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Their union is similar to an exciting and dangerous sporting contest in which participants compete for leadership. These zodiac signs, in the most magical manner, are attracted to each other one day and repelled the next with no less force. One thing is clear - their competitive mind so captures them that they cannot live without each other. The compatibility horoscope stresses the uniqueness and originality of this union: on the star map, these signs are located on opposite sides. The Fire and Air elements guard this marriage, they intricately interact, which leaves both partners a positive experience for further relationships.

Aries man and Libra woman will fall in love at first sight. They will absorb a wave of stormy passion, and they will already no longer be able to resist it. Aries man will seem to a Libra woman as solid and reliable, and she will no longer hesitate to think when he offers her his hand and heart. Aries man will try to be the way he was liked by his beloved woman in their first date, but this will be a short time - the zodiac sign Aries cannot, for a long time, put himself in any frame. The partners talk with each other much and often argue.

In disputes, Aries man pursues a goal - to win, and so that those around recognize his leadership, while Libra woman wants only to reveal the truth in all.

Very soon, the Libra woman will understand that a huge lack of confidence, complexes, and impracticality of her partner hide under the mask of bravado and imaginary self-confidence. Libra woman notices how her partner acts, succumbing to inner feelings and sensations, and not to objective circumstances. Disputes and even quarrels will increasingly arise between them. Libra woman hates war and aggression, and Aries man does not know the other behaviors except pressure and psychological attacks. Further joint life of Aries man and Libra women will be far from the atmosphere of their first date. Strong-willed efforts from both sides are required to fix the shaky relationship and save their marriage. Aries man needs to learn moderation and practicality from his partner, while Libra woman - cheerfulness and sociability.

The zodiac sign Aries is a wonderful, passionate lover, and only with him that a Libra woman can feel like a real woman. As the compatibility horoscope advises, Libra woman should always maintain his emotional energy in himself, and Aries man - help create peace of mind for his darling, and be able to compromise.

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BlosomeLove 2023-11-24 04:09:27
The compatibility between a female Aries and a male Libra can be a fascinating and dynamic combination. Both signs possess distinct qualities and characteristics that can either complement or clash with each other. Let's explore the potential upsides and downsides of this union.

1. Balanced Partnership: Libra is known for their harmonious and diplomatic nature, while Aries is bold and assertive. The female Aries can bring enthusiasm, energy, and a sense of adventure to the relationship, while the male Libra can provide balance, fairness, and a desire for harmony. Together, they can create a well-rounded partnership where both partners can offset each other's weaknesses.

2. Intellectual Connection: Both Aries and Libra are intellectually inclined signs. They enjoy engaging in stimulating conversations, exploring new ideas, and exchanging thoughts and perspectives. This mutual intellectual connection can deepen their bond and foster a strong mental connection.

3. Mutual Growth: Aries can help Libra embrace their individuality, assertiveness, and take passionate action when needed. In return, Libra can teach Aries patience, compromise, and the art of diplomacy. Their contrasting qualities allow both partners to grow individually and together.

1. Conflict Resolution Differences: Aries tends to be direct and assertive, while Libra seeks harmony and avoids confrontation. This difference in conflict resolution styles can lead to difficulties when resolving disagreements. Aries may be more inclined to confront issues head-on, while Libra may shy away from direct confrontations, opting for a more diplomatic approach. Learning to navigate these differences is essential for maintaining a healthy relationship.

2. Decision-making Challenges: Aries is independent and authoritative, preferring to make decisions quickly, while Libra is indecisive and seeks external input when making choices. This disparity can lead to frustrations and delays in decision-making processes. It's crucial for both partners to find a balance by actively involving each other in decision-making and considering each other's perspectives.

3. Attention and Priorities: Female Aries tends to focus on individual pursuits and personal goals, while male Libra places importance on maintaining balance in relationships and social harmony. This can create a potential conflict of attention and priorities. Finding a middle ground where both partners feel seen and supported is crucial for maintaining a healthy balance.

In conclusion, the compatibility between a female Aries and a male Libra can be a dynamic and exciting union, but it also requires effort and understanding from both partners. By embracing each other's strengths, fostering open communication, and finding a balance between independence and compromise, they can create a harmonious and fulfilling relationship.
Libra woman 2018-02-25 17:10:53
Been with my Aries man for 17 years and it's great.
Ecstasy 2018-01-28 05:47:29
I'm a Libra women and I'm about to marry an Aries man...I gotta say these comments aren't making my cold feet go away
Teah 2016-12-18 17:43:55
Well I am a Libra women.. I been dating this Aries man for the last 8 years.. I understand let him chase you.. So we been having up and down.. We... Aries and Libra.. this year had split up because he cheated on me with a Gemini... I know when Aries and Gemini get together its like heaven match... I not jealous.. Yes i still love him.. We talk still.. He send me mix signals but he live with her... I want him back but we fight so much.. I am more on having my family straight.. And fight very hard to make us straight... While he worry about pussy and his self... He brag in my face how they don't fight... It hurt like hell cuz i try to run from fighting him. But after a while he get under my skin and hell breaks out... He keep telling he miss me and love me.. But i don't feel that way cuz he treat me like his enemy and this other female he cheat on me like his queens.. I use to feel use.. Hell still do.. because i take care of his grandma..and when he need me..i always there... And he only talk to me when he want too now ...but when he talk to me i don't know what is real or a lie... I show him i still here while he still out there playing.. I am always so serious and he always childest.. He don't listen.. All his ideas in his head are right but turn out so wrong.. Me being a libra hate to see him look bad.. So i have his back.. But when i need him.. He not there but a knife in my back.. When we not fighting or trying just get basic living down .. A loving couple.. Making people jealous of us into they see the real us... I tired of fighting and i saw him with his Gemini... I just know this i tired of this games.. And i want him to chose me like i chose him.. At the end if he work with me and not against me.. We can be a very powerful couple.. But i can't get him on the same page... I know that we can make it.. But i am starting to wonder is it worth it.. He hurt me so bad..did me so bogus.. I was here for him when his mom died.. He treat me like shit..that's when he and his gemini start living together.. Sents August now it's December.. Will he come back.. We been together for 8 years now feel different..
HeliosEos 2023-11-13 07:00:09
I'm sorry to hear about the challenges you're facing in your relationship with the Aries man. It sounds like you've been through a lot, including infidelity and frequent conflicts. It's understandable that you're feeling hurt and confused about his mixed signals and unclear feelings.

Given the circumstances you've described, it's crucial to prioritize your own well-being and happiness. While it's normal to feel love and attachment after being in a long-term relationship, it's equally important to consider whether the relationship is healthy, supportive, and beneficial for your overall emotional and mental health.

Continuously being hurt, feeling used, and not being treated with respect are red flags in a relationship. It's essential to have open and honest communication with your partner about your needs, concerns, and boundaries. However, if your partner consistently disregards your feelings and mistreats you, it might be necessary to evaluate whether this relationship is truly fulfilling your needs and making you happy in the long run.

Consider seeking support from friends, family, or a therapist who can provide guidance and help you navigate your feelings and decisions. Remember that your well-being and self-worth are important, and you deserve to be treated with love, respect, and kindness.

Ultimately, the choice to continue with the relationship or to move on is yours. Trust your instincts and prioritize your own happiness. Seek the support you need and take steps towards building a fulfilling life, whether it's with or without this Aries man.
Nandni 2016-09-06 00:16:48
Hi m libra n my guy aries bt we hv issues n i dnt knw hw to sort these out
Layla 2016-06-26 22:59:42
I am Libran and my boyfriend is Arian. And our relationship ss exactly as above. Although I took offense in the beginning of the relationship because I did not understand him. Now that I do, I know how to guide him to be calmer, but he also allows me to show frustration when it gets too much. And with all of that, I am wholey in love with him. And I will never let him go, as long as he wants me as well.
Mary 2016-06-16 21:18:18
Me, Libra woman. Him, Aries Man. It was great and passionate and home sweet home and domestic lovey dovey. I was friendly and social with ALL neighbors. BBQ, dinners, cookies for the kids and Halloween candy. Then one day he accuses me of some weird twisted relationship with the neighbors husband because the guy would talk to me while we were in our backyards gardening. This could not be farther from the truth because I was totally in love with my Aries. He was so ugly to me and I was completely crushed! Then he became very unfaithful. It was devastating. I have never had such horrific, frightening fights with a human or pushed to the brink of insanity. I was in love but he was a lying, cheating heart break and constant lies upon lies.
We were so deeply in love and be completely sabotages our beautiful peaceful loving home. I am still devastated years later. He got married a year ago but still seeks me out to talk and tries to be friendly. We live a couple blocks from one another so it breaks my heart 1 million times every time he tries to be warm towards me. I think he feels ashamed or like me, devastated. He will see me in the neighborhood and always comes over to make small talk. I feel so conflicted between hating him and loving him.I must have a peaceful world and will never understand why he created such chaos and hardship for us. I will never understand why he hurt us both so very deeply with his lies and cheating. Can an Aries man please explain him to me.
Libra Lady 2017-12-19 20:30:28
Gotta say I was with my aried guy along time then he just started being an evil asshole to me and saying mean things. I started giving him a taste of his own medicine and he didn't like it. He kept drinking then started on drugs and the fighting got to be more. Then one day after urging from his brother recently in fact just before thanksgiving he took off to Florida and I'm in Michigan. Nice huh? He starts all the bs then he leaves. So then he has sporadically been texting me, which I ignored the 1st three times, now I have not heard anything in a few days. I have no idea why he wanted to ruin us. Does he want me to find another to make me happy? He sure isn't helping by not fixing his problems and leaving like a coward. I told him, you don't leave someone if you love them you fix what's wrong!!! Let him realize on his own while I work on getting over my heartbreak. I told him, you ripped my heart out fucker!! So anyway I'm just going on with life doing what I have to do and trying not to worry and get anxiety over all this because he decided to be this way.
Chris 2016-05-18 05:29:10
I'm an aries man she's a libra she left me so she felt that I wasn't there for her someone else came along the Virgo woman I was alone and so I established a new friendship which turned out to be a disaster I ended up cheating right after I had a kid with the Libra. She forgave me we got back together things with up and down from that day forward until one day she cheated 7 years later I could never trust her again. The amount of treachery does not let me compromise anything to her because of her enormous lies. 2 years later after I found out she was going behind my back. I mean the most beautiful passionate Scorpio I think I'm falling in love. All I can do is think about her but the Libra is so jealous of my commitment to the Scorpio that I don't know what she'll do but it seems like she wants me back really bad and right now I'm already in Pursuit.
Dearied 2015-08-26 14:59:31
This is just the way my boyfriend his. Am Libra while his Aries
Kanji 2014-12-31 08:08:33
I want mare with Mariya is possibele ?
Kalp 2014-12-03 07:00:16
I feel this is rite.... I vl try to be like this.....

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