Capricorn and Aries compatibility

Capricorn and Aries Zodiac signs compatibility
The compatibility horoscope of Capricorn man and Aries woman can shortly express: "Ice and flame". Indeed, it is strange what could stop them next to each other for so long?

A cold estranged Capricorn man with common sense, and a bright, fiery, hot Aries woman with her constant impulsiveness became interested in each other just because of the difference in their character, which is very striking even to bystanders. Zodiac sign Capricorn goes through life deliberately, planned, and verifying every step. He shows no big emotions or strong expression of passion, he sometimes seems indifferent and detached from reality. Zodiac sign Aries just splashes energy. Probably, she could have succeed well in building her business or in managing a corporation, but unfortunately, her splashing energy for the most part is subjected to erratic desires, rather than to sound logic.

When this couple appears in public, people talk about how they fit each other. And indeed - Capricorn man's silence is compensated by Aries woman's unrestrained talkativeness, while some of his "mediocrity" and indifference are shaded off by his companion's bright beauty and curiosity.

Alone, these people are an anti-example of how not to behave with a partner. Capricorn man listens in silence to Aries woman's reproaches, her tears, demands, and accusations, deeper going into his image of an indifferent man to her. She, of course, after each argument, writhes in hysterics and shouts at him. Capricorn man, seriously worrying inside, remains cold, unapproachable, and distant on the outside.

The compatibility horoscope says that this marriage represents two worlds that are united into one. Capricorn man and Aries woman show idealism and realism, a subtly thought-out account is combined with an obvious recklessness or romanticism. Here, high ideals and money, love and resentment, desire and rejection rule. It is very difficult to gather these very different sides of their relationship into one, something more or less having the shapes of normal family. They may exist for a long time together, and do not understand each other till the end. Constant misunderstanding and resentment can destroy a marriage if each of them does not make their part of efforts to build a union.

Aries woman must learn to be restrained, keep her emotions under control and not stoop to her man's insults and affronts. Capricorn man should show and tell his woman how she is loved and desired - and then, realizing that Capricorn man loves her, Aries woman will calm down, learn to understand each breath of her man, and soon the flames of Aries will acquire a totally peaceful shape.

Dawn 2014-11-19 17:27:56
I was married to a Capricorn man and I must say in the beginning I liked everything about him but, as the years went on I resented everything about him. He was all about money and women and never truly committed. He left me a mangled mess to the point where I had to bow out. If I must say they are very good charmers and make you feel like you are the best for them but will inturn show you the total opposite. Lesson learned for me and that is why I tread very lightly to rebuild what was shattered.

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