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'Exactness of relations as in a chemists shop' - the compatibility horoscope of these zodiac signs assures that their union will be peaceful and calm. And what else - both Libra man and woman have strong moral principles that do not allow them to turn a quiet family haven into a battleground.

Zodiac sign Libra is a sign of sensuality, attractiveness, strength, and honesty that are inherent in both of this couple. Libra woman will not nag her husband for his indecision and doubt - because she herself is delightfully timid. Libra man easily makes a compromise with his lover, because her decisions tend to completely satisfy his self-esteem. Libras tend to doubt - and they understand each other in this respect. The doubt of one of the couple becomes a subject of debate, as a result of which they come to the truth. They solve everything together, Libras like to discuss everyday activities, movies, and read books with each other. Usually, Libras easily concede during arguments, but they can hold heated discussions and not surrender, insisting on their point of view. If one of them broke the rules of ethics or morality: Libras are very sensitive to generally accepted norms, and hate lies.

This union is named one of the most peaceful, but if one of the Libras has high negative tendencies on pressuring the other, on desiring to dominate, then to establish peace, they must ensure that they are not aggravated by the same behavior of the other person. Multiplied by two, this negativity can permanently knock this family out of balance. Libras are very fond of art, they will spend a long time in museums, concerts, exhibitions, debating later about their experiences. Libras cordially welcome guests in their house and friends love to visit their beautiful and comfortable home. Libras love children very much, and children with Libra parents grow calmly and happily.

In a family, Libra woman is usually an excellent wife, mother, and housekeeper, she makes the house cozy and clean, maintains order and strictly controlling order from other family members. For the sake of the union, the Libra woman can leave her thoughts about a career and become simply a homemaker. But at the same time, the Libra woman will help her Libra man get an education and become a high-class lawyer, doctor, police officer, musician, artist, actor. The compatibility horoscope suggests that a Libra woman will do anything to ensure the Libra man has a cozy rear.

Libra Compatibility Horoscope

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Libra & Libra Compatibility Libra Libra Compatibility Horoscope

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BlosomeLove 2023-11-22 01:21:47
Female Libra and male Libra compatibility can create a harmonious and balanced union since both individuals share similar traits, needs, and values. However, there can also be challenges that arise from having such similar personalities. Let's explore the pros and cons of this union:


1. Mutual Understanding: Both individuals have a natural understanding of each other's needs, desires, and thought processes. This mutual understanding can create a deep emotional connection and a sense of unity.

2. Shared Interests and Values: As Libras, they tend to have similar tastes and interests, whether it be in art, culture, or intellectual pursuits. They can enjoy exploring these shared passions together, creating a strong bond.

3. Harmony and Peace: Libras highly value balance, harmony, and peace in their relationships. With two Libras, the focus on creating a tranquil and fair partnership may come more easily.

4. Communication and Intellectual Stimulation: Both Libras are excellent communicators and enjoy engaging in intellectual discussions. Their conversations can be vibrant, stimulating, and satisfy their shared thirst for mental stimulation.

5. Romanticism and Partnership: Libras have a strong desire for love and partnership. With both partners on the same page, they can build a romantic and devoted connection, appreciating the beauty and aesthetics of their relationship.


1. Indecisiveness: Libra individuals are known for their indecisiveness. With two Libras in a relationship, decision-making can become prolonged and challenging as both may struggle to reach a resolution.

2. Avoidance of Conflict: Libras tend to avoid conflicts and seek harmony. In a relationship with two Libras, this can lead to a lack of open communication, as both partners may suppress their true feelings to keep the peace.

3. Superficiality: Libras can sometimes prioritize appearances and superficial aspects of a relationship. In a Libra-Libra union, both partners need to ensure they're not solely focused on maintaining a façade but instead, develop deeper emotional connections.

4. Lack of Grounding: As air signs, Libras can get caught up in abstract ideas and may struggle with grounding themselves in practical matters. It's essential for both partners to balance their lofty ideals with realistic action.

5. Passive-Aggressiveness: Libras have a tendency towards passive-aggressive behavior, especially when they're trying to avoid confrontation. This can lead to unresolved issues and resentments if not addressed openly.

6. Overemphasis on Harmony: While a focus on harmony can be positive, an excessive emphasis on agreement and avoiding conflict may mean important discussions or growth opportunities get missed.

To ensure a healthy and successful relationship, both partners must actively address the potential pitfalls of a Libra-Libra union. They should work on open communication, encourage vulnerability and honesty, and find ways to address conflicts constructively rather than avoiding them. Additionally, embracing individuality, embracing compromises, and maintaining a balance between personal needs and the needs of the partnership are essential for creating a resilient and fulfilling relationship.
Taji 2017-01-06 20:09:11
I am a Libra woman that has been with her Libra man for 8 months now... I have never experienced the level of love that he gives to me!! The fact that we are so much alike is at a major "Wow!" High we share a lot, and role play slot without thinking about it!! We have so much fun together, but on the other hand he is very slow in making decisions, and that's a major disfunction in our relationship... Our good times definitely outweigh our bad, and I wouldn't trade my bae for no one! Big day is 09/30/2017..
Demi 2015-09-21 21:27:41
I'm a Libra male who recently lost his Libra lady about a month ago, due to dishonosty, flirtatious behavior. She is now with a Virgo male but I can admit that I learned my lesson and I want her back. What do I do? My life is a lonely mess without her.
Lori 2015-08-26 21:43:02
This is very accurate. Describes my boyfriend and I to a T!
Rav 2014-12-06 20:52:31
That's it then, glad you decided for me.

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