Libra and Aries compatibility

Libra and Aries Zodiac signs compatibility
These zodiac signs are now attracted to each other, then repelled by obeying the great star power that controls them. According to the compatibility horoscope, it turns out that this union does not promise a peaceful life for both partners, so they need from the very beginning of their dating consider astrological advice and make every effort to achieve spiritual harmony.

Zodiac sign Aries is looking for her love not by beauty, not by the size of his muscles, or wealth, but by his mentality. It is very important for her that her lover has a sharp practical mind and is calmer than the Aries herself so that she can suppress her emotional outbursts. Seeing a Libra man for the first time, an Aries woman would love him immediately, from the first minute, and this feeling will be mutual, strong, hot and all-absorbing. Aries woman sometimes tends to envy Libra man's calmness and composure because she herself makes decisions quickly, often cutting down on the shoulder, and just as often wrong, which leads to inevitable injury to the heart. Aries woman wants to learn to control herself, guide her emotions and desires, because in most cases she acts impulsively under the influence of immediate emotions.

Zodiac sign Libra is always the soul of the company, ringleader of activities, he easily communicates with people, his relations with other people are smooth and friendly. When a Libra man argues with an Aries woman, he speaks softly, even without raising his tone. If Libra's phrases contain insults or unpleasant expressions, they are masked by this quiet insinuating tone of voice. Aries immediately explodes, and in response Libra receives bravado. Aries woman screams, uses foul words and stomps her feet, expressing her indignation, she is out of herself with rage, bursting and basting... Zodiac sign Aries is always spoiling for a fight, for her it is important to sort things out here and now. Aries woman is always noisy, restless, unstable, can quickly flare up, and just as quickly move away from anger. Aries woman is a maximalist. Her position in society is very important to her, and she strives to better it. In a relationship with Libra man, Aries woman often argues, quarrels, and she is most often the initiator of quarrels. For a Libra man, the important thing in a dispute is to win and establish peace and harmony in the family, while for Aries woman - to win and prove to the man that she is all the same right.

According to the compatibility horoscope, one can understand if an Aries woman is taming her emotional pride, she is able to coexist peacefully and harmoniously with a Libra man, and then she will feel the full blessing of the fact that she can fully trust someone, and that near g=her is - her beloved and well-balanced Libra man.

Andraste 2014-08-24 08:54:57
My father was Aries, and we hated each other!

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