Virgo Horoscope for August 2017

August 2017 Horoscope Virgo

Monthly Horoscope for Virgo for August 2017

Monthly August 2017 Horoscope for Virgo
Monthly August 2017 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Virgo

Channeled Message - Mercury will be retrograde this month in your sign! You might be traveling back and forth at this time. Listening to your intuition might be difficult for you this month, because there is a tremendous amount of self-doubt kicked up for you. You have a lot of healing work to do. Pay great attention to your own health at this time. You might need a little advice from a friend, or to work alongside your own community. In fact, the community that you serve is most friendly and important to you during this month. You are going to earn quite a bit of respect, if you do not feel like you have it already. People will rely on you for many questions in their own mind. In fact, you might not even realize how much people truly admire you or see how you have it all worked and planned out until you start opening yourself up emotionally to a wider group. It is about the group and social construct for you this month. Service industry is quite important, no matter what your life work is at this time. Healing items for you - lemon verbena, lemongrass, lemon anything! Leafy greens, working in soil, hiking, nature, yoga, meditation, parsley, oranges, citrus in general. green apples! (Also Read Taurus/Capricorn)

Career/Work - You might need to take into account everyone's life in your own career. Mercury goes retrograde this month after August 12th, and is highlighting your skills in this realm. You might be the person that is called upon quite frequently to soothe out a crisis. If your work is in the communications field including - computers, electronics, internet connection, mail service, transportation, and anything that requires cables/wires and speaking - you might be the hero! This could be a time where you have to pay careful attention to what you say, check everything twice, and back-up all devices. Your attention to detail will be the icing on top of the cake in your career opportunities. If you are thinking of applying to a new job, or waiting for news surrounding then things might be moving a bit slower towards the end of the month. September might bring in final decisions.

Love/Spirituality - Romance is harmoniously aspected with your sign this month, especially through serving and participating in community events. It's all about finding love and common care through the group. You be involved in a major activity requiring you to be of service to others. If you are single, this might mean meeting a compassionate caregiver much like yourself. You might have an Air sign entering your life. There is a mutual receptivity healing you in this section of your chart. Marriage is a possibility for your sign, as the energy is set towards combining forces in the earlier cycles of the month. You might feel connected to a family member beyond the veils of the mundane world.

Abundance/Finances - The input and output structure of your financial and abundance cycles are in a bit of a dance this month. This month is going to point out something you need to take care of, or needed to for quite a while. This might have been a move you needed to make years ago, such as shifting accounts over, or realizing you should combine finances between investments. It's not recommended to make a big decision until next month, but if you do notice something about your own money patterns, it will only be the better for you to move ahead. Spending might be greater than savings right now. You might need to fix something at last minute that causes a bit of grief.

Health/Wellness - Gear your fitness routines up! This is the month to reassess your mind, body, and soul connection. Pay attention to your regimens! It's a very careful connection and alignment here. You might need to make an appointment with a nutritionist, or have a special recommendation from a medical professional regarding your own health. Check your digestive health and get the necessary fiber you need in your own diet. Fitness walking or hiking might be important for you at this time.

Asteroids/Fixed Stars - Your home and hearth might be your main focus for some of you this month as the asteroid Vesta rests comfortably in your own sign. You might be working on healing a painful wound about your own home or the center of your heart. Chiron in Pisces is opposite your sign as well. A healing home represents a healing/healed heart. You are in the midst of clearing out old grievances with a family member.

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