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Of course, these zodiac signs have something that makes them almost relatives - stability of characters. Leo man and Scorpio woman respect each other, and this is a good foundation for the development of partnerships. Scorpio woman is always complicating her life, looking for such problems, which they did not think will get in her way, she seems to attract trouble and problems. Leo man is inclined rather to simplifying his life by avoiding too difficult situations and impossible tasks. These two signs are characterized by great courage and determination: they do not hesitate to throw themselves into battle with any obstacle in their way. According to the compatibility horoscope, Leo man and Scorpio woman are always passionate lovers, their love life is full of variety and thrills.

Dating between Leo man and Scorpio woman begins with a single glance. When she looks at him coldly, as if the ocean water splashes, the heart of the proud and courageous Leo will fail and heel, and he will decide by all means to subdue this impenetrable and mysterious cold lady. In the beginning, her beautiful eyes will hypnotize him. Leo man swears that he will make this woman happy.

Their life is always full of events. Leo man and Scorpio woman retain respect for each other in everyday conflicts: they will never roll out unfounded insults and abuse, preferring to settle their arguments through logic and reasoning. Thanks to this ability, their union can last for years without serious conflict.

Scorpio woman will love her man's sincerity, generosity, and magnanimity. He will, from the beginning, state his status, and the Scorpio woman would realize that he should be reckoned with. But she has all her life been searching for a strong man, and even a simple submission to her will be nice. Zodiac sign Leo is an optimist, while a Scorpio woman in a while will also be caught by an optimistic outlook in life, although she is naturally more inclined to pessimism. Leo man will instill hope in her, support her in difficult times, encourage and show by example that one should not give up in any situation. Scorpio woman will learn to be patient and persistent in achieving her goals, but she should know that in a relationship with a Leo man, it is the woman that should take the first step in making sure that any quarrel or conflict is peacefully resolved. Leo man does everything so that his darling is calm and good, but the lion's pride would not allow him to embark on the path of peace. We will assume that he will leave this honorable mission to his beloved woman, who, in turn, will try so that peace reigns in the family.

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BlosomeLove 2023-11-21 02:06:08
Leo and Scorpio compatibility can be an intense and passionate union, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. Both signs have strong personalities and desires, which can lead to power struggles if not managed properly.

One potential issue in Leo and Scorpio compatibility is the clash of dominance. Both signs are fixed signs and have a natural desire for control and authority. This can result in power struggles and the need to constantly assert their individuality and opinions. Balancing the ego and finding compromise is crucial for a harmonious relationship.

Another potential challenge lies in their emotional intensity. Leo seeks admiration and attention, while Scorpio desires deep emotional connection and loyalty. If the Leo partner feels that the Scorpio partner is too secretive or withholding with their emotions, it can create feelings of insecurity and mistrust. Scorpio's need for privacy can sometimes clash with Leo's desire for transparency and openness.

On the positive side of Leo and Scorpio compatibility, their intensity can create a magnetic and captivating bond. Both signs have immense passion and determination, which can result in a deeply passionate and committed relationship. They can support and motivate each other to achieve their goals and ambitions.

Leo and Scorpio can learn a lot from each other. Leo can help Scorpio embrace a more outgoing and expressive side, while Scorpio can teach Leo about emotional depth and the power of vulnerability. Together, they can create a dynamic and exciting partnership.

However, it is important for both partners to be willing to work through their differences and communicate openly. Trust, loyalty, and honesty are vital for Leo and Scorpio compatibility to thrive. Both signs need to be mindful of their possessive tendencies and provide each other with the space and freedom to grow as individuals.

In summary, the Leo and Scorpio union can be a passionate and transformative relationship. It requires both partners to navigate power dynamics, be transparent with their emotions, and foster trust. If both individuals are willing to put in the effort and embrace the lessons they can learn from each other, this union has the potential to be deeply fulfilling and dynamic.
noraida leon Gonzalez 2023-05-19 12:56:43
horoscope yo 26 10 59 de octumbre
Dawn 2019-08-24 12:02:41
my ex boyfriend is a Leo and it ended really badly.
dylan 2018-01-10 15:25:10
dated 1 for 17 years 2 kids by her....moved on and accidently date another scorpio...she was crazy.....again...just so happened I have yet another scorpio...this bitch NUTS!!! leo and scorpio...NOT COMPATIBLe....too much back n forth
Raxh 2017-09-09 21:39:52
Am a double leo
Means i have both sun and moon in leo 2 nd decade

I just wanna say, nothing is more important to me than LOYALTY, TRUSTWORTHINESS, OPENNESS, and the main is STABILITY...

I don't about all others but it necessarily have ATMOST importance in my life

It's almost true that we carve in for attention but in order to pacify our self according to the surrounding it may be egoistic but... It's also true that we appear confident from outside but it is not true always at least... We appear confident just to protect ourselves from being seen vulnerable, so that our family, our friends cannot lose their hopes in life so that they can see we r still fighting r still standing by them and that's work...

We r generous and we r being used, they can't understand that we don't wanna use abusive language or means if we r not up for that...

Most have seen /noticed that we turn introvert and have very mood swings... It's just because we don't wanna insult back who all r insulting us...may be he/she is loved one.. Or someone we care for.
In reference to relationships with scorpio i just wanna say guys listen we only need a partner who is loyal, who appreciate and hold our hands when the whole world is against us (which means LOYALTY...)
We need stability... Don't wanna change partner... It's at least all most same with all Leo's i think

And the word which is viral on internet that we leo need a girl to show off. It's absolutely wrong... We make other girl jealous of our women GET THAT.
We can die for our true loved one and it's also true that love and love life is our engine of our life...

We r lazy but we work and only work to provide our loved one with luxury and luxurious life...That's our determination... We often goes a long way that later on we forget where we have started in professional life but than also it's all started with love and will end at love.
We can't forget or neglect them for long even it's true when we r really in love we r ready to be slave of our loved one BUT IT IS WE CAN'T BEAR EGO HERE... OUR GENEROSITY SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN WORNG


i hope am clear... When we just TOTALLY (mark my words TOTALLY) lose our trust or we r TOTALLY broken after again and again heartaches or disloyalty Trails to...., it will not be easy to forgive or cope up again
We just go on creating differences and distances in relationships takes place here. We just lock ourselves and lock all the doors for the one who..... U all can understand better.
Scorp Woman 2017-02-21 15:28:40
Scorpio woman
I had a glimpse of paradise, dealing with this Leo man...when we finally decided to meet, I ended up going to his place. He noticed that I was a little uncomfortable so he rubbed my feet offered wine, as he knew this combination would be relaxing... we made it through me visiting several times before we became physically involved... which i must add, was mind blowing. The chemistry between the sheets....emasculate. He was just a complete gentleman. We both worked a lot but we would find time to indulge in one another. Me being a Scorpio, im not fooled easily, and I take everything given at face value, this was the point I chose to get a little clarity as to what exactly are we doing at this point....because somethings can be a little misleading. there is no doubt when we see each other excitement filled the room... the passion existed... different emotions were creeping in...at least on my behalf. He kept me puzzled as far as how he felt about me.. well at least so he thought.....he would tell me just enough to pacify me. now I have read many of the scorpio woman's point of veiw on the total confusion on how the leo man feels.....so this inspired me to look a bit deeper... deeper than he would wish to look at himself...
Yes, at this point I don't have time for games....
I became self sacrificial I cooked, offered to clean his kitchen (which every time he turned the offer down), I made myself open and transparent, layed my cards on the table....something most Scorpio's wont do. he became self centered, as if I was obligated to do these things...as I learned him, reality became real for me.
It wasn't until I had worked a late shift, made home with enough strength to make it to the bed, that i realized he wasn't showing the affection that I thought was appropriate for time invested. .i did let it be known that it was messed up for us to have gotten as far as we have, and he not feel compelled to inquire if i made it home safely.....at this point it wasn't a complaint, just a mere observation, we were still fresh, in whatever we had, but this observation wowed me.... and his response was....."we are not in a relationship,..did i miss that boat?"
To my scorpio women out there confused about your position....ESTABLISH IT FIRST.
This was my whole focus which irritated the hell out of him...i always wondered why, but now i see...
We are emotional naturally and if your leo man wont allow you to be naturally you, then the door is open for confusion to creep in. And he is not beneath playing your emotions.
I'm am more disappointed in him than anything, because it took something so small to bleed the truth from him....
Of course my nature wouldn't allow him to continue to exist in my world..... word to the wise, charm is the Leo's biggest asset, and depending on the mental strength of the Scorpio woman determines how you will allow your leo man to insert himself in your world.

Have fun dating
Scorp Woman
John the Leo 2017-02-18 22:16:37
I miss my scorpio love. Years ago, I ventured into a relationship with a scorpio woman after a nasty divorce. She approached me a work and I loved that. I accepted the invitation to her home. We talked, and as I saw she was relaxing, I gently stroked the inside of her thighs and tweaked her nipples. She responded with emotional eyes and a sigh, so I gently touched her cheeks and kissed her neck. She responded by taking off my clothes and asking me how I stayed fit. She then kissed my penis and and took my hand as she led me to her bed. Yes, I remember everything she did.... she led me to be on top of her, I entered her and proceeded to stroke her clit and g-spot on each stroke. Before long, she let me know that she had already cum and that I need not go all night, so I proceeded to finish inside of her. I tried to call her and received no response for two weeks. Then, she contacted me to visit her home again. She explained that she had a female love and that I would have to share. I was so infatuated with her that I agreed to the relationship. She was pleased and climbed on top of me, and made love to me in a very personal and sensuous way; I held her and we came together. The next week, I met the love of my life. I have been married many years, and have never seen or communicated with my scorpio love, but still think of her. Is that bad?
Zachary 2017-07-08 20:56:50
Leo man here kinda gross man why don't you put your s*x tales on a s*x site you could have told that story on a few sentences
Scorpio female 2017-01-28 02:57:05
I have never dated a leo but I was curious cause of leo male I know I wanted to see what the compatibility was. Leo men, my hats off to you! Being a Scorpio woman I got to say I don't know if I could deal with me on "those" not so pleasent times lol but on the flip side Scorpioso truely are beautifully created inside & out (on the good days lol) and will be always faithful and on YOUR side note matter what
Gotasliver 2016-11-30 14:05:13
A little respect and little appreciation is all this Leo man asks for. Personally I get tired of cleaning up all the big and little messes Scorpio gets herself into but I do it without fail. Scorpio wants to run the show even though they know they can't do it as well as Leo. (Except in the bedroom.) They are sneaky and dishonest and will try to manipulate Leo to get what they want because they know they can't win in a fair fight. Everyone knows Loyalty is Leo's number one trait not so for Scorpios. Can't have an honest discussion because their afraid they're feelings will get hurt. Won't take responsibility for they're actions. They'd rather slink off into the night.
Leo 2016-11-22 10:48:45
nathaniel 2016-10-27 01:32:17
Leo man here just to give a side example...I guess. He cares to the point of distraction. HE cannot stop thinking of what he has done or not done. I know that it may sometimes seem like we pull away and don't want to talk, but it is our way of thinking things through so that we don't say or do something to make it worse. I care so deeply that to offend the woman I love is like a physical wound. I second guess myself constantly and at the same time want to be the provider and make the decisions for us both. It feels like I fail every day and to just have a hand run through my hair and a whisper in my ear that what I am dping matters is a huge boost. I want to be the one that she comes to and asks how to do something if it is something as simple as opening a jar or buying a house or something as hard as raising a child and how best to do so. THE bedroom... oh gods the bedroom, I get chills just thinking about it. The willingness to please the desire to feel what she feels in the moment. To be wholely present in that moment and connected on a level that exceeds and previous experience ever. JUST remember leo males are in their own heads more than any other space anywhere. We feel everything.
Scorpiolady;) 2016-08-28 02:48:19
I've been with a Leo guy for 2 years he was my everything when we were together nothing else mattered he was my world as I was his. His addictions, money and job hoping made me worry about our future!
I had a miscarriage and he just wasn't there for me
In come the power struggle I became emotional he became angry and finished it!
It's like he changed over night I love and miss him so much but his actions were shocking I never could see him behaving like this?! He texted me (hope your ok)
I didn't reply as I'm to hurt, then he sent a horrible text so I blocked him....
If he really loved me wouldn't he show me?!
Confused any Leo views on this?! Thank you?!
Scorpio woman dealing with Leo man 2017-05-31 11:46:19
I too date a leo man and wow what can I say we have only been together 5 months but its like I've known him all my life the first few weeks were amazing and out of no where he texted me and ended it so I understand So I didn't speak to him for at least 6 wks now we are talking but it was the same thing every week I would spend time with him the min I leave his place he would text its over he doesn't want anything to do with me till this week he did it again but this time instead of getting mad at him I told him I'm not going to fight with him and I will see him in a couple of days he said no im for real I'm done and I said no im not fighting with you this week I'm tired and you know your going to end up texting me anyways so just stop bc I'm not going there with you so he did and text me when he got off of work and asked what I was doing so hopefully no more arguing ps be patient[just=left][/just][just=center][/just][just= right][/just]
Wisescorpio 2016-10-19 17:17:12
This is very typical . They don't deal with our emotional behavior . But they care for a Scorpio deeply. My Leo cut me off after a huge fight . Two months later mine reached out and I was still so angry that I didn't speak to him . Two years later me are back together . We have missed each other like crazy . Reach back out . I guarantee you he misses you

anod 2016-08-05 22:02:34
I recently reconnected with my Leo man. We had the best chemistry in th
e bedroom. I love sex and he knows what to do to please me. He knows I am a control freak and that doesn't seem to bother him. He is really the one in control. We live in different cities and talk /text several times a day. I just can't get him to commit to me. I know he cares about me and isn't doing anything else. I am being patient and waiting for him to lead the dance. I love him and no one has made me feel like this. Fingers crossed.
Lina 2016-07-15 11:10:27
I've been dating a Leo man for year now.. And in the beginning of our relationship it's like he wanted me to chase him and pursue him.. Which isn't like me. A couple months in our relationship he's been showering me with love.. Affection and attention. He always tries to please me. And the second I get angry at a situation or what he has done. He feels terrible and doesn't hold back when it comes to apologizing. I don't really believe in this whole Scorpio and Leo compability..i just know it depends on the man and the person he is.
Serena 2016-11-30 09:40:27
When you say it's like he wanted you to chase and pursue him can you give details please 🙂 I think I'm going through that with a Leo man now and I am a Scorpio women
Scorpio1991 2016-07-13 10:33:55
Im surprise, No Leo males are giving there thoughts or experience about us Scorpio ladies 🙁

I don't know what they really think about us but I once was going out with Leo Man, never really like him at 1st but later on I started to have feelings and have our moments together until later on we both decided to end it. I knew there were uncertainty going on with him that I couldn't trust or couldn't stand up to talk to him about the issues I'm facing/what i seen from him but instead i took the courage to end (too many times) until he was fed up and decided to end it with me too.

The last thing that he mentioned to me was ''I was a bad energy in his life and too many complications by not giving my trust towards him, it such a pity as it was nice'' and that my friend was the Leo experience with me.

Wasn't really prepared but i knew what was coming. It hurt more than I hurt him because of my trust issues and unstable emotion i keep it under myself.

Now his with this Cancer Girl he met in Japan. Now my problem is her problem but I'm sure they will go well together.
ScorpionQueen 2016-06-07 12:44:41
I've been with a Scorpio for over 8 years and I thought I could never move on! Still can't! But recently met a Leo guy and my guard is UP! Its something about him that has me wondering! But I'm going to give it a try. If it doesn't workout, I'll be sticking to what I know!
Kim b 2016-05-25 00:54:56
Having sex with my Leo I'm a Scorpio is off the charts so passionate I'm love strung ,, he has a big very big heart , I've been knowing him for years i can't get enough sex he is incredible , he lies and cheats n does what ever he wants , I get mad n tell him off he is very aggressive we both have another relationship but can't stay away from each other I really crave this man , thus has been the best rollicoaster ride of my life...
Scorpio lady 2016-04-07 08:22:15
Been dating my leo man for 4 years now so we decided to take things to the next level. I mean marriage.. But I'm afraid we won't last cause I'm very aggressive and demanding. How do I control myself from anger and trouble. I don't wanna lose him at all but I don't know how to control myself
Pallavi 2016-03-15 22:36:46
I am a scorpio woman and just chanced upon a Leo man a friend got me introduced to date him. After reading what's said above about the Leo man, I have a feeling much of it must be true or could anticipate such mannerisims in him, hoping all of it isn't true. I already am seeing glimpses of ego hassles and just hating it so very much or perhaps there's not much of interest from and I'm clearly guaging too much.
Miss peace 2016-03-03 20:41:06
I know this friend for 12years now.. He is a Leo n from day one I am attracted to him but we went our ways n lost in touch.. Couple of years later after finishing college we ended up talking to each each. He was know as the Casanova, a ladies men n that kept me away from him since I knew him.. We felt the chemistry that time itself .. We fought a lot as friends but we end up going back to each other like nothing have happened. Even if I accused him of messing with other he never justify but I could help myself wanting to have him too. My pride made me stay away from him and dated few other guys but again I kept going back to him. I felt he will be there.. We fought a lot but he have his way of making me smile..Best part is we will fight and won't speak to each other for months n years but when we meet again we never discussed about the fights instead very excited to see each other...Recently after not talking to each other for 7months we met up again to go to a music festival and to my surprise he was the most romantic person I have ever met n so so good in.... He showered me with affection all the time, kissing, hugging, holding hands n making love... I feel I am falling for him more n more but I don't know what is his intentions, is he just messing around with me too n later laugh about it say "we had a good time". I am scared to say anything as it feels like dreams n I don't wanna pop it n come back to reality of nothing but emptiness....Now I don't know what's gonna happen next.. But for sure I have fallen for his charm since 2003.... A scorpion girl....
Dany girl 2016-04-12 06:44:55
OMG THIS IS MY EXACT SITUATION. How is it going thus far, what a scorpion girl to do in this situation?
Danielle 2016-02-23 13:41:54
Hi, My name is Danielle. I am dating a leo male. We are both 24 years old. I've known him since 2011, but we just started taking each other seriously since may of 2015. I can't read him sometimes. Sometimes I feel as if he wants me to chase him, but me being a scorpio woman...I cannot do that. Its so weird, when I see him...I see long term. A husband. The father of my children, my friend, my protector. Its just so hard to figure out what he feels pertaining to me.
queenbbb 2016-02-22 11:56:24
me and my leo man have been friends for 5 years. we have gotten closer over the years and now we are trying out this dating thing. I love his easy going personality, witty sense of humor, and his service before self. He has let me know he has wanted me from day 1, figured why not give him a shot! This article defines our friendship exactly...hope things continue to go well for us in the future!
GoodGirl 2015-12-09 16:50:36
Wow, I totally get this, I've been with my Leo man for about 7 months now, and I know who is in charge. We knew each about 10 years ago but I was not ready for a relationship, we went our separate ways, both had long term relationships, him married and divorced and me having my heart broken. However our paths have crossed again (my initiative) and I can honestly say I finally feel I am with the man I'm supposed to be with. And yes he is arrogant, dominant and doesn't like it when I don't listen, however me being a submissive woman am at complete ease with him being in control of our relationship, so much so I do call him Sir! And oh yes our sex is amazing and I can be who I want to be with him, a crazy, insatiable Scorpio I just have to watch my tone, haha!
Dee 2015-12-28 09:41:33
Oh just wait my dear. A few years down the road you will get fed up with his pompous ass! Reunited after 16 years apart, married for almost 10 years. I've been done awhile.
~~Fellow scorpio woman
Scorpion Seductress 2017-08-03 18:38:39
O my dear. I've just met back up with my Leo man after 22 years. I could possibly see us being married. But I'll definitely NOT rush into anything with him!
wallflower 2015-12-02 15:46:27
I have been dating a Leo man for 5 months and this is on point. this man has made me feel so secure. I trust him and I have found myself submitting to him, he is a leader, strong and hardworking. I can see myself being with him for there rest of my life, He wants me to be happy, he goes above and beyond for me and I must say the sex isn't too bad either :-). We recently had our first major argument which is still happening, hence why I came looking for this info but he has a tendency to pull away and shut down. Apparently, I did or said something that I don't know what I did or said and he hasn't spoken to me in 3 days. This brings out the raging scorpio in me as well as just makes me question if this is how he will continue to handle problems because that does not work for me. He has been consistent and his feelings seem to be genuinely hurt by whatever this was which I really do not know what - I assume I might have been a bit too critical of some of his habits and I left his place after 4 days together when he seemed to want me to stay although he didn't come right out and say so and he has a hint of abandonment issues but I can only stroke an ego but so much. He is a pleaser, I know he gets disappointed when he cannot deliver, he cares what people think about him although he won't let on that he does. He is caring and forgiving and although I am at ease with whatever happens with him being mad, I also hope that he will take his little time to get out of his feelings and we can come up with a better way of handling our issues in the future although I am now skeptical about his ability to handle problems, I don't want to stop trusting him with my feelings because I now feel like he does not even care about my emotions and feelings or me in general to blatantly ignore me for 3 days and not care enough to put his little tantrum aside and even if he is mad to communicate and I don't know how much longer this is to last. If he wants to move on or is over us then just say so Its a selfish act in my opinion. My old ex was a leo and had similar characteristics but he also had PTSD and it was too much of a rollercoaster dealing with him. sigh......

Tamie 2015-11-30 11:18:19
I have been married to a leo for 2 years now dated 2 years. I love him but he drives me crazy! I don't see the passion, I dont see the romance. I see stubborn, know it all, grudge holding, always in somebody else business,Need attention, start something strong but dont finish traits. Is this just a maturity thing or what? We clash at least once a month and there is no grey area.Either we good or it bad NO middle.
at the end of my rope 2016-09-14 13:20:37
I have been with a leo man for 22 years and it is just like you said. I dealt the the my way or no way attitude for 22 years and I cant do it anymore. I just don't know how to tell him to leave.
Tliish 2016-08-26 07:01:44
I'm a Leo man that is widowed from a Scorpio woman after 21 years of marriage and 24 years of knowing each other. Scorpio women are interesting to say the least to be romantic with, but she was and always will be the love of my life. We both had respect and love for each other, and it grew stronger every day.
My very best friend of 49+ years is also a Scorpio woman! Leo men and Scorpio women can get along fabulously, but all relationships take work on both parts!!!!!

Jiji 2016-03-15 04:17:26
I know what you mean, it sounds like my relationship with my Leo. A year on and im wondering what im doing with him. However i love...but not sure i can keep up with his stubborness and know it all and arrogance. ITs either high highs or low lows, theres almost no inbetween which makes the whole thing very volatile.

SUPERSCORP 2015-12-26 05:16:33
Thats how they are. Egotistical bastards. Selfish.self centered arrogant they tell lies everytime they talk. They are sneaky and they cheat. scorpios are their match bc we dont take any shit. No games...and we will call a Leo out. We fight every week and he keeps coming back. I hate him but love him.
Scorpio woman and leo man 2015-11-15 18:35:22
I have been talking to my leo since sept 28 and I'm confused one min we r friends with benefits. ..but he acts like my man ..lol I make him mad all the time he will tell me to call him when I get home but I don't .He told me it's over ....so I said ok so the nexted morning he calls cursed me out and hung up ...but the end of the day he called me like nothing happened. ..and we ended up in the bed room that's out of this world ......but he will call me and sit on the phone not talking for hours .....I just don't understand. ...we have good chemistry tho ....my only problem he always thinks someone is at my house when he is not there ...like he is insecure. ..but I don't know it's crazy ...tho ..but at the same time I let him be in control ..and I'm addict to him
unrulyempress 2015-10-23 07:05:20
It's been almost 5 months since dating my Leo man. It has been great. Most of all this is so true and I know because I'm living it. One thing thou, he has made me become so submissive and less dominant, just because I feel so comfortable with him leading and me being his ScorpioQueen, I'm pumping energy in from behind the scene giving me just amount of power I require. I pray it lasts a lifetime and we start a family and continue our exciting life journey! #powercouple
Ms.Scorpio 2015-09-27 20:45:30
Im a super scorpio woman dating this wonderful sexy leo man.We have broken up about 20 times. Me bei g a Scorp...im very aggressive demanding hell im a ruler but this causes conflict because Leo is a man 100percent. The sex is outrageous along with his charm puts me on cloud 9. Now he has issues...flirty cocky sneaky but honey he has met.his match. He is a wonderful provider and i love him with all of my heart. Leo and Scorpio.Powercouple.
November girl 2015-09-26 13:20:22
So much of this is true - I love my Leo been dating for 4 months - he is stong, dominant, and incredibly sexy. Our love making is like nothing I have ever experienced- we rock each others world for hours in the bedroom- I cannot let go of him - his personality, how affectionate and tender he is to me - I want forever with him and will go to any lengths to get there -
NEVER in all my years met a man I could not let go of easily - and have - but I am consumed by this one !!!
Bethanie 2015-07-09 17:45:05
I am engaged to a LEO man.. being a Scorpio Woman these facts are amazingly close and he has gone cold enough to leave me as a friend but only after a yr of not talking he came running back .... i love is arrogance and cockiness im not sure why but it drives me crazy and i cant ever get enough of him i knew the day we met id fall my hardest and i feel hes my twin flame.. which im still learning about bc i never experienced anything like this in my entire life

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