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Speaking about the compatibility horoscope of the couples, one needs a good understanding of the prototype of the zodiac signs, Pisces and Leo, from the animal world - is there something in common among them? Probably, Pisces from the depths pay attention to Leo's high stature and powerful image, but the king of beasts himself is attracted to Pisces, most likely, by its ability to vary its daily diet.

But, since the zodiac signs carry have a meaning of human qualities, it is much more complicated. The beautiful and stately Leo woman, easy going in life and successfully making her careers, will be conquered by Pisces man's defenseless. Temporarily forgetting her high purpose - to be a ruler, Leo woman will purr like a kitten, bringing Pisces man delicacies, pampering him, surrounding him with maternal care and attention. Leo woman will show Pisces man the correct path, single-handedly deciding to tell him the best place of work in her opinion, and choosing ties for his shirts. Let's note that Pisces man will like this option in his relationship with her: not having a very persistent character and full charm of weakness, he would be happy to perceive his partner's action as care for himself and does not worry about Leo woman's total domination over him. Leo woman, treating her partner as a small defenseless child, does not show much altruism and abundance of love - it's important for her to feel stronger than her partner, and to be more successful than he is.

She sees the weak and spineless Pisces man as her gift, on which she can infinitely sharpen her authoritativeness without receiving any objections. Zodiac sign Pisces, soft and malleable as clay, will fulfill all her requirements because for him the most important thing is peace and tranquility for which he can easily sacrifice even the most part of his ego. Pisces man considers a relationship established with a Leo woman as normal, not even trying to protest or resist. Under Leo's protection, he can practice creativity and thoughts about the beautiful, work and dream, not caring to provide food - Leo woman will do this for him. The lifestyle and brilliance of his partner will often depress Pisces man, but he will try not to think about it, plunging deeper into his favorite activities.

Leo woman may eventually be irritated by her partner's reluctance to go to parties with her, his ineptitude and lassitude in intimate life. The compatibility horoscope warns: if Leo woman will humiliate her partner and hurt his self-esteem, then over time, Pisces man will turn into a weak-willed creature, and Leo woman, having lost all the respect and love for him, will look for fun on the side.

Pisces & Leo Compatibility Pisces Leo Compatibility Horoscope

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BlosomeLove 2023-11-23 08:16:29
A relationship between a female Pisces and a male Leo involves the merging of two very different energies, which can produce a blend of challenges and rewards in their partnership. Here's a detailed exploration of their compatibility, including potential trouble spots and the advantages and disadvantages of this union:

Pros of a Female Pisces and Male Leo Union:

1. Complementary Energies: Leo's sunny extroversion can brighten the often introspective world of Pisces, while Pisces offers a gentle and understanding heart that can soften Leo's strong ego.

2. Creativity and Inspiration: Pisces is deeply imaginative and can inspire creative Leo in new artistic ventures. Meanwhile, Leo’s flair and passion can motivate Pisces to express their own creativity.

3. Emotional Support: While they express it differently, both signs are deeply emotional. Leo can provide strength and stability, while Pisces offers tenderness and empathy.

4. Mutual Admiration: Leo enjoys being admired and Pisces is happy to express adoration, which can make Leo feel appreciated. Conversely, Leo’s protective instincts align well with Pisces’ need for a feeling of safety and support.

Cons of a Female Pisces and Male Leo Union:

1. Emotional Disconnect: Leo’s fiery and sometimes self-centered approach can be overwhelming for sensitive Pisces. Conversely, Leo might not understand Pisces' need for solitude and reflection.

2. Different Social Needs: Leo thrives on social interaction and being the center of attention, while Pisces often prefers privacy and quiet moments. This can lead to conflicts over social plans and lifestyle choices.

3. Spending Habits: Leo tends to be generous and enjoys splurging, whereas Pisces might not place the same value on luxury and material wealth. Their different approaches to finances could cause tension.

What Can Go Wrong:

- The Leo man's need for public acclaim and attention could make the Pisces woman feel neglected or overshadowed.
- Pisces' elusive nature and occasional evasion of reality could frustrate the straightforward, action-oriented Leo.
- Leo's natural assertiveness could sometimes come off as domineering, which might overwhelm or suppress Pisces' softer-spoken nature.

For a Female Pisces and Male Leo relationship to flourish, Leo will need to understand and respect Pisces’ emotional depth and desire for introspection, while Pisces must accept and appreciate Leo’s need for external validation and social engagement. This partnership requires a balanced exchange of energy, where both partners can express their feelings and be heard. It’s critical they commit to open communication and not let their different expressions of pride and sensitivity become a barrier to intimacy. With mutual respect and a willingness to learn from each other, this relationship can be both dynamic and nurturing, allowing each individual to grow and feel loved.
jackie 2016-08-29 16:29:35
I just met a Pisces and Im a double leo with mars venus and jupiter in cancer so it was like electricity in the air. I looked at him directly and I think he flinched.lol
shy Leo 2015-09-21 18:58:56
I'm new with this pisces man for just 2 months and we only interact on phone conversations we only met once from an online dating site and since then chat cos we live in different Parts of the country. So far he's a listening type and caring but I don't know if he's the generous type cos I would not want a stingy man. We've not had sex so I don't know what to expect too. He's the bold type with dreams he's really aspiring but I'm the shy Leo and sometimes not confident if I think I'm not sure of my stance. I don't know if he would be disappointed in my kind of Leo if we get more intimate I'm scared he might not like me anymore if he discovers my weak points
ALD 2015-07-14 06:49:43
This seems very true. I'm a F 7/26 Leo and he is a M 2/21 Pisces... We are kind of like what the article writes. But Pisces is far from weak or shy. He is stubborn as hell maybe up bringing was the culprit: NYC. While I'm from a quiet suburb.
sol 2015-03-05 00:42:30
Ha theHa This interesting. I am a pisces male in a relationship with a Leo woman and just a portion of this is correct. I am far from weak willed and most definitely call most of the shots in the relationship. I'm not controlling or anything... and i do like to give an equal opportunity to my Leo partner on decision making.. but overall she definitely does not seem "dominant and controlling. We both are physically strong but many times she can't handle the kind of physical pain I can take. (Not even close) and my Prince level is a lot higher than hers. I guess maybe it's because of our birthdays, right? I am a march the 12 Piscesand she is a July 31st leo... soo maybe this is a different situation? Maybe? On the count of our particular birthdays.
msleo 2016-04-01 05:21:17
Wow. I'm a leo woman born on the 31st of July and my boyfriend was born on the 13th of March . I never meet him in person yet but we always chat and talk on skype. I like his thinking, goals in life and we have a lot of things in common. I love him to bits.
Dan 2016-03-16 18:30:56
Are you guys still together? I'm a Leo lady, interested in a Picses male. Just need a clue if this might work lol
submissive leo 2015-08-31 06:56:10
My pisces man is very dominant. March 15 im not i dont want control july 28. I dont boss him around. He isnt weak minded. He calls the shots makes the decision. And i like it that way.. yes i can stand on my own two feet. But life is so much better under the protection and care of my pisces man.
Augustschild 2015-03-10 05:36:26
Sol, I genuinly hope it works for you and your Lioness. I agree with a lot of what you are saying. I am a painfully shy Leo, who has had heart ripped out, stomped on and smashed into a million pieces by my ex Piscies on again off again bf. I never dated after him, 16 years to be exact and I now have another Piscies man perusing me heavily. He is kind, thoughtful, successful, handsome, everything a woman would want. I told him that I wAs damaged goods and that my heart was so broken it never could be put back together. He trys so hard to heal me, but this Lioness is scared of this fish. Wow, who would have thought. Best of luck to you.

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