Aquarius Horoscope for August 2017

August 2017 Horoscope Aquarius

Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius for August 2017

Monthly August 2017 Horoscope for Aquarius
Monthly August 2017 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Aquarius

Channeled Message - The eclipses open up your mind to many new possibilities in your own life. You might need to pay attention to your health and emotional output especially around both the Full and New Moon! You might have a spiritual awakening of sorts, but truly need to focus your energy as much as possible. In Your abundance cycles are aligning, and many of you might find yourself in an expansive and educational partnership at this time. You are in harmony with the fire signs, you might find yourself working alongside other mystical individuals for your greatest internal growth. Embrace your social boundaries, and appreciate your friendships. It is truly time to embrace and embark on a path that affects a group or family unit. Social ties lead to greater responsibilities. Great decisions are made. The color Yellow and Green might be highly useful to you this Month. Some remedies might include - Lemon Verbena, Rose Oils, Rose Hip Tea, Lemongrass, Wheatgrass, Mint, Daffodils, and Carrot Soups/Smoothies. (Also Read LEO)

Career/Work - As Mars moves through the sign of Leo almost alongside the Sun for a better part of the month, there is plenty opportunity to grow and learn. Continuing education in your own line of work is a major possibility here. You have a ton of fire power, and it's helping you to increase your visibility and gives you the ultimate competitive edge. You are quite discerning, and even see through the greater picture. You might be multi-tasking at this time, and even feel like you have two different lives when it comes to your work. You might have a day job split with your true life purpose going at this time. This might be the month where your life purpose comes into fruition, and your true "career" is found.

Love/Spirituality - Equal and opposite soul power is highlighting the spiritual portion of this month. Partnerships take on a spiritual connection, or deepen for those in long term commitments. Your sign is exploring a new side of dating. The old ways might not work anymore, especially after the August 21st Total Solar Eclipse. This realm of your life is receiving a great deal of true power and renewed potential. Meeting someone out-of-the-blue might be a major possibility for many in your own sign. This is a perfect time for soul twins and soul mates to find each other.

Abundance/Finances - Your finances might be on an upswing throughout this month. It is important to pay attention to the cycles after the August 7th Full Moon. You have a great energy for increase in financial flow as the energy opens up synchronistic events and possible "coincidental alignments" in your own life. Travel opportunities are continually supported with Jupiter in Libra trine your own sign. This might increase your earning potential, or give you the extra support you need for any additional funding to projects. Expanding your savings accounts is the theme of this month.

Health/Wellness - Fitness programs and activities are all on point at this time. If you are trying to get into better shape, this is the perfect month to do so. Personal training routine are absolutely supported with all of this Leo energy. You might need to take care of circulation or work with a new and improved cardio program. Focus on your heart health first! Having Mars in Leo opposite your sign focuses on the lungs and pulmonary system. Eat foods that support your circulatory system including - oatmeal and healthy fats.

Asteroids/Fixed Stars - Valentine is offering love to you in a harmonious way this month. True love and true understanding. This does not have to be in simply a love relationship, but is working with your own heart to get you more open with your caring and compassionate side. You might feel a little more emotional at this time. Eros and Psyche are also in a harmonious trine with you, allowing for your heart's desires to be fulfilled. You might be inspired towards great artistic discoveries, or find yourself gravitating towards the visual arts. You have potential for a great infatuation as Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty is also in harmony here! SO MUCH LOVE!!!

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