Gemini Horoscope for August 2017

August 2017 Horoscope Gemini

Monthly Horoscope for Gemini for August 2017

Monthly August 2017 Horoscope for Gemini
Monthly August 2017 Horoscope for Zodiac sign Gemini

Channeled Message - Do you hear a quiet orchestra playing in your own mind? Free yourself and lean towards any true possibilities that pull you forward. You are part of the group and designing a language that only you can decode. Allow yourself to contribute to your own path ahead, and let go of that which no longer serves you. This month may prove to bring forward a series of tests, especially between the eclipses and Saturn opposite your own sign. Much to contemplate when it comes along with the truth to philosophy, and the contextually of the overall process. You might b e a key player in the game of life here, and you might even be here to push through a wall that's been building over many centuries. Let your playful nature get you past the veil of time. There is a real cosmic force opening you up, and you have many messages to both give and receive. Yellow, bananas, ginger, turmeric, clay masks, sea salt, manuka honey, and lemon drop tea are all important for you at this time. (Also read Aquarius)

Career/Work - Your job is not entirely simple at this time. You might feel the need to make a giant leap, and then kick your own self down at times. You might waif in and out of decision, and find yourself confused. This month brings you a great opportunity or decision. It is a once-in-a-lifetime decision sort of thing. You might have to move for work, or be transient.

Love/Spirituality - You are in a great position to go for the love of your life. You go forward, they go forward. Meet eye to eye and hold space for each other. For the single Gemini, are you ever really single? You have incredible friendships and harmonious connections all around you. You might meet someone at a mutual event. You might feel like this is the person you've been waiting for. Especially expect to meet someone mid-month. Be open to this, they might not be what you pictured, but they are a soul connection!

Abundance/Finances - You are leveling up here. Yes, Mercury is retrograde in a conflicting neighbor (Virgo), however, what is this teaching you about how you spend on a daily basis? Have you planned things out carefully, or are you spending on a whim? What do you suggest you do for the long-term? Are you hanging by a thread or balling? The Partial Eclipse in Aquarius is quite beneficial for you to make a desired move when it comes to pitching a project, and letting something out into the world. It is about releasing a fear here and recognizing your creative gifts. You have the potential to earn through your own communications, asking is important. "Ask and it is given!" Laws of Attraction and Abundance are quite important for you to recognize in your own behavior at this time. Yellow is an important color for you in this capacity.

Health/Wellness - Pay close attention to your digestive system. Nervous ticks, and upsets might be possible this month. It is important to really focus on a grounding diet, especially through vegetables (arugula, leafy greens, kale) and mix your vegetables daily. Hummus might be a good source for some as well. Taking a spiritual journey might be most beneficial for your own mind, body, spirit connection. You might experience a great healing through a mystical experience.

Asteroids/Fixed Stars - The LOVE asteroids are in your favor this month. You might be cleaning or clearing out a wound with your own relationships at this time, or through a friend as Chiron is still square your own sign in Pisces. Aphrodite the asteroid related to beauty, grace, and infatuation is in Libra with the planet Jupiter - a mind expanding view of love! Psyche and Eros are traveling through Libra, the spiritually connected partners of the Divine! You also have Valentine working in a harmonious connection in the sign of Aquarius. Love is in the air, play the music and set the tones for yourself this month. You have a lot to learn about your own use of energy when it comes to the L word!

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