Sagittarius Horoscope for May 2017

May 2017 Horoscope Sagittarius

Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius for May 2017

Monthly May 2017 Horoscope for Sagittarius
Monthly May 2017 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Sagittarius

People born under the sign of Sagittarius will be given a whole ocean of positivity, but this won't be a cornucopia by any means, but rather a natural result. In other words, in May Sagittarians will receive a lot, but only if they deserve it, if they decide to work hard and achieve what they want no matter what. This stage of life will be an ambiguous time in many ways, although the positive trends will beautify any relief. In the area of work, you can expect projects which will yield a profit now already. Broadly speaking, if you make a good effort at the start of the month, towards the end of the month you will significantly increase your income (or you will receive a significant once-off bonus). Venus, who will come onto your side together with the Sun, will also have a favorable influence on the sphere of personal relationships. In this regard many Sagittarians could start new relationships, which they have needed for a long time already. But you must understand that there is also another possibility. Unfavorably aligned Mercury could ruin all your plans if you lose vigilance at the critical moment.

In the work sphere in May 2017 the most important thing for Sagittarius is not to think small. Look ahead with clear eyes, evaluate your chances clearly, but evaluate them, don't underestimate them! In actual fact you have far more resources and opportunities than it seems to you, and it's in your best interests to use all this "good" to the max. Your planetary benefactors will neutralize particularly "zealous" enemies, freeing up the way for you. Don't take risks, but don't slow down unnecessarily, everything depends on you now. If you work for yourself, in May you can think about business growth. As already mentioned, there is a chance of short-term projects. This will be a good time for signing contracts and important agreements. On the other hand, if it involves a Sagittarius who does not work for himself, you should take into account the fact that work aspects will certainly not be the deciding factors. Your relationships with the management are perhaps slightly closer relationships than they should be, and this is what will be of paramount importance. Don't limit yourself - everything will work out for you. But remember Mercury's position, that is, try to resolve all matters diplomatically, without involving financial resources. If you decide to "bribe" somebody or put the emphasis on material resources, success could slip through your fingers.

For many Sagittarians the "romantic front" could be successful, but it must be said immediately that in this respect May 2017 tends towards extremely specific situations for your sign. First of all, don't rush to get involved on your friends' behalf. No, help in a difficult situation is sacred, but there is also such a thing as "justice"! Of course, this is an age-old choice, extremely difficult, but we face it often enough to have a clear and definite position on this matter. For married Sagittarians, the area of personal relationships will be extremely promising because right now their loved ones will understand many things. What kind of insight they can expect is an individual matter, but it's highly likely that the result will please you. So don't force developments, let people come to decisions on their own, and simply take your own safety measures - this will be enough. Single Sagittarians will have every chance of success, but only if they don't move towards familiarity, but instead decide to choose a discreet strategy. Mercury is unlikely to get in your way in this aspect, but the position of the moon could put obstacles in your way if you act too boldly or recklessly.

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Steven Turner 2017-05-05 04:31:09
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5-5-2017 This morning, we are going to seal with the literal keys of heaven, the Constellations to their identities in how they actually were. Also in the Shengxiao signs they are now being sealed to the personalities of the literal sons of Jacob. Third, we the planets are now being sealed. Mercury to Paul, Venus to Bathsheba, Gaia to Hagar, Luna to the Virgin Mary, Mars to David, Jupiter to Joseph, Saturn to Jacob, Uranus to Abraham, Neptune to Judah, and Pluto to a redeemed and baptized Cain whom loves GOD more than Satan. These will have a 50 % balance to the birth positions and dates of the constellations, signs and planets to those whom are sanctified and true in this religion from GOD. We will wait on the Solar seal for now. When the new calendars are placed together properly, these will be connected to the Keys of Heaven, and they will work. Also now sealing are Ahinoam to Vesta, both Mary Magdalene and Naamah of Solomon to Pales Athena ?€?25%each, and Ruth to Ceres. We will wait on Chiron and Juno for now out of these. These particular seals will stop the confusion in the mind. These Biblical personalities were pre-recorded in the past, and those of this religion will be sanctified by them in purity. Though not as to their minds, yet they will begin to work again. Faithful Astrologers will have these set to their birth according to their positions at birth. It will begin to purify the minds of Astrologers and Astronomers. May GOD be with you always.
These were done correctly, and truly sealed. None of these are false, nor to be seen as idols. They are purifications. They are done in the name of Jesus Christ, Yeshua, by the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen and Amen, for it has now been done.
The rest of the astrology will now begin working properly as well.

They say that Jesus had no dad. This is because the identities of the constellations are already sealed. It would be a double seal with his dad. The identity seal is in the Constellation with the sun. So the sun has diverse identities, male and female. It is not the same. The sun will be sealed with the solar seal of Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus, a bit into each Constellation the sun passes through. (1 Corinthians 12:27) (2 Corinthians 1:10, 12:9, 13:3) (Galatians 2:20) (Philippians 4:21) (1 Timothy 1:12-13) Being a Virgo does not affect your masculinity, rather tenderness and open mindedness of nurture that others may not have. You all now have a balance of diverse planets; remember that. Though Astraea Virgo has many identities in doctrine, she seals to two women only; Abigail being one of them, and we will put away the other for now as a mystery. Libra is a mixture of Aaron, Levi and John the Baptist together for their 50%; being 10% Levi, and 20% of the other two each for stability. The constellations and identities of the son?€™s of Jacob are already lined up. The readings are not destroyed. Know that these dates may not have to change again. That will be learned later.
In the name of Yeshua Jesus Christ, by the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, these are sealed and will remain from now on. This is the seals of the changing in the Twinkling of an Eye, and it goes to all the world of those whom have faith in their Astrology and Astronomy.
(1 Corinthians 15:51-52) (Psalm 118:23)
Ophiuchus sealed to Ishmael, and with whomever side he mixes with on his side, being Scorpio or Libra. The Libra dates begin on November 1st and end on November 24th. Scorpio begins on November 25th and ends on December 18th. If there becomes any discrepancy on these two, it will be discussed later. Ophiuchus begins on November 13th and ends on December 6th. Ophiuchus balances with Libra and Scorpio, being 25% Ophiuchus and 25% either Libra or Scorpio seals. Scorpio Sealed to Jeremiah, Sagittarius sealed to Zephaniah, Capricorn sealed to John the Baptist, Aquarius sealed to Joel. Naphtali is a dear let loose, so Pisces will be let loose for now. Let God seal that however unless otherwise needed. Aries sealed to Joseph of Arimathea. Taurus sealed to Judas Maccabee, Gemini sealed 25% to Ephraim and 25% to Manasseh. Cancer is sealed to Herod Agrippa, with the most loyal of his family. Leo is sealed to 25% David and 25% Solomon. Ox is sealed to Levi. Tiger is sealed to Issachar. Rabbit is sealed to Asher. Dragon is sealed to Naphtali. Snake is sealed to Dan. Horse is sealed to Benjamin. Goat/Sheep is sealed to Joseph. Monkey is sealed to Gad. Rooster is sealed to Reuben. Dog is sealed to Shiloh. Elephant is sealed to Zebulun. Kangaroo is sealed to Simeon. These are about the best we have. Now you are Saints. This is far from any kind of disrespect. And they will work together to mix 50% of your personality whomever your Stars Align for you. This is true. Your Mazzaroth balance is again set apart by your Shengxiao seals and your planets, causing a mixture of them together to bring fourth half of your destined personality. (Romans 8:29-30) (Ephesians 1:1-11) It worked. Share and express the news. Love GOD and have faith in your religion. It went around the world. A true peace within. The love of GOD is far more than anyone knew.
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