Leo and Libra compatibility

Leo and Libra Zodiac signs compatibility
The compatibility horoscope of this couple graciously agrees that Leo man and Libra woman are simply made for each other. This is not surprising: the same interests and motivations in life are the foundation on which to develop a strong and harmonious relationship.

Leo man and Libra woman perfectly complement each other, and have the same hobbies and interests. They love luxury, vibrant ball dances, art and theater. They frequently and effectively appear in public, like two stars that suddenly fell down from the sky. These zodiac signs have the power of two interacting guardians - Air and Fire, which allows them to easily find a point of contact for each other, and easily get ready for interaction.

Woman of zodiac sign Libra knows how to make sweet compliments, which undoubtedly flatters Leo man's self-esteem. She is very well kept, has her own style and opinion, but rarely highlights them in a relationship with Leo man. Sometimes the Virgo woman can be authoritative, and make remarks to the Leo man, but he knows that she does not seek leadership but just wants the truth. Leo man is genially agrees with her, not trying to engage in a conflict with her or respond with aggression - in this lies Leo's magnanimity.

Leo man is always holding his, because he is convinced that this holy and honorable mission to command the parade is placed only on him. But Leo does not know that the soft, mellifluous compliments of his Libra woman, made with musical and quiet voice, control him, and therefore allow his woman to get more from him than he from her through orders.

Libra woman is called "a strong fist in a velvet glove". Be assured - she will not give up her superiority, let it even be a secret one the more so that after marriage, Leo man is more relaxed than when he is single. This means that the wife can control Leo man easier than she can do as a girlfriend before marriage.

By and large, Leo needs dominion, which he will zealously guard, and a reliable person - his beloved woman, who would every evening wait for him at home and worry for him. So in the eyes of The Leo man, own significance rises, in the family he is the king, and he now does not border what height of prestige he has won outside home.

It will not be boring with Leo because this zodiac sign is full of emotion. Emotions arouse passion, and passion is the basis of a strong marriage. Libra woman cannot predict when he will explode, and when he will answer only with a good-natured nod. The woman should always remember that even Leo's aggression is not directed to her, but serves only to mark the Leo's significance.

Suzy 2014-12-11 23:43:09
OMG Been dating a Leo man for 2 yrs now and we can't get enuff of each other,,,,he is one helluva lover and such a great man, big hearted and sooo good to me,,,we appreciete each other sooo much and the respect is totally perfect,,,,,I am so lucky to have found him,,,,he is truly one of a kind  :))

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LovinLauri 2014-12-11 12:25:36
I have never been with a Leo and as a Libra, its surpasses the word "relationship"...Every single day is like the very first day. He walks into the room and my heart races...I see that smile then he consumes every ounce of oxygen I breathe...there's no one else who will ever love me the way that he does and I am simply smitten by his charm.Perfectly matched, total grace and beauty. Undying love and affection daily and so true that in his state of ruling the Jungle he is lion but never towards me...wow!

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Nursekittyk73 2014-12-08 03:49:33
Wow isn't this the absolute truth! Recently with a Leo..... Talk about addiction to him!!! Crazy attraction. Almost uncontrollable!!!!

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LoLaLibra 2014-12-06 15:30:29
Omg this is so true i just met a leo man, i'm a libra woman. And i'm so drawn to him like its almost scary that i cant get enough of him. I thought something was so weird about this connections, so i look up our signs together. I'm amazed on how accurate this is and the feeling like a teenager is so real. i hope this feeling neverends.

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Mikdee 2014-10-24 11:38:35
This is so true my husband and I dated for a few years and has been successfully married for 22 years. Very strong love,bond, yearning to be together at all times.
Secret to our love is to never let the Honeymoon end.

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Ro. M. 2014-09-24 14:41:08
I am his 1st CRUSH...... He is my 1st CRUSH........  :love:

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New girl 2014-08-16 13:24:35
Just met a Leo man, I'm a Libra, and our attraction iis like weare teenagers agin and can't get enough of each other.

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breanna 2014-10-19 18:45:28
same here! i just met a leo man.. the feelings just the same.. teenagers to be exact.lol

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najma 2014-07-09 11:20:34
same to me
my boyfriend is leo
and he is like the most interesting person
i ever met

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LAWLIBRA 2014-06-07 03:40:31
This is really accurate, I am a libra and my husband's a leo. He is truly the "King" of the castle, jungle etc. He is extremely confident, authoritative and we definitely are a nice looking couple. I am constantly reminding him of who he is and what is he. He starts his "rant" and I calmly say "honey, I appreciate your feelings."

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