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The horoscope of compatibility of Aries man and Cancer woman regards this union as a disease. Since the marriage is guarded by the Fire and Water elements, their relationship from the outset will be uneven - perhaps it is the unconventional nature of their relationship that will turn on the passionate Aries, and he will only strengthen his courtship for the soft and feminine Cancer woman.

In a union, they will get almost everything they want. Aries man will be happy to have a woman who is comfortable with their cozy home in the best possible way, and moreover, does not set ultimatums and does not go hysterical about his long absence in the family. Cancer woman will get a patron and protector in the form of a passionate and fiery Aries man. According to the compatibility horoscope, excessiveness is the only enemy of their relationship.

A Cancer woman is a quiet, almost immaterial, and very inert in her nature. She wanted to marry so as to finally realize her dream - having a family and children. As this desire comes to the foreground, initially she will not pay attention to the absence of her husband at home, nor to his numerous flirtations.

The zodiac sign Cancer is known for its tolerance, even for his sacrificial character. A Cancer woman, more than anything else, wants to have family affections and be married - she is very afraid of swimming alone. The zodiac sign Aries is different by its expressive nature, impulsive behavior, and desire to be free in life and try new things. The zodiac sign Aries is an enthusiastic aesthete that is given an additional charm by a childish spontaneity.

In family relationships, Aries man can be very difficult, which proves to be even more difficult for the quiet Cancer woman: any misunderstanding with his chosen one is accompanied by shouting, violent reaction to insults, even aggression. Pisces woman should try to convince the Aries man with her usual tact and understanding that he does not necessarily need to shout - she hears him very well. In those moments when he is looking for sympathy, a Pisces woman can talk with him for a long time - the sound of her soft voice and her benevolent mood would calm the hotheadedness of Aries man, setting up a constructive dialogue. When an Aries man openly neglects his duties and respect for his wife, the patience of Cancer woman can reach a highest boiling point, and people around will watch the violent scenes and arguments in this family.

Excessiveness, which is the main enemy of this marriage, must disappear: Aries man is able to reduce the time spent with friends so that he can be with his family, while the Cancer woman should be more demanding to her spouse, and gently but firmly convince him that they need a dialogue.

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