February 2017 Horoscope Gemini

February 2017 Horoscope Gemini

February 2017 Monthly Horoscope for Gemini

People born under the sign of Gemini are approaching quite an important stage in their lives, and for many, February 2017 really could be fateful. During this time it is important to pay special attention to those who are dear to you. But you should not forget about your own desires either, because even with all our altruism, we as individuals are shaped precisely by our individual aspirations, and this is important. Saturn, the primary celestial benefactor and the protector of Gemini, will be as strong as ever this month. Venus and Jupiter, who usually don't have any warm feelings towards representatives of this Zodiac sign, will now be neutral at the very least. At most, Geminis will be able to boast of the comprehensive support of all the heavenly objects. This does not mean, of course, that everything will be decided without you. You will also need to work, although, as mentioned initially, the sphere of personal relationships, and not the work sphere, needs to come to the foreground. Those who are outgoing will definitely benefit more, whereas those who are more reserved will have to try twice as hard. On the other hand, this is not difficulty per se, but only a nuance that you will have take into account in order to achieve the most productive results. However, the position of Mercury this month will not be so favorable, so by no means should you take any unnecessary risks. Don't make any contracts you are not certain about; don't trust people you hardly know, especially if they are blatantly vying for your attention.

If we elaborate on the work sphere in more detail, we have to say that in February 2017 Geminis will be able to achieve any results, and a lot here will depend on the limitations which they set for themselves. If you are fundamentally unable to confront people, and you are clearly afraid to move up the corporate ladder, thus displacing other participants in this "race", you will probably not succeed in achieving such results. This is because, apart from the opportunities you will have now, the desire is also necessary, and to the same degree. The benefactor of this yearly cycle, the Fire Rooster, is largely aligned to help those who are sure of themselves, dedicated, and who know clearly what they want. In this sense February will be a particularly characteristic, exemplary month. At this stage, if you work for yourself, it's time to make up your mind where and how your business is going to move forward into the future. This is because you will have quite a few opportunities, but there is only one ideal option, so you need to analyze and evaluate your options. If you work for somebody else, there will be fewer problems in this regard - just do what you are instructed to do. Initiative is welcome, but remember that in the struggle for positions, not all means under the sun are good, and nobody has abolished morality. Mercury will take up the role of "prison warden" and every "violation of the law" will cause you a permanent drop in status and, as a consequence, a reduction in income.

The "romantic front" will please Geminis, not with new opportunities, but with dashing (you will not say otherwise) reversals of fate. In February 2017 representatives of this Zodiac sign who have their own families will be faced with a serious choice. No, this choice is unlikely to involve the disintegration of the current family and the emergence of a new one, we are referring to a transition. This will hardly be a positive point for all the members of your household. Work and studies - all these areas will have to be taken into account, and in connection with these you will have quite a lot of "headache", especially if you are the head of the family. On the other hand, even if it seems that the final decision is not up to you, you still need to have an active part in the discussion, because we are dealing with nothing less than your fate. When it comes specifically to personal relationships, single Geminis can expect to have a chance, oven more than one, to change the status quo. We are not necessarily referring to new acquaintances - it is very likely that you will suddenly appreciate someone you go way back with. And you don't have to be afraid of this, sometimes the most successful options are the most obvious, we just don't notice it now. Just be wary of acts motivated by passion. In no event should you let your instincts get the better of you, otherwise the most happy ending will not be waiting for you.

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