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The union of two Arians promises to be an exciting attraction for themselves and those around them. Equally enthusiastic and uncontrollable, the two egotists will play tricks in relationships that are worthy of these skillful masters of equilibrium. Union of two Arians is guarded by dual Fire, and the compatibility horoscope predicts a fiery passion for this couple, as well as the warm glow of conflict. The unstable fiery zodiac sign, Aries, has amazing sharpness and vividness of emotion. We can say that emotions control the actions of Aries, and sometimes muddle his head. Aries often acts impulsively, instinctively, blindly, responding only to his emotions, and very rarely - to the voice of reason.

Aries man and Aries woman will experience very strong feelings for each other. They will see a soul mate within each other and rush into their arms, and in doing so, pushing away the crowd of boring and dull pedants who had gathered around. There will be no boring time together: they will talk tirelessly, devoting themselves to each other in their plans, and sharing their dreams. Their emotions will go off-scale, and overflow, sometimes disputes will inevitably arise that can threaten to drag on for a long time on raised voices.

None of them would want to give way on a narrow bridge that spans the river - the zodiac sign Aries is also obstinate and even cocky, and this sometimes will result in notorious consequences.

Aries individuals may make hasty, ill-considered actions. Two Aries in a union, who cannot control their actions, can mess things up and bring a sense of frustration into the relationship with a chosen one. Following the first problems in the relationship, Arians may think that they rushed in choosing a life partner and that the people close to them are not the ones they need.

The newness of feelings and intensity of emotions should be the main medicine during a disturbance in relations between two Arians. Aries of both sexes should maintain the fire of desires and be able to stir up feelings in his/her loved one. If an Aries man has once loved a woman Aries, - he will no longer be able to love any other woman. A marriage between an Aries man and Aries woman can bring happiness to both spouses. This union does not require each of the Arians to sacrifice their principles, limit or infringe upon their dignity and pride, independence and freedom. An Aries individual will find it important to talk together, they will assist each other in a variety of issues. Relationships between two Arians should, however, be based on mutual respect, and follow one golden principle - 'to do a partner as you would like him/her to do to you'.

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marlin 2024-01-10 14:21:40
i like it !
Mo 2023-03-30 06:23:23
I'm a Leo, and sometimes Leo's need love too...
sara 2023-03-03 11:33:59
I love you
Cromwell 2021-03-04 15:22:24
Aries men very honest,Good,loving,caring and wonderful men to be with in your life,they're faithful.
inLove 2023-11-20 02:54:35
Astrological signs are often used to describe general characteristics and tendencies associated with people born under specific signs, but individual personalities can vary widely.
Aries individuals are typically associated with qualities such as assertiveness, enthusiasm, and a sense of adventure. They are ruled by Mars, the planet of passion and energy, which may contribute to their dynamic and bold nature.
enahj 2020-09-10 17:00:51
I think i dont have ah soul mate
selam 2020-05-24 03:48:22
I am Libra and I love Ari's so is that going to be good
Ronda 2020-05-04 02:39:27
Chikezie George Chijioke 2019-11-08 11:30:05
Aries how can I make effective use of this app I don't really understand it I need clear explanation
Chikezie George Chijioke 2019-11-08 11:27:14
hello Aries what can you say about me?
mark donald 2018-07-13 15:11:42
what can you read about him background and physical appearance specially attittude..i mean characteristic.thank mam / sr
Jeffrey Ogden 2018-04-29 10:23:08
Will I find love and affection and a soul mate
Whitney 2018-04-28 06:34:21
I’ve been dating an Aries man for 2 years now and it ya been rocky and awesome at the same time;he treats me like a queen.Even though we have our ups and downs but the good surely outweighs the bad .Aries and Aries relationships are the best I believe his my soulmate
HeliosEos 2023-11-20 02:56:54
The dynamic between two Aries in a romantic relationship is often exciting and intense. Aries is a fire sign, characterized by its enthusiasm, confidence, and passionate nature. When two Aries individuals come together, there can be a strong mutual understanding as well as a powerful connection due to their shared traits. Here are some aspects of what makes an Aries-Aries pairing both challenging and rewarding:

Strengths of an Aries-Aries Relationship:

1. Understanding: Both of you likely share many core characteristics, such as a love for adventure, a pioneering spirit, and a desire to be first in all things, which can foster a deep understanding and strong bond.

2. Energy: You both bring a lot of energy to the relationship, which can keep things exciting and vibrant. This can manifest in shared activities, adventures, and an active social life.

3. Passion: Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of desire and action, leading to a passionate and expressive dynamic. You speak the same language when it comes to expressing affection and emotion.

4. Independence: Both partners value their autonomy, which can be beneficial as long as both parties respect each other's need for space and personal growth.

5. Resilience: Aries individuals tend to recover quickly from conflicts and don't hold grudges. This resilience can help the relationship weather the ups and downs that you’ve mentioned.

Challenges in an Aries-Aries Relationship:

1. Competitiveness: Aries is known for being competitive, and two Aries together might struggle for dominance, leading to potential power struggles within the relationship.

2. Impulsiveness: Both of you may act on impulse, which can occasionally lead to unnecessary conflicts or hasty decisions.

3. Conflict: As Aries can have a strong and straightforward personality, disagreements can be frequent and fiery. However, open communication and a willingness to compromise can help resolve these issues.

4. Patience: Aries individuals typically want immediate results and may lack patience. Cultivating patience can be an area of growth for both partners.

The fact that you view your Aries man as your soulmate and believe the good outweighs the bad suggests a deep connection and a strong foundation. It is the mutual respect, love, and continuous effort to understand and meet each other's needs that can make any relationship, including an Aries-Aries relationship, truly rewarding.

skittles 2017-12-13 02:34:55
this is so true. My kids dad is also an Aries and when we are together there is no dull moment.
bili 2017-12-12 19:47:40
i little beleive in love ifu try to best obviouly itsresult bettr
2017-10-31 23:36:41
I do not known what to said
mia 2017-10-10 13:20:57
I really don't believe in love ,and falling in love ,love is fake ,and people just fake it out ,so please ,I m on my way to success, you decide if you wanna fall the the shit then go ahead ,love is stupidity?????oh goodness how can people fall in love just like and then they become mad ,lol claps for those who in love , because I can't fall just in something called love that you'll people say is love????????????
Iemati 2017-10-01 00:18:54
I am 14 years old my bf is 15 we are both Aries i love jim to death when we forst met it was awesome we would play video games with eachother and talk alot it was awesome but i dated someone else he was a Sagittarius i broke up with that guy for a leo it was a big mistake but my Aries kept telling me to break up with him but i didn't i stayed with that leo till he stood me up and then i started to date ny aries man hes awesome we used to clash at eachother we would say the badest things to eachother even though ee dont mean to i started to just get calm and let him yell at me i was tired of fighting so i let him yrll at me even though tbat hutted alot fot what he was saying after he stop yelling at me he told me to stop letting him yell at me so i just say what i say in a calm way nothing mean we had our ups and downs but were still together we haven't fought in 6 weeks we hes so sexual towards me im still a virgin he is as well but he wants sex all the time and he loves talking about babys and being martied he has a job gets paid its so awesome being with boy who is like a man he treatse like a queen honestly hes the best boy i ever met seeing the way we stick together hes like a dad he takes care of me and loves me hes really over protective around me i care about him he has been threw alot so have i but its awesome seeing a strong man take care f a independent woman
Tabatha Gilbert 2017-08-17 22:25:24
I've never dated an Aires mail but feel like it would be a better match for me . and I'm also like this if your gonna marry or be committed to someone then their shouldn't be no games and you should love them for who they are unless their just to crazy then get away from them .
Tabatha Gilbert 2017-08-17 22:20:57
I'm an Aires women and for my self I wish I could an Aires mail but as a women and being an Aires I like the chase dating but once I got you I'm not playing any games .
Angela 2017-03-11 23:17:29
I have been with my Aries man for a whole three weeks and we are crazy about each other! When two fire signs get together, it is definitely a wild ride! He is very protective, honest, loyal, strong, and so much more! I am an Aries woman who is the same, and respects him very much for his attributes and disposition. He is no joke or push over! He is straight forward and knows what he wants in life, and in a relationship. He is not wishy washy like other signs. The negative is that sometimes we clash and have power struggles, since we're both dominant fire signs. I let him lead, and am very comfortable with my choice, and am very surprised at myself! I always wanted to be the dominant one in a relationship, but not anymore. In the bedroom, he is a fantastic lover! We can't get enough of each other, almost to the point of madness! I was with a Scorpio man for a long time, but he definitely was NOT my soul mate, looking back. As soon as I met my Aries guy, I broke up with the Scorpio man very fast! Just be 100% honest with your Aries man, do not cheat on him or hurt his pride, and definitely no lying! We are very similar and know what we want in life and in love. Good luck🙂
Rebecca R. 2017-02-15 10:24:49
I am an Aries Woman dating a Aries Man and he is Amazing! He is definitely a man`s man. He knows what he wants and plays no games. He loves a chase and he does a great job of keeping things fresh. His humerus personality is bubbly and refreshing. Can`t go wrong with that. We never have a dull moment, full of laughs. He treat me like a Queen, exactly how a woman wants to be treated by a man that she see for her long term. This is my first time dating a Aries Man. And the great thing about it we just a like when it comes to having a healthy mental and taking care of business. We we get together though it`s amazing! We haven`t got to the love making but i`m pretty sure that will be amazing as well ;)
UnKnown 2017-02-08 15:49:05
Iam an Aries woman who is in love with an Aries man. True we go after what we want. He came after me and he did it with great coincidence, taking possession of what he wants. That was such a turn on for me because he knows what he wants. Yes we are very honest to each other. When I am around him he treats me like a Queen. No one else matter when i am around him. However he likes the chase. He likes me to call him would see me call and don't answer my call and if i don't call him he would call me and ask me why i did not call him. Our love making is very passionate and full of excitement. I think he enjoys the outburst of passion when he stay away awhile. We enjoy each other in every way. I love my Aries man.
will 2017-02-08 12:57:28
Im an aries man and I love with this beautiful aries women. And we are BESTFRIENDS and more. when we met it was instant fire works. and I belive and pray that I found my soulmate/wife.. I met and talked to other girls but this women of god I love . And Im only 21 .. im a Christian man so I shouldn't be really reading horoscopes and stuff but its still fun to read and to see if this stuff is accurate.. ARIES ARE THE BEST!! hands down
stupido 2016-12-04 05:16:49
am just here to fight the fire..

Su 2016-11-01 21:25:38
My question is to all Aries ladies who has being successfully dating or married an Aries man. Please, please help. I started dating an Aries guy not too long ago. Also I had being reading on what Aries man like and how to attract and keep him. Many articles all over the internet saying that an Aries guys like to chase their woman, otherwise they will loose their interest. And also that they like very feminine woman. How do you deal with those suggestions? Is that true? Do you play chasing games with your guy often to keep him? Also, are you naturally very feminine girls? I am, as an Aries, feel sometimes struggles to be feminine, so I am afraid that I am not feminine enough or something. I feel so excited about that guy I'm dating, so I would want so much it to be a long term. Any advise?
Angela 2017-03-11 23:05:34
Hi, I have read that Aries men do like feminine women. I'm an Aries woman, and have to try a little harder than most women to be "feminine.." My Aries guy cooks for me, but is basically disgusted that I'm not very "domestic." I rebel against gender stereotypes and am not interested in being "domestic." My Aries guy is very loyal, honest, straight forward, sexual and strong (mentally and physically). I think Aries guys enjoy being protectors, so never make him feel like you are more masculine than him. Playing chasing games? I don't think so, really. He and I had a connection from the start and we never looked back. He detests lying, deceitfulness and bullshit, like me. Good luck and enjoy him; he's definitely a unique and charismatic fellow who can be popular with the ladies, so treat him right and he'll fall in love with you🙂
Dipanjan 2016-08-04 00:16:02
Now an Aries man can never forget his first Aries love but can we say the same for the woman someone please
me 2016-05-11 01:49:30
I think that my heart belongs to my aries love of many years ago, I think he is my soulmate
Aries 2016-05-07 16:12:21
John you are clearly a moron.
Anne 2016-03-18 13:19:38
🤔 I think that John is a rude ignorant person he needs to grow up seriously ! Greta I'm so happy u have found happiness once again my dear , I'm in a relationship with an arian man I'm also an arian I'm really happy I hope it lasts forever that I marry and spend the rest of my life with him
unknown 2016-01-15 18:20:10
I'm a Aries women who first love was a Aries man we had a break I was with a Scorpio wrong choice and now I'm back with my first love a Aries man and I believe him to be my true soulmate

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