Aries and Leo compatibility

Aries and Leo Zodiac signs compatibility
The union of Aries and Leo has good chances to become a strong and long one. The protector of the couple - Fire, promotes it. In the compatibility horoscope, the marriage between an Aries man and a Leo woman is considered successful because of their similar "sunny" characters. But because Aries and Leo are very strong and willful zodiac signs, inequalities and conflicts in the relationship of this couple is also unavoidable.

An Aries man and Leo woman can always come to an understanding because their astrological signs are very similar in their qualities. This couple can talk for hours, they have many topics for discussion, both differ by their intellect and eloquence. Leo woman somehow has guessed his flexibility among the many expressive qualities of Aries, and wanted to have a partner who will be a little softer than she is, but with the same fiery temperament. She will be somewhat be annoyed by his childish spontaneity and naive character, but she hopes to retrain her spouse through her persistence, and force him to be more practical and cautious.

Both partners have passionate and temperament nature, their Zodiac signs intersect in many qualities. They do not like a level quiet life, but prefer a life full of passions, emotions, storms and excitement. If their relationship comes into a quiet stage, they will artificially create a situation that revives their union. They will never be bored with each other, and others will also not be bored, looking at their battles. Conflicts may arise between them, which under intensity of passions are more like war than relationship between two spouses. But thanks to their ardent love, all hostilities and misunderstanding will be extinguished by the passionate physical intimacy in their bedroom.

The compatibility horoscope argues that as such, there will be no struggle for power in their family. But Aries man will always show his leadership in front of others, while for a Leo woman it is important to be self-sufficient and whole in her own eyes. When Aries takes the usual height, climbing on the podium and shouting that he is the chief, his Leo woman lies at the foot, cunningly screwing up her eyes and quietly laughing in her beard. In fact, the Leo woman is in control in this union. For his activity and lack of organization, Aries man hides great lack of confidence, as well as an inferiority complex, while the Leo woman, thanks to a finely organized mind and practicality takes truly valuable decisions that Aries man claims to be his.

Vincent 2016-06-27 21:56:16
Will a leo woman cheat on a aries guy

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larisa 2016-02-18 19:51:59
best love affair yet!

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Codered 2016-01-10 06:42:49
Had to be written by a Leo woman. Why so much shade on aries man?

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Mar-Ash 2015-06-10 06:50:14
Will a Leo woman cheat on an Aries man?

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April 2015-06-13 19:55:39
No. I haven't until I know the relationship is at an end.

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Beverly 2015-02-28 17:54:35
Will my Aries man always be honest about his love for me.

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Beverly 2015-02-23 23:08:15
Will the Aries man cheat on the Leo woman (partner).

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Arian God 2015-02-24 17:03:13
Message from Beverly
Will the Aries man cheat on the Leo woman (partner).
Nope...only if she cheats in some cases..honestly most Leo women have an awesome energy to help Aries men "shape up" but so does an Aries man to a Leo woman..When both have that drive for each other nothing(and pretty much nothing)will stop's hard to pin an Aries down but once you do you got the most loyal and faithful protector of all of the zodiac...

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Beverly 2015-04-12 03:07:08
Thank You Arian God

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