Daily Tomorrow Horoscope for Sagittarius

Sagittarius daily horoscope

July 24, 2014

Scheduled meeting or trip may not happen on July 24, 2014 or go the way that Sagittarius didn’t expect. However, don’t say no to it. Stars will gladly compensate for unrealized plans with unexpected surprises: interesting conversations, lucky meetings, and exciting experiences.
on this Day in History 24 July:
1554 Queen Maria of England marries Philip, king of Naples/Jerusalem
1911 Cleve's League Park hosts 1st unofficial ML All Star game (benefit game for Addie Joss' family). Cleveland Naps lose to All Stars 5-3
1931 George Gunn gets 183 & son of a gunn George Vernon 100* same innings
1987 IBM-PC DOS Version 3.3 (updated) released
1929 NY to SF foot race ends (2« months) winner is 60 year old Monteverde

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Tomorrow' Horoscope for Sagittarius
It is amazing how dependent we are on the circumstances. Most of the times we simply don't think about it and sometimes we don't even notice it. However, it is the circumstances made up from the least noticeable events of our lives - events that to the larger degree do not directly depend on us - that form the world we live in. Surely, we might very well be the main creators or destroyers of this world. But, when faced with the power of all the circumstances, we are helpless. However, on the other hand, if one cannot make a river flow in a different direction, one can certainly change its channel. Or have a dam built and dozens of ecosystems destroyed while having dozens of new ones created. One should only know where and how to create a new channel and build a dam in order to maximize an effect.

If we turn to engineers for help in developing technologic constructions, who will we turn to if we need help to figure out the patters of the events around us? The answer is obvious - astrologists. And the tomorrow's horoscope for Sagittarius which you can see here is a sure proof of this statement. Just don't be misled when it comes to horoscopes' omnipotence. It is not only that horoscopes are not omnipotent, but they could even be powerless if a person is simply not willing. That is if you don't believe in yourself and don't feel like changing a thing from the fear of making things worse, neither Mars nor Venus will ever be able to help you. This is an immutable fact.

At the same time, tomorrow's horoscope for Sagittarius will prove to be a wonderful help for you if you know exactly what you want and how to get it. No one will fight your battles for you, but at times it is simply impossible to overcome obstacles alone. This is exactly the purpose of astrological predictions - they help us crush the barriers. Or make our way around them. Or perhaps even outsmart them. In any case, tomorrow's horoscope for Sagittarius can become a true guiding thread for the Archers - the guiding light that will help them avoid not all, but at least the most dangerous obstacles and traps. So, we only win when we turn to stars for help. At the same time, stars themselves do not ask anything in return: they hardly need a thing from people. It must be noted, though, that even our ancestors noticed that stars were much more willing to help honest, loyal and open people when compared to scoundrels and hypocrites. This may very well be one of the universe's main laws - the law of fairness.
famous Historical Birthdays for 24 July:
1947 Peter Serkin, NYC, pianist (Tashi)
1970 Stephanie Adams, NJ, playmate (Nov, 1992)
1924 Glenn Loren Glasow, composer
1954 Philippe Alliot, race driver (grand prix)
1951 Lynda Carter, Phoenix Az, Miss USA (1973)/actress (Wonder Woman)
famous Historical Deaths for 24 July:
1704 Istv n Gy”ngy”si, Hungarian poet (Janos Kem‚ny), dies in battle
1846 Joseph Leopold Eybler, Austrian composer/choir master, dies at 81
1989 Ernest Morrison, actor (Peggy Does Her Darndest), dies
1812 Joseph Schuster, composer, dies at 63
1652 Johann Weichmann, composer, dies at 32