2017 Love Horoscope for Gemini Zodiac Sign

2017 Love Horoscope Gemini

Gemini Love Horoscope 2017 for the year of the Red Fire Rooster

In the year of the Red (Fire) Rooster, representatives of the Zodiac sign Gemini will feel confident. Their element - the element of Air - will collaborate quite harmoniously (although indirectly) with the element of the current annual cycle - Fire. It is probably for this very reason that exceptionally positive events await Geminis with regards to personal relationships. Of course it won't be without "a fly in the ointment", but in that case this fly is unlikely to spoil the whole barrel of the honey of love. Overall, 2017 will be interesting for Geminis from the standpoint of feelings. One of the key trends lies in the fact that events will develop to your advantage only under certain circumstances, notably at the very moment when you decide to act without doubts and without having second thoughts. The collaboration of the elements will be demonstrated in this, as air fans the flames of fire and lets it burn brighter, more intensely.

You yourself will also have to decide what to do next, and circumstances will help you as far as possible. Obviously this doesn't mean that single Geminis will definitely find their "better half". This year there is a chance of this, but there is almost always such a chance. In this regard you must rely on individual nuances, which we cannot specify in the context of the present horoscope.

It is important to understand that at this stage relationships with loved ones will require a lot of attention. For Geminis this is always something of a problem - not insurmountable, but serious. On the other hand, when we confront problems face to face, naturally this makes us stronger in every situation, since even in a situation of certain defeat we at least gain experience.

On the other hand, the year of the Fire Rooster - this is not an annual cycle which could have the slogan, "The important thing is that you take part". Now only one thing could be most important - victory, and the faster you understand this, the more productively you can act. So lay down your doubts and move in the intended direction. Your communicative abilities will not falter, which in combination with charisma really could guarantee you total success with the opposite sex. In this respect 2017 will be uniform, that is, you will probably not be able to single out distinctly successful periods or distinctly unsuccessful periods as far as the area of romance is concerned. Your exaltation, Saturn, will accompany you throughout the entire year, so you can rest assured of high-quality support. Be persistent, but don't go too far, and remember that relationships with loved ones must have priority, and only then come romantic interests and friendships. This is virtually the most important point which you should pay attention to.

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Matey 2016-10-30 02:49:13
Hey matey
God says

Let the less fortunate have thing broken and old goods we don't want
Let them play with my old toys

Lol can I get more quick wins like this

Been doing it all my life - oh by the way I look like a popular old s kool out of fashion singer

Honour 2016-12-13 18:22:23
Do you have any honour ?

My friend once done quote

Love those who love you show commitment to those who show you

Don't break your wows or life will teach you a incredible lesson

That's from above matey
Sachu 2016-12-19 13:18:32
Forget honour

I don't care about slander

I know what love is

Millions love a great man like me
Hibshy Ahamth 2016-10-29 02:02:14
Proposed to marry a girl over seas. but i have a lover for the last 35 years on.i am married and divorce.she is widow. We being comunicating after 10 years. We had met each other secertly on and off.the propose women coming to the country next year.Tell ..me what to do.I know we both in a situation cant get over.She wanted to marry me.Cause she is single.Passing off her husbund.Only thing I CANT MAKE A DISSION.
Hackle 2016-10-21 12:00:16
She makes the bed all the time , I am so wanting to see if she makes it for me and her cousin in 2017

Let's hope so, my friend and me have 250 bed in it !
Let me win this bed in w2017
Rekha 2016-10-18 14:58:57
The man I thought was my saviour actually turned out to a donkey too.
Please help me tell everyone about him this year
First I know am convinced he really manulpied me to break up with me ex but also now is slagging me as his biggest botty call
Can I get everyone toghter this year and expose him? I have heard he has done this to number of married women and there is one man who knows which ones

Please tell me if I can get him ? Without him knowing ?
Hits 2016-10-08 03:45:07
Me 2 matey ! I have been with a women for 2. Yrs really been lying to her and showing what I am not.
Please get rid of her lol she is so crap in bed but she is local to me want to avoid her
Oreo milkshake 2016-10-03 11:09:12
I made a woman split with here husband lol . But now i have been sleeping with with one of her cousins , honestly she is so much better in bed. I want to be with her cousin ? All my mates and me think I should take her cousin . Her cousin wants me hard too.. We are so scerctive too hehe . We have been meeting at different places all times sometimes straight after work sometimes straight after gym in morning lol raise and shine every Tues - works for me

Will I get what I want in 2017 ?

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