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May 2017 monthly horoscope
It's surprising, but for May, the concluding month of spring 2017, it's hard to identify the celestial trends which will influence all the Zodiac signs to the same extent. The thing is, in comparison to the preceding months of the year of the (Red) Fire Rooster, May will prove to be truly unpredictable. This doesn't mean that there won't be any landmarks. On the contrary, you will notice beacons almost immediately, but the nature of these beacons will be largely beyond your control. Roughly speaking, you can picture the situation as an iceberg, with nine tenths of its volume under water. The Sun and Uranus will now come onto the side of earth's inhabitants. They are quite a mixed but powerful duo, who could provide you with sure development, lacking any hint of ambiguity. However, the Sun's energy will prove to be inconsistent, and the position of Uranus has always been unstable, so the stars' support will be transitory, and in fact you shouldn't count on it constantly. On the other hand, this gives more flexibility, since we are dealing with a minimal number of limiting factors. For people inclined towards business, who know how to earn and benefit from any situation, this will be a good, colorful and productive time. It will be harder for people who are used to being quite passive, but it's actually always harder for such people, so there's nothing surprising about this. There will, of course, be trends which could seriously mess up your life, but there will be more about this below.

The "heavenly leaders", that is, the additional patrons of the Zodiac system, will be strong in May 2017, but as in the case of the Sun-Uranus duo, their effect will be transitory. For signs of Water and Earth, Mars, who gave you such high quality help at the previous stage, will be such a patron. The red planet will be strong, and in certain situations it really could turn circumstances to your advantage. On the other hand, you shouldn't get ahead of yourself, since we live in a (relatively) humane society, and the forceful methods of dealing with problems which Mars gravitates towards should logically be left for only the most critical situations. Signs of fire will have Venus at their disposal, who certainly won't serve as a true ally for all the other signs. This is a good bonus, which will enable you to get the most out of communicative aspects, and this largely concerns the sphere of personal relationships. Signs of Air can count on the total support of the Moon, which will be extremely unstable now, which does not, however, negate its bonuses. In other words, each element will now gain a celestial patron who will help it in a critical situation. We shouldn't fool ourselves, though, because nobody is going to do our work for us.

On the whole, May 2017 will be a bright and favorable time, as the final month of spring should be. Many people could open their own business, others will decide to take a big step - propose to their beloved, or bring up the question of having children. The scope of developments will be determined by circumstances, but their nature is in your hands. You shouldn't underestimate the period's dynamics, as in certain situations variable factors could play into your hands, so it makes sense to take some real risks. The stakes won't be as high, at least, because in the event of losing you will have a real chance to set everything straight. But if you win, the remuneration you receive will be hard to compare with anything! In this regard we should point out the position of Mercury and Pluto. These two planets could seriously interfere with our plans under certain circumstances. In order to avoid this, you mustn't stay in one place, be formulaic, or take the beaten track. Originality and unpredictability will enable you to get by without any negativity, and reach the finish line first.

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