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Cancer and Aries Compatibility Horoscope

If this couple - Cancer man and Aries woman - has already decided to get married, be sure that they had a very good reason for that. The compatibility horoscope suggests that these zodiac signs will rarely get into a relationship, and even having liked each other, these people, over time, understand that they have a completely different view of life. This couple can be formed in early youth when they are too young to think seriously about the difference between characters, or even in a fairly mature age when Cancer man and Aries woman well understand and are aware of how they should behave. To create a more or less stable union, the couple must work thoroughly in order not to spoil each other's life.

They can take the difference in characters as an opportunity to study a partner. Both of them do not want a boring life and routines in personal relationships, but these two cannot even imagine what feelings and resentments they will encounter due to these opposite views in life. The Cancer man will like the Aries woman by her brightness, extraordinary thinking, fresh ideas, and he will be happy - to diversify his boring monotonous life with an exciting new relationship. The Cancer man strives to create a family, he dreams of a comfortable home, about children, and sees a future family life with an Aries woman, as a daily celebration, but in a narrow family circle.

The Aries woman is in no hurry to tie the knot, she wants to make the right choice in her man's reliability. She likes entertainment and meetings with friends and fears that family life would limit her freedom and deprive her of what pleases her at the moment. The Aries woman with her usual impulsiveness will today agree to marry, then tomorrow break the engagement until eventually, the Cancer man's warmth and gentle attitude towards her stops dragging her doubt to the 'And why not?' side. Bastion is taken, the fortress has fallen, and now they will have a long family relationship.

Cancer man and Aries woman are different, their elements - Fire and Water - are in constant interaction, but do not contradict each other. According to the compatibility horoscope, one can see that it depends only on these zodiac signs whether their relationship will be peaceful, or will it lead to a ceaseless battle with each other. A small amount of water can stimulate the flames to whirl up above, and a large portion spilled into the fire can extinguish it altogether. Fire in moderate amounts will make the water warmer, and a large amount will turn even the coldest source into a boiling water. If both fire and water will be in a measure, the couple of Cancer man and Aries woman can be envied.

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tomad 2023-12-02 08:18:00
What about csncer man and Capricorn female
BREE 2023-03-19 14:54:07
What about Cancer woman and Gemini man??? Will this relationship be successful????
HeliosEos 2023-11-20 03:01:07
The compatibility between a Cancer woman and a Gemini man can be both rewarding and challenging. These signs possess different characteristics and approaches to life, which can create a dynamic and interesting relationship. Let's explore some key aspects of this pairing:

Emotional Compatibility:
Cancer is a water sign, known for their deep emotions, sensitivity, and nurturing nature. They seek security, emotional connection, and stability in relationships. On the other hand, Gemini is an air sign characterized by intellectual curiosity, a need for mental stimulation, and a tendency to live more in the realm of ideas. They may not be as in touch with their emotions as a Cancer.

Communication and Intellect:
Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, emphasizing their love for conversation and intellectual exchange. Their curious and adaptable nature can contribute to stimulating discussions. Cancer, being a sensitive and intuitive sign, may appreciate Gemini's ability to keep things mentally engaging. However, the emotional depth of Cancer may sometimes clash with Gemini's more detached and rational approach.

Need for Security vs. Independence:
Cancer seeks emotional security and longs for a committed and stable relationship. They value loyalty, home life, and nurturing their loved ones. Gemini, on the other hand, values their independence, mental freedom, and variety in life. They may enjoy socializing, exploration, and maintaining a wide circle of friends. This contrast can sometimes lead to differences in expectations and needs within the relationship.

Adaptability and Flexibility:
Gemini is known for being adaptable and flexible, often embracing change with ease. They are open to new experiences and ideas, which can complement the more sensitive and nurturing nature of Cancer. Their ability to adapt can help navigate the emotional fluctuations that Cancer may experience.

Communication Challenges:
Gemini's tendency to be intellectually focused and task-oriented might pose challenges in understanding the deeper emotional needs of a Cancer partner. Cancer may desire more emotional expression and reassurance, which at times can be difficult for Gemini, who may struggle to provide the level of emotional support that Cancer craves.

Potential for Growth:
With open communication, understanding, and compromises from both partners, this relationship can cultivate growth. Cancer can learn from Gemini's ability to embrace change and adapt, helping them become more flexible. Conversely, Gemini can benefit from Cancer's nurturing and emotional depth, learning to connect and understand the value of emotional bonds.

Support and Balance:
A successful Cancer-Gemini relationship will require both partners to find a balance between emotional depth and intellectual stimulation. If they can establish open and honest communication, respect each other's needs, and create a supportive environment, they can form a unique and fulfilling partnership.

In summary, the success of a relationship between a Cancer woman and Gemini man depends on their willingness to understand and appreciate each other's contrasting qualities. By embracing their differences, practicing effective communication, and finding common ground, they can build a strong and supportive bond. While challenges may arise, a combination of love, effort, and personal growth can contribute to the success of this relationship.
Esther. 2021-05-28 10:06:58
so, as a cancer woman, who is the best partner to marry?
Fred Joseph 2023-07-04 09:54:35
a scorpio man and a cancer woman may have a have a happy relationship, but there is a lot of sacrifice needs to be done,,the road they will take will not be easy, the temptation they will face will be like a powerful storm with lightning, but my advice to a scorpio man and a cancer woman ,is to stay strong, and never lose faith, cause the power you have are very powerful, nothing cannot stop what you start, nothing connot separates you both, not even death has the power to do so!
sana 2023-04-05 12:38:29
it's scorpio
el stopp0 2021-04-17 08:47:28
i love all signs with their unique ability
veronica Goeda 2020-12-21 18:27:48
I have a sister whose an Aries n it's almost impossible to stay mad at each other or maybe it's because she knows I can't stay mad anyone
Jamie 2020-11-26 22:34:04
this was stupid only a cancer male and aries female is mentioned
Charlene 2020-09-25 20:57:01
what about cancer man & Capricorn women
Haider 2020-07-15 03:24:09
Haider: me no have relationship with any girl I don't no why but I'm truly lover i need honest girl
Haider 2020-07-15 03:22:41
me no have relationship with any girl I don't no why but i I'm truly lover
Larry gardner 2020-07-09 21:23:47
I want to know if I ever get married
ash 2020-06-12 17:39:17
I just realised my sis is an Aries
Aleacia 2020-02-15 07:09:35
What is the compatibility? For a Cancer woman and a Scorpio man.?

shashanka sekhar chakravorti 2019-08-28 00:24:27
plz provide daily influensive numbers
sanford 2019-07-11 02:25:52
i am carcer too 6 22 god give us carcer something special i fine my special thing i happy with it
betty 2019-05-04 03:45:35
how do i change it to aquaus sigh and canser
amani shin 2019-05-01 19:52:11
thus virgo man does not match to cancer woman?
amani shin 2019-04-26 02:24:59
what about cancer woman and virgo man?isc.f. it compatible or not?
Toni 71 2019-04-13 20:23:28
My soul mates an aries he Romanian and I Italian his demons get along fine with mine
Cameron 2019-03-30 18:10:27
Cancer We Water Signs and Aries that Fire Signs
matt 2019-03-17 12:39:02
how bout cancer with no women
Damo 2019-03-16 15:35:08
my Mrs is a Virgo. what's does that mean?
Gabrielle Johnson 2018-10-14 13:43:49
What about an Taurus man and Cancer Woman?
yubisha 2018-06-07 07:39:46
I'm the woman who will be the man to marry me???
2018-01-29 07:26:27
now I dated a Aries man and we were not compatible I found that I get along with another cancer or a scorpio

kwamr 2017-09-22 00:41:07
I never been or ever had a relationship with an aries
Her MMA Fighter 2015-12-12 11:41:10
Honestly I've have an Aries friend and I spend my free time with her on my mind. This Aries is always on my mind. She's a phenomenal girl I do what no man does and I found out she pays attention like I have her as a best friend that will end up the girl worth everything for. I don't understand how to explain things to her so I'll let us get closer time spent with her is amazing. I take care of little things she doesn't do and I know she appreciates them just never gets into emotions. If I don't see her she knows something is up and it's me giving her room and seeing if she cares about me. And how much she cares Shes a people person. I'm literally learning how to be better with her because I want her to mean more in our lives. People speak like they know her when I can tell how much she's delt with. She needs to think about other guy's and why I'm different then she will have the best relationship the best man. I admit when I'm wrong I'm there for her and right now she needs me to support her. THE hardest part is being able to just trust her. She won't mention any feelings when it's obvious her body language tells me enough to want her to admit what will take things forward. I haven't cared about anyone in my life that wasn't family. I help out my dad every day. I dont go out drinking or clubbing never have, I even stopped getting into bed with just Anyone..A Cancer male in bed depends on what he feels. Am i going to be the best thing in bed? Yes, i proudly admit it. Also depends on what I'm working with so she will smile knowing amazing love making is hers. 4 years without it.

I'm also a mixed martial arts fighter, I fight in a cage. I have muscles and abs and veiny arms. She likes that but she likes knowing I dont want to be without her if i lose her then it's me. Am i tough enough to just let this girl be her? Also it helps a Cancer male so much more if an Aries female can reassure us a little more till we are more confident. She knows I'm not a sweetheart but I'm a sweetheart to her. I'm very loyal and I know being titled as together or us dating isn't the right time so it's difficult keeping away from her worried about my insecurities that will end us. Lastly I want to say something.

. Danielle I love you I'm your biggest fan and I'm doing this all this so you can get a man that tries. Also a man that can be wrong but has a reason for why. Im treading carefully & not rushing. Let me keep you in my life so I have the babe that appreciates me as much as I appreciate you.

You'll get something like this out of Dating a Cancer. If our feelings are hurt we don't trust easily..if you build us up and try more for a Cancer you end up lucky and happy you get to live yourself. Don't change for a Cancer just accept a Cancer, I promise You Aries badass women will get everything you want out of life. I love my Aries. Haha
noneedtoknow 2016-01-08 06:52:19
Wow. You are so sweet. Don't wait too long because she can mistake you taking forever as a sign that will never happen. Aries women do learn to keep our feelings hidden because we happen to be very headstrong and men don't like that. So, we have been hurt so much by rejection that when we meet someone we really really really like and they seem to be giving mixed signals, we pull away. It happened to me.
Shaudae 2017-07-25 16:40:12
Very true if we feel in any way a man is dragging their feet we will roam elsewhere until we find exactly what were looking for. We get bored easy so don't bend so quickly this shows an Aries woman a sign of weakness as well. We like a strong man one we can feel will go the distance, conquer the world and keep up with our impulsive nature but deep down inside we long for loyalty and love an most importantly stabbility. She is more then likely gaurding her feelings trying to feel you out more or she is waiting for you to move. An Aries mind is almost like playing a match of chess. Either we conquer you and game over or you conquer us
Unknown 2015-05-09 01:06:38
I am 14 years old and I dated a Cancerian guy. He was the best thing that ever happened to me. I found out a couple weeks ago that we still like each other, and I am really happy. i know I'm very young, but I think I've found true love in him. We could sit and talk for hours, or do fun stuff together. He's amazing
OG poplockin Tickalott 2020-08-20 04:00:06
ARE YOU A CANCER AND HE IS ARIES OR WHAT you are a Aries and he is a cancer.
Stephanie 2014-11-22 16:44:54
Coming from an Aries I have had many men problems. Either to much of this and not enough that. I jump then think, oh crap. Not again! I now see IV been in love with the idea and not the man. My Cancer and I have been together 3 yrs moved in and blended my 2 girls with his 2 boys. I am beyond happy that it brings me to tears! The foundation is trust. I have NEVER trusted anyone the way I trust him! Friendship. He TRUELY is my best friend and warms my heart to think about. Admiration. We admire and adore one another. He truly is my Prince Charming that Aries looks for. S*x is mind blowing because how the passion and connection to our souls. My strong impulsive self has found someone not only excepting but loved and adored for it! We have such trust in each other, I never thought that this could exists. I know if I fall he will gladly catch me without judgment but a smile like, "oh! That's my Aries!" I never feel I'm in need because of how I am his princess. I am TRUELY lucky to have found my cancer man. Even though it's 20 yrs difference and 10 late. Better now than never. We have learned what is wrong so we can appreciate all the right in each other. We cherish and don't take the other for granted!! He is my love, friend, MY SOUL MATE!
Best wishes to all who search for soul mates!
Luckiest Aries
Keith 2020-08-10 16:56:44
I'm a cancer man and 2as married to my Aries wife for 30 plus years. actually we're still married but have been apart for over 10 years. We just grew apart. I still love her, she's the mother of our two great kids. I don't think we could get back together butt you never know.
H 2018-04-23 17:43:34
Just like my story... for me, the moon man just fell into my life. 10 years too late, but so fantastic as one can be... we both have 3 kids from previous marriages, but as they ended, it doesnt matter. I have never felt so loved, cared and appriciated... He is my Prince charming and hopefully I am his princess... humour, sex, hours of talk - match is 100%
Cancer Lover 2014-07-14 20:10:04
Ive been with my cancer man for almost 8 months now. Im an aries. So far we have had the best relationship. I became pregnant only after 3 months together, we also moved in together 4 months of being together. Unfortunatley I misscarried one month into pregnancy and was devastated!! He was there with me the entire time and wiped my tears telling me everything was going to be ok. As an Aries i was always the strong one, it feels goos having someone pick you up sometimes. We have out bad times but for the most part this Cancer man is my soulmate. We are already planning our wedding for next year and are trying to conceive again. ( did i mention the s*x is Tony the Tiger Grrrrrrrrrrrrreat) 😝
ynot 2019-05-07 17:38:39
sound like you talkin about me ma'am I would like someone to talk about me like that and my name happen to be Tony the Tiger what a blessing
Minka 2014-06-03 20:01:50
I dated a Cancerian man, I am Aries. I wish I had taken the time to be with him, to develop trust and to have him believe in me. I guess the main factors of our break-up was his jelously,not allowing me freedom, not trusting me even though I was the most faithful person. Maybe it was my impatience, action-orientated, loud-mouth attitude. I don't know. All that I know Is that I will always love him, and him me. Just too young though.I really loved you and would have been there for you no matter what, even though I was different. (from an aries). Don't ever judge an aries, you have hardly any understanding of the depth and sincerity of their character.
Cancer Lover! 2015-04-28 23:59:34
Ninja, I too have had the pleasure of dating a Cancer Male. We suffered the same fate due to the same issues. I will always love him and I miss him, it is better that we moved on though. As an Aries woman, I totally agree with your last statement. SO TRUE!

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