Capricorn and Gemini compatibility

Capricorn and Gemini Zodiac signs compatibility
The compatibility horoscope of a Capricorn man and a Gemini woman calls this marriage nothing but a union of contradictions. Any dating of these people always starts with contradictions, their life together, which unfortunately rarely lasts long, is built on contradictions.

Capricorn man, planning to marry a Gemini woman, is aimed at not only creating a family, but also coming closer to a potential partner for a common cause. Zodiac sign Gemini has those qualities lacking in Capricorn that has made him to so suffer: ability to communicate with people, ease in decision-making, wealth of ideas, and projects. But the Gemini woman, with all advances of Capricorn a good partner for business, has more qualities that will act on him, like a red rag before a bull - light-mindedness, superficial, irresponsible attitude to everything. Gemini woman, in behavior and character, will forever remain a little girl, and this will infuriate the Capricorn man. Zodiac sign Capricorn, in turn, does not accept ill-considered actions and impulsive ideas. Capricorn's plans are not as varied as Gemini's plans, but they have under themselves a very real executable framework. Capricorn does not rely on feelings - he admits only that which is verified by practical rational thinking.

Gemini woman strives to win the heart of such a reliable Capricorn man because he's very successful - but moreover, she likes his success more than the Capricorn man himself. Gemini woman will perceive Capricorn's love as dull and pale. She quickly gets tired from communication with him, and seeks new experiences, friends and girlfriends. Gemini woman from the very beginning of their life together had hoped that Capricorn man would be a shelter for her, next to which she can relax from perpetual parties and celebrations, speculate a little about the future, and then, with fresh forces, run back to fun and carefree life. Capricorn man cannot forgive her beloved that she leaves him alone for the sake of fun. He may blame both her for excess lightheadedness, and himself for excessive trust in her. He knows that the Gemini woman, in search of love and with no moral obligation, cheats on him, and this severely hurts him since he did everything only for the benefit of their family.

The compatibility horoscope shows that such a situation is the marriage of Capricorn and Gemini will quickly lead to their separation. Perhaps the only chance for saving the union between a Capricorn man and Gemini woman is through both enduring affinity and mutual understanding. Capricorn man should be flexible in a relationship with his chosen one, while Gemini woman needs to accept those moral norms that are Capricorn man's norms of conduct.