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The compatibility horoscope predicts a long level life together in the union of a Taurus man and Capricorn woman. The Earth element is the protector of the marriage, so it is stable and durable. This couple is an example and challenge to all those unions in which the lovers can never come to common solutions.

They are constant in their views and affections. They are drawn to each other in such a way that when they are together, no force can break their embrace. They will speak on various topics and discuss common affairs, but more often - will keep silence together, and at that will not get bored with each other.

A Capricorn woman from the first minutes struck the Taurus man with her inner passion, but external cold restraint. He understood that she is among those women who will not rush into a new relationship, but who takes to the choice of partner in life very seriously and carefully. He is just captivated by such force of character of the zodiac sign Capricorn, and he, without hesitation, proposed to her. She agreed after some hesitation.

A Capricorn woman in her image and the inner world has a secret that Taurus will want to uncover. Perhaps this is the only union of all, astrologically possible, in which a Taurus man tries to change, to grow internally, or to try all the qualities that he did not have before. In a relationship with a Capricorn woman, the Taurus man will show extraordinary tenderness and even poetry. He will love the romantic aura of their dating, and learn to fantasize and dream, still standing firmly on his feet. They have much to teach each other while maintaining respect and peace in the family. They might get offended sometimes: Capricorn woman - on the excessive importunity of Taurus man, while her lover - on excessive coldness, but who remembers about this when the minutes of offense will give way to hours of mutual and passionate love!

The compatibility horoscope suggests that these two will respect each other, their love to people around them will be a revelation that one rarely meets in life, and whose existence that many don't believe in already. A Taurus man and Capricorn woman will grow spiritually and professionally, giving each other warmth, tenderness, love, and understanding. Their sex life will be full of passion that they will never lose in life. In old age, a Taurus man and Capricorn woman will walk in the park every day, gently holding each other's hand.

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Taurus-Capricorn 2023-11-14 03:16:57
Taurus and Capricorn compatibility often ranks highly, as both of these earth signs share incredibly compatible qualities. They have similar approaches to life and shared values that often make for a solid pairing. Let's delve deeper into their compatibility:

1. Love and Romance: In a romantic relationship, Taurus and Capricorn can form a strong, enduring bond as both desire security and stability. Capricorn, ambitious and disciplined, appreciates Taurus' loyalty and patience. Taurus, in turn, admires Capricorn's dedication and strong will. The relationship between these two signs can be genuinely supportive, creating a nurturing and caring dynamic.

2. Communication and Intellect: Both Taurus and Capricorn tend to be straightforward communicators, and they share a practical, logical approach. They appreciate clear, honest, and grounded conversations, which can lead to a strong intellectual connection. They're both realistic rather than idealistic, further aiding their communication.

3. Emotions: Emotional compatibility between Taurus and Capricorn is usually quite strong. Both being earth signs, they value emotional stability and are not known for dramatic emotional swings. As such, Taurus and Capricorn can create a calming emotional atmosphere, strengthening their bond in the process.

4. Values: Taurus and Capricorn have a lot in common when it comes to their core values. Both appreciate structure, security, and luxury. They can understand each other's desires well, whether it’s Taurus's love for indulgence or Capricorn's drive towards success and authority.

5. Shared Activities: Given their shared earth sign temperament, Taurus and Capricorn tend to enjoy similar activities. They both appreciate the finer things in life, whether it's enjoying a gourmet meal or spending a relaxed and cozy day at home. They can also bond over activities that involve nature, such as gardening or hiking.

Overall, Taurus and Capricorn compatibility is usually high, given their shared qualities and values. However, like any relationship, it's essential to maintain open communication. Both signs can sometimes become too wrapped up in their perspective, becoming stubborn or rigid. But with understanding and compromise, this partnership has excellent potential.
Naomi 2017-11-10 19:23:05
Female Cap here. After dating an Aries for 6 years and thinking I was in love with a Virgo I somehow got so lucky to meet my Taurus man. We are a fresh relationship but never have a met a human so kind to the touch and so warm in his gaze. I look forward to getting to know him and I never thought it was possible for me to be so smitten. "Lucky are the Taurus’ and Capricorns of the world, because you do not need anyone else but each other."
Julie 2017-11-02 15:17:52
I am a capricorn women with a taurus man 16 years my elder. We do not have to speak to understand each other. He is protective, ultra loving, sweet, sensitive, etc. He proposed within a few months of meeting. The interesting thing he asked me if I had a one night stand. As a true Capricorn, I have not. This highlights how important an exclusive, monogamous relationship is to the Taurus.
jessica 2015-08-29 23:11:22
Am a carpricorn lady nd i met dis taurus guy on a datin site,we exchanged numbers nd started chattin on facebook,we were gettin along very wel until somethin happened,we don't live in d same state,he invited me to come see him but i refuse to go becos i wanted to look perfect before meetin him,his birthday was may nd he told me if i don't show up on his birthday,dat would be d end of us,i failed him again nd dat was were d problem started,i called him to wish him a happy birthday but to my utmost surprise,a strange girl picked up his call,i couldn't believe my ears,d bitch picked d call nd asked me to stop callin her boyfriend!!!i almost went mad,i continue callin his number nd d bitch keep pickin his calls,i wrote him several messages but d girl kept readin dem nd callin me wit his number to mock me,dat was d height of it,i was devastated but i never gave up,i added him up on whatsapp recently nd we started talkin again,he invited me over d second time nd plannin to meet him wen d same girl called me to stay off him.I immediately called his numbers but he didn't pick,so i sent him an insultive message on whatsapp,he read it nd didn't reply back,I wanted send"hey"message to one of my contact nd i mistakenly sent it to him,he replied me wit"yes"nd i insulted him again,i called him"son of a bitch'i know i went too far but i couldn't control my anger,he insulted me back nd blocked me on whatsapp,i don't have problem wit him blockin me becos i would have said worse thins to him.D problem i have now is dat,i still have feelins for him but at d same time i want revenge,am confuse,pls i need advice,my heart is cryin for revenge.
Cass 2016-03-27 03:34:20
Oh luv let it go, you sound psycho and Taurus men are offputted by foul mouthed women and needy women and women that lie. He's over it. There's others, just take it easy.
Emily 2016-02-21 10:38:23
Hey, don't worry. Look I want u to give him a second chance. Taurus guys don't usually express themselves but they crave for it. You must express yourself to him. He is either mad at u cuz u didnt go on his birthday and that's why he added a girl or he is just bored of texting or seeing u in a video or pic. You know guys wants their girlfriend to be next to them or like other user said he is just a jerk. Because u still have a feelings for him, give him a another chance. Write him ," Hey (his name), I'm sorry I insulted you but I didn't really mean it. I'm sorry but I do get mad too. When I wanted to wish you sweet happy birthday, one girl picked the phone and keep telling me to leave you alone. You know how much I felt hurt honey? If you want me to I will go to ( his state name) to meet you but I don't want to see her or hear from her anymore! Okay? If you love me or at least have feelings for me, you will choose me over her. I know how it feels to have a girlfriend but not able to meet her. I want to meet you too sweetheart. Sorry I failed to go on your birthday. I'm texting u now because I Love you ( his name) I don't want that girl to pick your phone again, alright? Put yourself on my shoes sweetie, what would you do or how would u feel if one guy picks my phone and tells you to leave me alone? Try to understand me too. Want me to go meet you or you want her instead? I love you ( his name) and now it's up to you!"
Okay, I believe this works. And I think it's worth to try since you still have feelings for him. Meet him and take pics and etc... I'm Capricorn and female and my boyfriend is taurus. We have been together for 2 years and we already planned to get married after two years. Trust me you got this. If he refuses to give her up on u then he is jerk or love her. Even he does that just text him " okay, good luck ( his name ) and have a great life without me. You will regret this!" And don't insult . And please tell me what happened, okay Jessica?
Maithili Rao 2015-09-28 08:48:08
taurians are stubborn . let this one go. no use chasing after a guy who would degrade you in front of another woman ... he seems to have made up his mind about not wanting to be with you
Rani 2015-08-24 18:24:35
I am a Capricorn woman married to a Taurus man since last 9 years. And life with him is really awesome. There are bull fights but that to be once in a year and now the severity has decreased very much. He is my best friend and most understanding, sweet heart. He is my soul mate.
Forever grateful 2015-08-18 13:05:58
I'm a cap woman who also fell in love of a Taurus man. Since the day 1 we never ever been separated for more than couple of hours, living such a dream. BUT, and here is my s.o.s, we are about to separate after 2 years traveling the world and after being such an inspiring couple...why? Taurus (or just my man?!) are also people who (just as Capricorn too, I know) are always right. In my case, he is actually a very very smart guy, talented! But he can be very much annoying by giving pieces of advices all the time about everything, he is strict and perfectionist so everything, everything, has to be done on his way. I still love him a lot but I can't stand him no more! I fell in love with a persons that is just as Taurus are described, so kind! But now I only see the a person to whom every single thing I do is some how wrong. Is it possible for a Taurus to break his ego and be able to respect others differences? Our sexual life is almost death because me, as a cap. I won't give my love to somebody who seems not to enjoy my personality anymore... I guys, I promise, I've been trying my best! I never would have left a comment here like this if I wasn't desperate to find out if I can get my beautiful boyfriend and beautiful relationship back! I really miss my sweet bull 🙁
k 2015-07-11 10:29:12
im in love with a cap woman for the last 4 months.its simply awsome.Cant tell you the compatibility we have.It seems we know each other for decades.Although the relationship is v complicated for bothe of us,because of certain situation.But when im with her everythings seems to b easy and i feel contended.She is the perfect woman who ever came in my life.
zandi 2017-06-14 09:58:27
Wooow...im seeing a taurus man..its the best relationship ever.. Still new bt when we r together it feels right .im a capricon .. Like him a lot...
kiz 2015-07-15 01:22:26
I seem to be in a v similar situation as you.Im a cap woman in love with a taurus man.I can say everything youve said (swapping genders!).I met him last year and I don't think it took that long for me to start having feelings for him. I think he is an amazing person, big hearted, kind, caring etc. He has done some really thoughtful things for me and he has helped keep me going over the past few months when Ive felt low. I am so grateful for everything he has said and done. I feel so lucky to have met him.it's like I have an addiction to him!I can't tell him things I'd love to (but we communicate well,it feels like we're on the same wavelength) but I know I will be able to 🙂
capgirl90 2015-04-28 12:46:18
I'm currently dating a taurus man and it's actually really crazy how compatible we are. He even mentioned that as well. He often tells me he feels like he's known me for a long time and how comfortable he felt after the 1st time we slept together. I don't open up easily at all, have a hard time trusting people, and I find it challenging to express my thoughts or emotions but he helps me so much in those aspects and I already have improved. Also, from the moment we met each other I felt am instant connection with him but due to circumstances we never pursued anything with each other but years later somehow I ended up being in a situation where him and I met again. I didn't think I'd still feel that connection from years ago but it was still there and it was also comfirmed by him that it was still there. He is honest, strong, dependable, ambitious, sweet, empathetic, generous, secure, caring, passionate, trustworthy, sentimental, romantic, humorous, protective, and I can go on. What I love about him the most is that him and I also connect deeply on a spiritual level and I never had that with any man. Let alone do I even open up about my spirituality but he opened up to me about it and here I am now in this relationship I will never ever regret. I definitely think capricorn females and taurus males are compatible. Taurus men, you guys are the real MVP's lol 😍 😝
kanika 2015-03-04 13:08:28
i don't know whether the tauras like me or not ,i feel that if i will confess to him although i don't have guts he 'll never talk to me . I want that he must talk to me first.. but ther is no chance to meet.... I should forget about him or should keep on thinking abt hi
m.. Plz help
cappy 2015-03-15 19:49:34
Message from kanika
i don't know whether the tauras like me or not ,i feel that if i will confess to him although i don't have guts he 'll never talk to me . I want that he must talk to me first.. but ther is no chance to meet.... I should forget about him or should keep on thinking abt hi
m.. Plz help

make a first step. im cappy and my taurus seemd to be too slow at the beginning. after 4 months of flirting i took initiative and it worked just perfect!
Yasmine 2016-02-28 14:53:17
I like a Taurus too, and I've liked him for 2 years and a half! But I don't know if he likes me. Sometimes I feel like he likes me, but then he starts acting really cold and mean. I have a frenemy who was born on the same day as me and she likes him too, so I know I've got to make my move soon, but I've never flirted in my life and I'm so scared of what his reaction will be like. I really need some advice!!! Thanks a lot. 😃
Unknown 2014-12-18 14:28:12
I love my Taurus man.. It seem I want move forward and he wants take it slow. What does that mean? Sometimes I think he not ready for our relationship and acts like he's single.
Inlovewitove 2015-03-12 07:05:07
He is not ready to be in relationship!!!
t rex 2014-09-21 06:01:54
I'm dating a cap right now and there is definitely a bond with this woman from the start. I wanna make love to her so much but she wants me to take it slow??? Sh*t I can feel her up but she won't let me kiss her . Are they like this or is she healing an st or something.... so weird!
Capricorn Woman 2015-01-13 11:18:43
You say you can feel her up but she wont kiss you? A Cap can separate those two. Kissing is more intimate. Be patient with her. If she has been really hurt in the past- she may be taking it so to protect herself.
Taurus2Love 2014-11-04 00:01:19
Take it slow if thats what she prefers. You will not regret it. She wants you on the low but is not easy and doesnt want to loose any of your respect by giving exactly what SHE wants to give you. Give a little time. Show your consistency and she will come around....lol alot
donna 2014-09-11 11:37:21
We weretogether 9 years and then we lost child willwe found our way back to each other?
Unknown 2014-09-19 23:01:15
Taurus men might seem cold and fortified but we are actually very tender on the inside. Hold him and tell him about how much you need him. How important he is to you. Show him you love him and he won't fail you. The bulls never quit on the ones who loves them, no matter what..
Ana 2015-02-23 08:29:08
Really love the "bull" I am dating. But can feel the attachment he still has for his ex who left him many years ago. I know she will always be a part of him. Trying to find my inner confidence to be accepting if this as our relationship is very close to described here, full of passion with peaceful contentment a rare find!

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