Taurus and Capricorn compatibility

Taurus and Capricorn Zodiac signs compatibility
The compatibility horoscope predicts a long level life together in the union of a Taurus man and Capricorn woman. The Earth element is the protector of the marriage, so it is stable and durable. This couple is an example and challenge to all those unions in which the lovers can never come to common solutions.

They are constant in their views and affections. They are drawn to each other in such a way that when they are together, no force can break their embrace. They will speak on various topics and discuss common affairs, but more often - will keep silence together, and at that will not get bored with each other.

A Capricorn woman from the first minutes struck the Taurus man with her inner passion, but external cold restraint. He understood that she is among those women who will not rush into a new relationship, who relates to the choice of partner in life very seriously and carefully. He is just captivated by such force of character of the zodiac sign Capricorn, and he, without hesitation, proposed to her. She agreed after some hesitation.

A Capricorn woman in her image and the inner world has a secret that Taurus will want to uncover. Perhaps this is the only union of all, astrologically possible, in which a Taurus man tries to change, to grow internally, try all the qualities that he did not have before. In a relationship with a Capricorn woman, the Taurus man will show extraordinary tenderness, and even poetry. He will love the romantic aura of their dating, and learn to fantasize and dream, still standing firmly on his feet. They have much to teach each other, while maintaining respect and peace in the family. Probably, they might get offended sometimes: Capricorn woman - on the excessive importunity of Taurus man, while her lover - on excessive coldness, but who remembers about this when the minutes of offense will give way to hours of mutual and passionate love!

The compatibility horoscope suggests that these two will respect each other, their love to people around will be a revelation that one rarely meets in life, and whose existence that many donít believe in already. A Taurus man and Capricorn woman will grow spiritually and professionally, giving each other warmth, tenderness, love and understanding. Their sex life will be full of passion that they will never lose in life. In old age, a Taurus man and Capricorn woman will walk in the park every day, gently holding each other's hand...

kanika 2015-03-04 13:08:28
i don't know whether the tauras like me or not ,i feel that if i will confess to him although i don't have guts he 'll never talk to me . I want that he must talk to me first.. but ther is no chance to meet.... I should forget about him or should keep on thinking abt hi
m.. Plz help

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Unknown 2014-12-18 14:28:12
I love my Taurus man.. It seem I want move forward and he wants take it slow. What does that mean? Sometimes I think he not ready for our relationship and acts like he's single.

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t rex 2014-09-21 06:01:54
I'm dating a cap right now and there is definitely a bond with this woman from the start. I wanna make love to her so much but she wants me to take it slow??? Sh*t I can feel her up but she won't let me kiss her . Are they like this or is she healing an st or something.... so weird!

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Capricorn Woman 2015-01-13 11:18:43
You say you can feel her up but she wont kiss you? A Cap can separate those two. Kissing is more intimate. Be patient with her. If she has been really hurt in the past- she may be taking it so to protect herself.

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Taurus2Love 2014-11-04 00:01:19
Take it slow if thats what she prefers. You will not regret it. She wants you on the low but is not easy and doesnt want to loose any of your respect by giving exactly what SHE wants to give you. Give a little time. Show your consistency and she will come around....lol alot

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donna 2014-09-11 11:37:21
We weretogether 9 years and then we lost child willwe found our way back to each other?

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Unknown 2014-09-19 23:01:15
Taurus men might seem cold and fortified but we are actually very tender on the inside. Hold him and tell him about how much you need him. How important he is to you. Show him you love him and he won't fail you. The bulls never quit on the ones who loves them, no matter what..

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Ana 2015-02-23 08:29:08
Really love the "bull" I am dating. But can feel the attachment he still has for his ex who left him many years ago. I know she will always be a part of him. Trying to find my inner confidence to be accepting if this as our relationship is very close to described here, full of passion with peaceful contentment a rare find!

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