Leo and Sagittarius compatibility

Leo and Sagittarius Zodiac signs compatibility
These zodiac signs are under the protection of one element - Fire. Leo man and Sagittarius woman with the very first minute of dating are attracted to each other as if some unseen force throws them into the arms of one another, promising heavenly happiness. According to the compatibility horoscope, it is clear that these zodiac signs have much in common - for example, optimism, communicability, enthusiastic attitude to everything in life. Thees two will take love like a revelation: the Leo man will fall in love because his fiancee arouses admiration and pride in him, Sagittarius woman will fall in love because her man arouses hitherto unseen force of passion in her.

Leo man believes that his Sagittarius woman is so good that she is worthy of his royal society. He respects her, pampers and cherishes her in every way. Both of them are highly inclined to have a greater propensity to emotional worries, so their love will be a fertile ground for further development of their personalities and for personal growth. Being proud of his woman, passionately loving her, Leo man wants to still see her not as a strong personality or with her views on life and feelings, but as his decoration, beautifully polished and inserted into a gold frame. This man's attitude towards the Sagittarius woman may lead to protracted and deep conflicts between them because his fiancee wants her opinion to be also considered. Zodiac sign Sagittarius does not recognize patriarchal family relations: she wants to be, above all, a personality, and be on an equal relationship with her beloved man. The trouble is that Leo man does not perceive persuasions and requests, and Sagittarius woman will have to try hard in proving her right. She needs to be alert since a Leo man never gives up his positions, and he is not stingy with money to eventually defeat his stubborn wife. For him, conceding to his wife and losing are equivalent concepts.

To save the union, Sagittarius woman and Leo man should be good to master the art of compromise, and the ability to negotiate. Only by negotiating with each other, they can achieve equality in their relationship and happiness in family life. Leo man should respect the integrity of his wife's personality, while the Sagittarius woman should gently but firmly show her husband her personality strengths. The wise Leo will appreciate actions and smart ideas of the wife, and he would have to reckon with her. According to the compatibility horoscope, these two will have a life full of bitter resentment, disappointment and transcendent bliss. But they belong to a group of smart and powerful people but because they will always stop confrontation before the truth will leave them forever.

Eilish 2015-06-26 23:24:34
I fancy a Leo man and I want him to know in do, I keep dropping hints to make him understand me and know i do and when he asks me if I fancy him I always say know and I can't say yes for some reason because I'm scared that he will tell everyone he flirts and laughs with women who he talks to in front of me is he doing this on propose? Because I think he is. He talks to me in a mannor that I am his girlfriend but I don't know if he's like this with everyone he tells me he loves me and things I don't fancy him for his looks it's his personality that attracts my attention mostly because we are simular people and he tells me i am different to every over girl he knows and I am much better than them all. The reason I am attracted to him because he compliments me all the time and tells me how well I look and how I should wear my hair and that he prefers me natural and tells me I look sexy today. Does he fancy me or is it just a leo thing to say that to a woman casually? Advice please:-|

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ahmet 2015-05-12 12:39:39
Elise... Prove ur leo that u belong to him and put him above everything. We are gracious in our love and will give space

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Elise 2015-02-16 19:00:25
I really love reading this type of stuff. I try to learn from it to help my relationship with my leo partner. I would like to know more about him so that I can understand him more. I am very social and I love freedom. lately it seems it has been getting on his nerves. my intentions are never to hurt him I love him to death. I just wish he could respect my love for freedom a little more.

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