1. Complementary Strengths: Capricorn's grounded approach to life can provide structure to Sagittarius's more expansive nature. Meanwhile, Sagittarius can introduce Capricorn to new ideas and experiences, encouraging them to occasionally step outside of their comfort zone.

2. Balance: The free-spirited Sagittarius can learn from Capricorn's discipline and ambition, while the Capricorn can benefit from Sagittarius's optimistic and carefree attitude. Together, they can find a balance between adventure and hard work.

3. Mutual Growth: This pairing has great potential for mutual growth, as each can offer what the other often lacks. Sagittarius can help Capricorn to relax and enjoy the rewards of their labor, and Capricorn can provide Sagittarius with a sense of stability and direction.

4. Respect for Independence: Capricorn's individualistic streak means they understand and respect Sagittarius's need for independence and not feel the need to be together constantly, which is very much in line with Sagittarius's love for freedom.


1. Different Values and Approaches: Sagittarius values freedom and spontaneity above all else, whereas Capricorn values structure and planning. These fundamental differences can lead to misunderstandings if there isn't sufficient communication and understanding.

2. Emotional Misalignment: Capricorn can be quite reserved with their emotions, preferring to show love through actions rather than words. This reticence may conflict with Sagittarius's need for open and enthusiastic emotional expression.

3. Potential for Frustration: Sagittarius's adventurous spirit might clash with Capricorn's more conservative and serious worldview. Sagittarius may feel constrained by Capricorn's traditionalism, while Capricorn may view Sagittarius's carefree nature as irresponsible.

4. Commitment Styles: Capricorn typically seeks a traditional and long-term commitment, while Sagittarius values independence and may be wary of too much entanglement too soon. This can create tension around discussions of the future and commitment.

In summary, the compatibility between a female Sagittarius and a male Capricorn requires a balance of freedom and stability, and the blending of fun with responsibility. Though there are inherent challenges due to their different worldviews and approaches to life, with patience, communication, and a willingness to learn from each other's strengths, this pairing can provide a foundation for a strong, well-rounded relationship. Both partners can find a great deal of growth and satisfaction if they navigate the balance between their differing needs and styles.
Jaz 2018-01-04 00:39:46
I am a Capricorn woman and in love with a sag. I feel we are very compatible and he balances me out he is my fun outgoing side and i am his serious side. We are getting married and we did have a lot of ups and downs but as we got to know eachother more it’s been working out.
Tina 2017-05-10 13:08:51
Sag men can be very boring. I am dating one now & all he does is read in his spare time. he's active in his job so sees no reason for it in his spare time...reads, reads, reads, several books a month BORING
RK 2017-09-11 14:47:34
Message from Tina
Sag men can be very boring. I am dating one now & all he does is read in his spare time. he's active in his job so sees no reason for it in his spare time...reads, reads, reads, several books a month BORING

Hilarious! so true. I'm a capricorn woman with a big crush on a sag man. Often I read that Caps are "boring" and "serious"...let me tell you, I am WAY more adventurous and social then the Sag man I'm into. I am still crazy about him, but yeah, he's kinda serious and "boring" Likes his philosophy and reading..for sure!
Indigo 2017-04-28 11:17:46
I sincerely love a Sag man. When we are together things are a dream. We live in two different countries. Problem is with him "Out of sight out of mind". When I return to my country it is as if I do not exist. If I do not see him for 3 years and return to his country it is as if I never left. Neither of us are married. He is a widower of 15 or more years. I was very ill and I believe he could be afraid to get any closer because of how hard it was to get over his wife's death. I think it is time for me to move on, although I will forever love him. He
Robert 2017-03-24 06:59:13
cap women are very bossy and want things their way.....most of the time, which makes a sag male, that is creative and caring unable to be proactive effectively and loyal because of this issue....I am getting to know one a cap woman now, but I don't see us together long-term.....
Marie 2017-02-07 09:55:47
Im a cap women who has seems to be drawn to sag men. My, who I believe is my soulmate, is a sag. He balances me and we create. I do have scarily very simjlar traits as above. Guarded and come off harsher than I intend at times. Im learning and he really shows me soft, genuine love. He enjoys my order. We have great communication, sometimes he swears i read his mind. we are best friends. My first was more dramatic, he did cheat and tease, was very musically gifted as well.
john 2016-06-03 01:48:27
I'm a sag and I'm in love with a cap woman ...hope we get into a a successful relationship...
frank 2016-01-20 14:11:49
I am a sag man and am in love with a cap woman. I want to add that I am a fiercely loyal stable man toward my woman.
colleen 2015-09-01 16:17:56
Would a Capricorn lady and Sagittarius man be love compatible

Nadia 2015-12-19 22:54:45
I wonder the same thing. Sag man is very impulsive and freedom loving, I would love to make things work with Sag man, but is it possible at all? The fire is very exciting, but Caps love loyalty and stability. Anyone out there with any advice? Thanks!

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