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Palmistry and your Palm lines reading

Palmistry and your Palm lines reading

Find how to uncover unseen secrets of your life hidden in your palm lines, understand how to read meaning of your palms lines.

Learn and Understand Palm Reading

Palmistry has many different permutations in hundreds of different cultures throughout the world. Though it is not sure how long palmistry has exited exactly, or who invented it, palmistry has been traced back as far as the year 300 BC, to the times of Aristotle.

The Life Line

Palmistry has long been thought of as a controversial art, mainly because of the fact that so many different interpretations exist on a cultural level. Hundreds of different cultures and religious sects have appropriated palmistry and changed it to fit their own devices over the course of centuries, and thus, sometimes readings can clash. One reading of a palm may not be the same as another. However, one of the most controversial lines included in all of palm reading is that of the life line. Keep reading to find out what the life line is and why it is deemed so controversial.

The Head Line

Palmistry is a unique art that takes many different forms, but a commonality that seems to exist throughout all interpretations is the main four lines, the head line being one of the most important. While the head line does not give you the same intimate information as the life line, it is still a majorly important line to study when trying to figure out the future of the person whose palm is being viewed. It relates to the intellectual escapades of the person, and can mean much more than people realize. Studying the head line is a window into your intelligence and your yearning to learn.

The Heart Line in Palmistry

The heart line is a major line in palmistry, as the name might suggest. Being one of the four main lines in palmistry, it is one of the most studies lines, and is one of the lines that is most relevant to the daily life and future life of the person whose palm is being read. Each of the four lines has a very important message regarding the life, intelligence, and fate of a person, but the special thing about the heart line is what it has to say about interpersonal relationships. Not only does the heart line give good information about the person’s emotions, but also just how they handle other people.

The Fate Line

Palmistry is an art that is all about nuance. The smallest subtleties that even you may not have noticed about your own hands will make the most difference to a palm reader. Though, in regards to the four main lines, these are lines that you have probably noticed before, and just never knew the significance of. These lines are the largest and most prominent lines on your hand and will tell a palm reader the most about the more general aspects of yourself. The fate line is no exception, as it is one of those main four. The fate line is sometimes referred to as the destiny line in different schools of palmistry, and as such, carries a huge significance on the interpretation of your future.

The Mount of Jupiter

In addition to having different lines on the hand which tell certain life events as well as emotionally related and success elated prophecies, the palm also possesses certain mounts that tell palm readers certain things based on their relation to the lines. Palmistry is an art which relies on lines mostly, so the mounts, such as the mount of Jupiter will come as supplementary elements to the actual lines. However, it is thanks to the presence of the mounts that palm readers are able to come to much deeper and much more startling conclusions that simply using the information that the lines give.

The Mount of Saturn

The mounts on the hand provide some of the most insight in all of palmistry. Without the important mounts placed on each person’s hand, it would be near impossible to get any more specific information from palmistry, and palmistry would have died as a practice a very long time ago. It is through mounts that we are able to see how things like our lives, our intellects, our emotions, intersect with major life events such as financial success, educational goals, and relationships. The mount of Saturn specifically tells of responsibility and tradition.

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