Taurus and Cancer compatibility

Taurus and Cancer Zodiac signs compatibility
This union has the potential to become solid and lasting: the compatibility horoscope of the zodiac signs Taurus and Cancer indicates that the Earth and Water elements are the protectors of this marriage, which combine well with each other. Water and Earth cannot exist without each other, and although sometimes water leaves the Earth, turning into vapor, in the end, it always comes back to Earth in the form of life-giving rain. It is Water that turns the Earth into a blooming garden, it is the Cancer woman that can make this a happy union.

The zodiac sign Taurus feels quite pacified in a marriage with a Cancer woman: he does the typical male roles, his fiancee does not require him to change, and does not ask for the impossible from him. The Taurus man found in his beloved understanding and support he needs. Both partners aspire for stability in life and comfort at home, they will work tirelessly to create a reliable rear and secure the family's future. Both the Taurus man and Cancer woman are constant in feelings, they are not inclined to rushing from side to side. A quiet, peaceful homely warmth and happiness hover in their family.

A Cancer woman has a much higher sensitivity than her lover. She can be offended by a word spoken, even casually, by chance, or by a careless action of her man that she takes as arrogant, but he did not even notice. But when offended, a Cancer woman will never call a Taurus man for a frank conversation to explain what she feels. She prefers to be silent, to step aside, take refuge in her cell. Most often in such situations, Taurus man will be at a loss on what of his actions or words so offended his Cancer woman. Periodic detachment and solitude of his woman, heavy silence hanging in the air make the Taurus man think that their relationship is deadlocked, and that she no longer loves him. To maintain stability in the family, the Cancer woman must talk openly about her feelings and sensations, and then the relationship between the husband and wife will go to the next level - full of confidence and mutual understanding.

The compatibility horoscope warns that the pathological stubbornness of the Taurus man may carry some problems. The Cancer woman should be wiser in this, yielding to her partner in minor things. But by agreeing to compromise, the Cancer woman and Taurus man need to negotiate every nuance of their relationship because he is not able to feel so finely as the Cancer woman and may in some cases simply do not anticipate on emerging problems.

cancer lady 2015-06-25 06:35:29
i luv my taurus man despite his stubborness i love him he is my rock been wit him for 5 years living wit him for 4 yrs. the compatibility is pretty accurate im very emotional and do want security and he is a mans man and that is wat i need in my life  :like:

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kimmietime 2015-05-15 14:56:22
My taurus man and I are 17 years apart we just met and I'm not sure where the relationship will go but we are extremely attracted to each other I like him a lot any advice? by the way he's a taurus man and I am a cancer woman and I am the one that 17 years older than hIm

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lealee81 2015-05-07 22:32:54
Any taurus guys able to tell me when is the best time to tell him I love him for the first time or how do I tell him?

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cancer w 2015-04-26 23:11:29
I love my taurus man! The quit doesn't bother me, because I know if i sit back n show faith in him that he can figure out whatevers going on. And he feels more secure that im not worried, and were good.
Therefore he can think, and not be distracted by a complaining, nagging, insecure woman. But one that believes in him.

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unknwn 2015-04-24 13:10:37
I m cancerian grl bt my Taurus frend is lookng little bit complicated fr me nw
Frst he send proporsal text I dnt knw abut text thn aftr 30min he said sorry I sendng thz to my gf
I said ok
Thn whn he on 2nd time he text me again. And whn I immediately ask so aftr 15min he replyd I m send text to my gf and whn I forcd so he said tell ur's feelng so I ws confuse and nt text him again
Bt every day we meet Bt nt do any conversatn he just making an eye contact
So can any Taurus tell me wht actually going on in his head actually??....

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ravi 2015-05-08 03:18:12
He is worshipping you but not enough Dare to express and the gf in his intentions is u only ask him gently and make him to propose. U because I am a Taurus man

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cancer woman 2015-02-16 23:52:39
Im a very emotional person im with a very quiet taurus man .. im getting to know this man ...we have two years already living together and sometimes they are like rocks only when i get very emotional is when he starts to worrie. Its very clear that he loves i just dont understand why he's so quiet are all taurus like this? E  ?)

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B 2015-06-30 06:04:10
Yes. Most of us are

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Coto 2015-04-02 19:56:07
Yes we are. Im a Taurus male. Its nothin personal towards u he's just thinking. Its not anything bad so dnt fret over his silence we do it unintentionally. Our thoughts change damn near every 5 mins so thats prolongs the silence lol trust me u got em.

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Vee 2015-02-13 06:34:56
my Taurus man is like his house big and solid. He has weaknesses and I know every one of them. but as the reading suggests I do have to stop being cut off from him when offended and communicate sensitively instead.. energy flows then....

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waqas ali raja 2015-02-10 21:23:02
I am taurus man i need a cancer women any like to cotact me 00966547586960 whatsaap and prince_waqas2@yahoo.com my mail address

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Saflady 2015-01-07 12:48:55
I'm a cancer women and I love my Taurus man like poison but he leaves me in silence for days on end leaving me wondering if the feeling is mutual.....why do they do this?

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OverAnalyticBulhead 2015-05-01 14:23:27
Ive read this time and time again, and hands-down I too am GUILTY with this kind of eerie behavior. I know I may not be the best representative to call in all Taurus male's behalf, but I urge you not to be alarmed, rest assured that you'll still have your man and he will still love you forever and ever

I dont know why WE tend to do this, yes "WE" a lot of Taurus guys do this, yet, even me, a taurus guy who heavily invest towards inner reflection, am still not able to fully understand the triggers of such distant-cing behavior.

But the thing I learned is that it has to be all in the emotional side. Yes, all that Taurus guy's tough-guy attitude and brass looks is there to cloak the softest and most vulnerable part of any Taurus... their Heart. Now, daring to get a Taurus man's attention will only MAKE cracks in the relationship.

But I come not without advise. As a female cancer, you'll find it easy to reach-out and touch his heart. Use his silence in your advantage, actually, use it against him. No dont use it to weird him out, NO, PLEASE NO! That will be disastrous! Use it against him while he is under deep thought and silently yet gently sneak behind him and gently hug. Best described as "I've missed you soo long!" or "I thought you didnt make it through the war" kind of hug, you get the idea. Protip: cuddle for greater effect.

He will drop his guard and quickly come back to the present, all his sense will flair and realize - "WHAT HAVE I DONE!?". Trust me, it always works, my ex does all the time, and even thought she have done it a million times, it gets every single time. JUST REMEMBER, during that time, your Taurus man is in a Trance, NEVER EVER mention anything that will make him go back into his deep thinking, or you'll lose him for the rest of the day.
Note: NEVER EVER HUG HIM IF YOU'VE JUST RECENTLY HAD A FIGHT. Give it a couple of hours 2 hours minimum - 4 hours max, and also make sure his mind is into something else, like his watching a show, or browsing the web. Just make sure you dont feel that heavy aura that you cancer ladies seem to instinctively notice with people.

this is the best I can give, its quite long, but really helpful.


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igor 2015-01-23 18:37:33
because he wanna try you ... can be faith or no

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unknown 2014-09-10 03:46:44
Wow, this is amazing on how this relates to my relationship with a Taurus man.

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