Horoscope for August 2017

2017 August Horoscope

Free August 2017 monthly Horoscope

Monthly August 2017 Horoscope
Monthly August 2017 Horoscope

August of 2017 is a highly anticipated month for many astrologers and fans of the zodiac for many reasons. In the United States this is a pivotal month to set up for "The Great American Eclipse" which will be seen in much of the Heartland of America. Now the entire month of itself is quite active, especially for the sign of LEO. This is your month to shine, and pull others forward with your total light, joy, and inspirational outlook on life! You are serving as an authority this month, and you might find yourself opening up towards a new spiritual practice. Much of the month is dedicated towards your own personal reality. Try not to let any negative pride or ego get the way of this experience. You are being asked to truly transform and transcend all expectations. This brings forth some sort of truth to power in many ways. People will be expressing their opinions all around you. With Mercury retrograde there is a key communication happening at this time beyond any mundane level. People might enter realms of experimentation with traditional medicines and organic alternatives. The collective is undergoing a major change all around. Later on in the month as Saturn stations direct at 21 degrees of Sagittarius this might create an overall shift in some sort of political policy that is quite transcendent of the era.

The Partial Lunar Eclipse will be on August 7th at 15 Degrees of Aquarius connected to the World Axis point in all fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius). There is a releasing energy that creates a cascade of fated events over the next few weeks. This energy is moving through the cosmos at full throttle and is quite feisty in nature. You might feel like you are meant to be here, or you might be in alignment with your own soul connection at this time. Psychic and intuitive instincts are quite probable. There is a great mystical idealism surrounding this moon.

Mercury will be stationing (entering the degree of retrograde) on August 12th at 11 degrees of Virgo and going backwards to 28 degrees of Leo until September 5th. This is a tremendous pattern with this month in general. Check if you have anything at 28 degrees of Leo or any other Fixed sign! This degree is actually the point of the Solar Eclipse as well.

There are fans in astrology who turn towards the fixed stars for extra knowledge. There are many being triggered with this particular solar event. Some include: Regulus, Al Jabhah, Adhafera, and Alphard. The one that stands out in this event is Regulus also known as the Royal Star to many astrologers. Leo is a Royal sign, so there might be some action surrounding a major transference of ruling power. On a personal note, the author had a dream about a Wishing Well held by a concrete foundation being cracked as the Sun's light prior to the eclipse. Some sort of foundation in a system is being cracked open for good here. Whether a collectively spiritual event or some sort of upheaval in politics this is where the truth of the "Wishing Well" is brought to the light.

With the nature of the social atmosphere, who knows what this could be. This is not a ‘doomsday' sort of thing, so no need to grab the extra cans of soup, but it is a change. A fundamental change, and one that the United States has not seen for many years. In fact, 99 years in total. Therefore, all the commotion in the Leo sections of your natal chart are being told to EXPRESS yourself. If you do know a bit about astrology, it is important to check your 5th house (and even your 11th house as well) and any Leo planets you have in your own chart. There is a lot going on here, brace yourselves, and inspire your friends and family to grow together! It is the power of the collective at this time!

Recap of Important Dates Ahead:

August 7th - Partial Lunar Eclipse at 15 Degrees Aquarius at 2:12 PM EST (New York City)

August 12th - Mercury Stations to go Retrograde a 11 Degrees of Virgo will go backwards to 28 degrees of Leo until September 5th

August 21st - Total Solar Eclipse in Leo at 28 Degrees this occurs at 2:31 PM EST (New York City) goes along with the North Node of Fate at 24 Degrees Leo and Mars at 20 Degrees Leo.

Outer Planets:

August 2nd - Uranus Stations and Goes Retrograde at 28 degrees of Aries

August 25th - Saturn Stations Direct at 21 degrees of Sagittarius (long retrograde cycle that began on April 5, 2016)

Jupiter continues to move forward through Libra in August in the early 20 degrees of the sign.

Pluto is continuing in retrograde from April 20th of this year. Will be in the general section of 17 degrees in Capricorn.

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